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New Haven: Awakening

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"Wake up." I opened my eyes. I stared at the figure sitting in the edge of my bed. I tired as much as possible to hold back the scream threatening to unleash itself. Slowing reached for my lamp and I turned it on. The figure disappears. Maybe it was just my imagination? I turned the lamp off and screamed at the top of my lungs when the figure returned, sitting in the same exact spot. -- After Devin's house was broken into and her mother being killed when she tries to stop the burglary. Devin, her twin brother, Lucas, and their father move to a small town in Washington called New Haven, hoping for a better life. On the day of their arrival in New Haven, their are greeted with open arms all their new neighbors except one, the del Rossi family. The del Rossi's mansion laid in the middle of the neighborhood and no one has ever seen anyone come out of the mansion. One her first night in her new room when she feels she ready to finally sleep alone again, Devin is abruptly awoken by a stranger sitting on the edge of her bed.

Fantasy / Romance
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Haven New Part 1: The Awakening

All Rights Reserved for New Haven: The Awakening © by Tajanara Scott aka Afrodite107.

Under no circumstances must this book be copied, vandalized, steal, changed nor translate (permission), ask and you shall receive. I don't tolerate plagiarism, everything you see is what pops out of my big-headed brain. Thank you and enjoy it.


The night was cold and plagued by the shrill screams of my parents. What’s going on down there? I wondered as I yawned into the sleeve of my T-shirt. Did uncle Rob come over drunk again—

Bang! Bang!

I gasped and crawled deeper into my closet in horror and confusion. W-was that what I think it was? Words could not describe the emotions surging through me at that moment. The gun went off a total of ten times before there was silence and in that short timespan, I managed to squeeze myself into a small corner in my closet until my back and knees ached. I buried my face in the stomach of my stuffed bear, Mr Peterson, to mask a scream when another shot was fired and my father’s screams in agony echo through the walls as he fell onto the glass coffee table, shattering it. I cried into the darkness, praying for this nightmare to end.

My body tensed upon hearing footsteps approaching my room. I wanted to call for my parents and my brother but the words wouldn’t leave my lips. They were stuck. I gasped when my door was kicked open and standing in the doorway like the devil himself was a man dressed in black. The faint light emanating from downstairs cast an eerie glow around him as he reached for the light switch to turn it on. I watched as his alert, pale-coloured eyes scanned my room before he walked further inside, letting his gloved fingers touch every surface he passed. He stopped at the foot of my bed to pick up a fallen pillow and lift it to his nose for a long sniff. My stomach turned and I had to cover my mouth to mask my gagging. Why do they have to be so darn creepy?

His head swung in my direction and he dropped the pillow at his feet before marching over. Uh oh, I thought. I grabbed a shoe and got ready for what was to come next. He swung open the doors and for a moment he stood over me with those hungry eyes. Eyes that I’ll never forget for as long as I lived. “There you are.” He said.

I began hurling my shoes at him. “Huh!” I gasped when he dragged me out by my ankles. I grabbed hold of the door and kicked at him but one hard yank broke my grip. I screamed and tried to pry his hands off of me but he wouldn’t budge. His grip tightened in retaliation. My eyes began to flood with tears as I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Shut up!” He hissed. I glared at him.

“No!” I hissed back and began clawing at him. He backhanded me which had me in a daze for a few seconds and as I slowly regained my senses I realised I recognised his voice. But from where?

“You don’t know how long I’ve been dreaming of this day.” He whispered as his hand glided up my bare right thigh before he nestled his body between my legs. I looked into those hazy blue eyes in shock. He’s the security guard at my school. I always thought he looked at me funny—so this is why? He laid on top of me and brushed his lips against my neck. “Your skin is soft—“ I pressed my thumbs into his eyes until he got off of me screaming. I got to my feet and tried to run to the bannister but he grabbed my hair before I got the chance. I hissed in pain. He made me face him and pointed his pocket knife at my throat. “Do that again and you won’t like where this ends up.” He said, “got that?” He said pulling on my hair. I nodded as tears began rolling down my cheeks.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked.

“Shut up and take these off.” He said gesturing at my clothes. I stared at him. “Do it.” He said, letting go of me and pushing me into a corner. I glared at him. “Is this not scary enough for you? How about this?” He questioned and showed me the gun tucked in his waistband. I swallowed a lump in my throat and began to unbutton my top.

It was like my soul had left my body as I stood there half-naked in front of him. I hid my chest with my arms, shaking. “Please don’t do this,” I said weakly.

“That too.” He said and pointed at my underwear. I shook my head. I began to cry when he took a step closer and began to rip my underwear with his knife and let it fall to my feet. I backed myself into the corner as he got closer. He grabbed my neck and gently ran his cold knife against my stomach. “I see why your mommy was trying to protect you…..it’s a shame—if she had only kept still, maybe, she’d still be alive.” He muttered.

I stood there in shock. No! You’re lying….no, no, no! I kneed him as hard as I could. He groaned and fell to his knees. I punched him and kicked him in his stomach before I grabbed his knife and my shirt. I quickly threw on my shirt and pointed the knife at him as he got to his feet. “Stay back!” I yelled as I moved towards the door, never taking my eyes off him. I blinked and he pulled out his gun and fired it at my feet. I screamed and dropped the knife. I tried to reach for the knife but he kicked it away and then threw me across the room with a force that sent me flying into a wall, hitting my head and back. My vision went grey for a moment. I squeezed my eyes closed, desperate to regain my senses. I opened my eyes a few moments later and was shocked to find him standing over me with his pants undone, touching himself. I was too in shock to react or scream. The only reaction my body could muster was to force a tear out of my eye. I guess this is it, I thought as a weird noise escaped my throat.

He then got on his knee with his junk hovering over my face. “Now, be a good girl...”

My eyes were opened yet I stared at nothing. It didn’t matter anyway because my mind was replaying vivid moments of that night. The pain of it all was debilitating. I squeezed my eyes shut when his eyes—those darn eyes wreaked havoc on my memory.

"Dev, wake up," his voice sounded far away. “Dev.” He called, shaking me. I flinched and looked up at my twin, Lucas, as a tear escaped my eye. His eyes weren’t the same after that night—nothing was and the thought of that made me shiver. I’d like to say I’m over exaggerating but I’m not—Lucas’ eyes went from our father’s baby blue to blue-grey but it was greyer than anything. And to add salt to injury—today marks the first anniversary of that frightful night and the last night I’ve gotten a solid night's rest. “Are you still having that nightmare?" He asked.

I sat up and nodded. “Yes,” I replied weakly. He pulled me into his arms and stroked my hair when I began sobbing.

“Me too. Every time…I-I close my eyes...I see—his face—his blood on my hands...mom." He said solemnly. I held him tighter when I got a flashback of our mother laying in a pool of blood. It was…..surreal. This was how that night transpired…..

Lucas and I were walking home from track and soccer practice at around 6:30 pm, and we were doing what we normally did on a Friday night which was ranting about the mountains of homework we had to do over the weekend and discussing the day's gossip. About ten minutes into our half-hour walk home, we realized a car had been tailing us. Whether or not the car was following us, we'll never know and we sure weren’t going to stick around to find out. We took a shortcut and that was the last time we saw the car.

When we got home, we told our mother about the whole ordeal but when dinner was on the table we forgot about the whole thing. Our father came home an hour after dinner and four of us watched NCIS until none of us could keep our eyes open then.....the worse happen. My mom woke me around midnight and practically dragged me to my closet without an explanation. I remember being annoyed and I could barely keep my eyes open. I was about to ask what was happening but she shushed me and told me to keep quiet and to not come out until she or dad came to get me. Seeing the fear in her brown eyes scared me awake. She then pressed a lingering kiss against my temple and then looked at me—she looked at me as if she knew it would be the last time she’d ever see me.

And it was. Our house was being robbed and I was safe until one of the three men came into my room and tried to……but thanks to Lucas I wasn’t. Lucas had snuck out of his closet when he heard my screams and saved me by hitting my assailant with a lamp. The man turned and shoved Lucas into my vanity 'knocking’ him out and as soon as the man turned his back, Lucas grabbed his knife and stabbed him with it repeatedly while I lay there watching, helplessly. Watching my brother lose his innocence and seeing him change before my very eyes.

It was a cop who stopped him from stabbing the man’s lifeless body for the sixteenth time. Lucas immediately dropped the knife and began sobbing and screaming upon realising what he had done. When Lucas and I were somewhat calm, we were informed that our parents had been shot but our mother was already dead by the time they arrived. She was shot 10 times for defying the robbers by trying to prevent them from going upstairs. After that, sleep was a lot harder to come by.

Lucas and I began having night terrors but his were far worse than mine. His somewhat better now that he's been going to therapy but I on the other hand—preferred not to because I wanted to leave it all in the past so I got lost in reading to escape my reality. I pulled away and wiped my face. “Where's dad?" I asked, after glancing at the driver’s seat.

He pointed to the window. I looked and saw the small convenient store that dad was just coming out of with two paper bags. I shifted my gaze back to my twin, who looked as tired as I am. I still couldn’t get over how much he’s changed; he looks so grown up. His baby face was no more and what stood in its place were patches of stubble, covering his strong jaw (like our father’s). A bonafide pretty boy as my uncle would say. All your mom, he would add. But it wasn’t all mom, it was dad too, uncle Rob is blinded by his hatred for our father. A hatred that I’m sure he, himself, didn’t understand.

Besides having our father’s eyes and strong jawline, he looked more like our mom than anything. From her slightly crooked, freckled nose to her doll-like lips. I guess I look like her too, except my nose isn’t crooked and my skin is slightly darker than both of them. Lucas wore his long, curly hair atop his head in a slick puff and clothed his muscular body in a grey leather jacket over a black hoodie and dark Levi jeans.

Lucas wiped a tear that escaped my eye before looking ahead as Dad slid into the driver’s seat. Dad turned to me immediately after placing his bags on the floor. “Are you ok, Dev?" He asked. No. I nodded.

"Yeah. Are we in Oregon yet?”

"Yes, five minutes away from New Haven." He replied. He turned in his seat to get a better look at Lucas and me. His eyes had lost their sparkle, and he grew out his hair and beard since mom was no longer here to motivate him to make an effort. “I know, last year has been hard for us all and—New Haven...I want New Haven to bring some normality back into our lives," he stated, “but this isn't going to work unless we all try. Luke try taking up running again like Dr Louis said."

Lucas nodded. “I will, dad," Lucas said. Dad's eyes shifted to me. I can’t—sorry. I’m not the same person I was back then...I don’t like the things I use to. I still love soccer but—but mom...she was my annoying cheerleader. Who’s going to embarrass me at my games now?

"Devin...promise me...you won't push anyone else away." He said. I looked down at the geometric patterns on my jeans. “Devin." I looked into his pleading eyes.

"I'll try," I whispered, giving him a wary smile. He reached over and stroked my cheek like mom use to. I squeezed my eyes closed until he stopped.

He glanced between the both of us before turning his attention upfront. He stared into space for a while. “To a new life." He whispered, five minutes later. He started the engine and pulled onto the main road. I laid my head on Lucas's shoulder. He pecked my forehead and we both sighed. I watched as the trees flew by and in five minutes, a sign read ‘Welcome to New Haven’ appeared. The sign had mountains and the sun shining in the horizon.

I sat up to get a better look at the grey-sky, snow-covered town. Wow, I thought as we drove through what seemed to be the town square. The square had a bronzed statue of a man with an axe and two large dogs beside him. Below the statue laid a massive, circular flowerbed that had probably been emptied for winter. A few minutes later, we took a left at a post office and then a right at a Starbucks, where a group of smiling teens were just coming out. One caught me staring and her eyes followed us down the street. Lucas gave my knee a small squeeze and I covered his hand with both of mine. We turned into a street filled with children playing lacrosse in the middle of the street. They got out of the way when they saw us. Then we took another right turn. “Holy crap!" Lucas exclaimed.

"Language Luke," Dad said.

"Whoa," I whispered, staring at a beautiful, three-story, mahogany-walled mansion in the middle of the street.

"My thoughts exactly," Lucas said.

The mansion was enclosed by a high black gate protecting its three-acre yard. “Please tell me that's our new house." Dad chuckled, shaking his head.

"House? That's an understatement." I said. “Dad, do you know whose place is that?"

"Yes...the realtor told me...Russo..no...Rocco—del Rossi. Yeah, that's it, del Rossi."

"Aw. I was hoping it was ours." Lucas mumbled.

"Get a job and maybe you can buy it from the owner," Dad said.

I chuckled. “Burn," I said laughing. Lucas glared at me so I stuck my tongue out at him.

"This is us," Dad said. We pulled up in front of a fairly large, dark blue, two-story house to the right of the del Rossi mansion. It’s nice with a big porch and a white swing chair. It has bay windows! I’ve always wanted a room with a bay window.

I let my eyes wander once I got out of the car. The houses in the neighbourhood were identical to ours—excluding the mansion— for every blue house was a green one beside it. Soon people flooded out of the blue house across the street, led by a heavy set man and within seconds they surrounded us with cheerful smiles and the smell of food made my stomach growl. Just in time. “Lucas put on your happy face." I teased when he finally got out of the car.

"Why?" He asked with his brows furrowed. “Oh." He said and smiled.

"Hello, my name is Marty Greenberg and allow me to be the first to say welcome to our neighbourhood and New Haven." The man said, flashing his gorgeous smile at us. He’s average height and handsome with a small nose that shot out from the bridge. His chocolate brown hair was partially covered by a puke green beanie that matched his coat.

It took me a while to realize that I was smiling a little too much at him. Lucas chuckled, throwing sly comments under his breath about Marty and I and us kissing in some tree. I elbowed him. He hunched over and gritthis teeth. He was about to hurl another comment but dad walked between us to shake Marty's hand. "Nice to meet you Mr Gr—"

"Call me Marty." Marty interrupted dad with a smile.

"Marty," dad repeated, “I’m Deaton Harper and these are my children; Devin and Lucas." Lucas and I waved when our names were called. Marty stepped forward and shook our hands. He shook mine first. When he stepped away I stood there marvelling at how soft Marty’s hands were.

"It's nice to see you again, Deaton,” Said a statuesque, blonde woman with deep blue eyes, holding a bottle of champagne against her ample bosom. She’s as tall as Lucas, standing at 5 foot 11. She gave our father a rather long hug and a seductive smile that made Lucas and I look at each other.

"Likewise Claire," Dad said in a weird tone as he drew circles in his palms, something he did when he was nervous. Ou! He likes her. You get 'em, dad.

Claire’s gaze then shifted to us and her smile brightened. “It’s nice to finally meet the both of you, he talks about you nonstop. I’m Claire.” She said before hugging us. Her hug is so—dry, it lacked emotion and it kind of rubs me the wrong way. I gave her a brief look over. Everything on her looked expensive. Lucas glanced at me with a slight look of disgust when she pulled away from their hug. He’s probably thinking the same thing or he doesn’t like her perfume, maybe both.

Marty introduced us to two families before I zoned out after seeing something move at the corner of my eye, making the hairs on the back of my neck rise and for a chill to run down my spine. I scanned every inch of the del Rossi mansion wondering if they weren’t going to come out. Introverts probably. My gaze shifted to a window on the second floor where a curtain moved ever so slightly. My eyes were reduced to slits as I concentrated on that window.

"No one ever comes out of there." A high-pitched voice said, scaring the shiznit out of me. It belonged to a brunette around my age. She’s at least 3 inches taller than I am. I’m 5’2. “Rebecca Beaufort but you can call me Becca." She said, smiling. Her pink braces matched her dress. Her overgrown bangs kept getting into her chocolate brown eyes as she tried to clean her glasses in her dress. She’s overall a very pretty girl.

"Devin," I said with a forced smile. “And what do you mean no one comes out?” I asked as she slid her glasses up her long nose.

"I mean no one." She said, looking at the mansion. “I think the family moved out a few years before I was born but...who knows." She said, shrugging. I turned my attention back to the window. Really? Then who was that? The shy groundskeeper, perhaps? “You're attending New Haven High, right?" She asked.

"Yeah, last year?" I questioned.

"Yup. Oh! Come on, let's go pick out your outfit for your first day!" Huh? Why?

"But it’s Saturday," I whined, as she pulled me up the steps.

"The more reason to plan." She said chuckling. I groaned.


I crawled into bed and collapsed face down on my pillows, exhausted. Becca helped me unpack before she rummaged through my things for outfits for my first week of school. I wanted to die! I was so bored and to make matters worst—her mother, Maggie, came in all smiles. She came up to check on us but ended up telling us about a trip she took with her girlfriends when she was our age. How she made a trip to Cancun sound that boring is beyond me. Maggie was about to tell us another tale when Greg, Becca’s dad, called her down for coffee. As soon as she left, claiming she’ll be back, Becca ran to the door and locked it, which I was more than thankful for.

Becca and I were done by 8:30 and everyone—except Claire was gone by 10. Claire and I are having ‘drinks’ was his excuse when I asked why was she still here. Judging by the way he looked at me when he said it—I think he thinks I’m five and I don’t know that ‘drinks’ is a code word for sex. I rolled my eyes mentally before saying good night and shooting a forced smile at Claire, who looked comfortable on the couch. I slipped into Lucas’s room to help him unpack but he was almost done so I wasn’t much help.

When I got to my room, I immediately got ready for bed. After, I threw on my panda onesie and then crawled into bed beside Mr Peterson. I sighed into the darkness as I played with the bracelet my mom gave me for my fifteenth birthday, two years ago. I frowned as I fiddled with the charms; a soccer ball, a book, and the Eiffel Tower. My three favourite things. Within seconds I began tearing up. “Mom.” I cried into the darkness. “I miss you so much,” I mumbled into my pillow. I pressed my face into the pillow to stifle my ever-loudening cries and like many nights since her passing, I cried myself to sleep. But my cries would be nothing compared to the screaming I’d be doing from the nightmare I was about to have.....

I was running from him and he was hot on my tail. I’m tired but I have to keep running. I hissed in pain as the branches slashed at my skin. My heart sank seeing a figure in the distance. A friend of his? I thought. I took a left turn into a clearing, I glanced over my shoulder and saw no one but I wasn’t about to let my guard down. Soon, I saw a house in the distance, and the closer I got the more it looked like the Del Rossi mansion. The moonlight gave it a ghostly feel. I shivered upon feeling a cool gush of wind. It was then I realized I had stopped running and was staring up at the mansion, entranced. I gasped when hands grabbed me and pulled me into its hard body. I was too tired to fight, let alone stand. His hand found my mouth as if he knew I’d scream. I shivered when his cool breath kissed my neck...

I opened my eyes just a crack, staring into the darkness. I trembled. Why is it so cold? Did the heater break or something? I wasn’t just cold, I felt—overwhelmed by an intense feeling that I couldn’t make sense of and it was frightening. Whatever this feeling was—it was powerful and made every hair on my body rise. And that wasn’t even the craziest part. Something was lifting me off of my bed. Am I dreaming? I must be. I closed my eyes and smiled as I inhaled a faint smell of sandalwood and cinnamon. I lifted my hand letting my fingertips brush against something coarse before I snuggled up to that wonderful smell.


I woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept at all. I sighed. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve gone to bed without having a nightmare. I was hoping—far-fetched I know but I hoped moving here would stop my nightmares. I guess I’ll have to sleep with Lucas tonight. I sat up and rubbed my eyes before marvelling at how beautiful the bay window looked under the moonlight. I crawled out of bed and into the bay window with my knees pressed against my chest. I smiled sadly as I watched the snowflakes fluttering by the window. One of the many things I’ll miss doing with my mom.

I wiped my damp cheeks and bit my lip to mask a sob rumbling in my chest. Before I knew it I was crying. I covered my mouth as my cries grew louder. After ten minutes, I laid my back against the wall, shivering uncontrollably. The window isn’t open but why am I so cold? I rubbed my arms. I turned my attention to the del Rossi mansion. There wasn’t a single light on. It’s a shame no one lives there anymore. I hate to see a place this nice waste away. I wonder what the inside looks like. As I examined the mansion further, a light on the top floor turned on to my surprise. The hairs

on the back of my neck stood up and I felt a strong gush of cold wind wash over me causing my teeth to chatter. I jumped when my closet creaked open. My heart began racing. I shook my head. No, don’t do that. Something fell and I screamed and I grabbed Mr Peterson before bolting off to Lucas’s room.

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