His Lovely Pet

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Not your typical vampire x human pet story. The vampires have taken over for twenty years now, enslaving the human race. Olivia is a nineteen-year-old girl living in a pet shop. She's unique, pale skin with white hair and grey eyes. She accepts that she'll probably die at the hands of the vampires. Her world is flipped upside down when one of the most powerful and oldest vampires buys her. Cole is cold and feared by everyone. A monster. He also is hoarding secret after secret. Content warning: For mature adults. Some chapters include violence, profanity, and intense torture scenes.

Fantasy / Other
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Authors note

This story is published on Galatea but is also available on my Patreon (link on my profile)

Now Available as a paperback on Amazon! Kindle version set to release on 1/21/22

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Visit https://kimberlytotmanauthor.com/2022/01/18/his-lovely-pet-trigger-warnings/

For a full list of trigger warnings.

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