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Vampires have been in control for many years, they’ve taken out almost all other species. Humans are enslaved as breeders, blood servants or pets. Olivia is a human who has grown up in captivity, being a slave is all she’s known. She has been sitting in the pet shop for her whole life waiting for her 18th birthday where she will be auctioned. But her new master can’t wait that long and wants this white haired beauty now.

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About the book

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share a couple things before you dive into my book.

Chapters 1-13 have not been edited and were essentially wrote on my phone so there are some mistakes and grammar errors. Once the book is complete I will go back and edit.

This is not your 'typical' vampire pet book. He is not abusive or cruel towards the main character.

This book does contain mature language and some intense scenes. Including violence and sexual content(to a degree). I do have a younger audience and I'm trying to be responsible.

My updates are normally on Sundays but I have been updating randomly as well.

I hope you enjoy!

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