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As wielders of colour, they are your identity, they make who you are, a defender, an offender or a creator. In a reality structured on colours, Ariel's little brother is identified as colourless, something that is never heard of. But she is not someone who steps back from protecting her family. Finding a cure all the while protecting the family secret seems to be too much for Ariel, especially when she keeps unearthing deep-buried secrets. 1 tablespoon of fantasy, 1 teaspoon of sci-fi, fistfuls of action and adventure with a pinch of cute romance. Be aware, this book is going to make you cry happy tears! --------- Not edited and first few chapters are amateurish but it gets better as I progress. But please give it a try! Enjoy!💙💜🧡💛💚🖤

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Before I start I want to thank all the readers for checking out this story and if you have any ideas regarding this story or where it should lead feel free to tell me, it will help me shape this story.

The water in the Helious rippled and sloshed dangerously close to the edge with every movement I made. I carefully balanced it towards the table in the drawing-room.

Each drop is precious and not to be wasted. It is a legacy, after all, passed on from dad to Kayden, the eldest sibling in the family.

I had no particular liking towards the beautifully crafted purple glass bowl. Though I can appreciate the craftsmanship. I have always looked at it with disdain since my tenth birthday

But I can overcome that, just for today, for today is Ash’s tenth birthday.

I passed the dining table, the dinner sat on the table untouched. We were too excited even for dinner. Food can come later, there is always time for celebration after the ceremony is complete.

" I bet it is going to be orange.” I could sense the teasing in Skye’s voice without turning to look at them. My sole concentration is on delivering the bowl to its place. Skye is the second child, I am third and Ash is the youngest with Kayden being the oldest.

But still, I peeked at them from the corner of my eyes. I saw Ash shifting his hairs from his eyes, looking up at Skye with narrowed eyes and folded arms.

" What no, that is so eww, I want a shade of green or blue. A lighter shade like the clear blue ocean or green like mom’s eyes.” the smile was clear in his voice.

He had always leaned more on the side of defence rather than offence so we understand his choice.

But that didn’t mean that we had a choice in which colour we get, we have to wait to see on the 10th birthday.

That is why everyone is gathered in the hall at 1:30 in the morning on the 24th of October. To see which colour Ash will receive when the clock strikes 1:55, the time Ash was born.

Our powers are activated when we turn ten and people are generally too excited to wait till next morning to know the colour. it is a proud moment for the family and well celebrated.

I swiftly slid the bowl on the black marble table, the water gleaming against the purple glass reflecting numerous colours dancing through its surface. I tore my eyes away from it and tried to bring all the happiness and enthusiasm to the surface. I plastered a small smile on my face as I looked at Ash giggling with enthusiasm.

Dad is sitting on the sofa, his usual calm and collected demeanour was now lined with happiness. It was clear to see as he narrated his story of when he received his colour to Ash. Who leaned on him, eyes wide as he listened to the same story. We hear it at every ceremony, when Kayden, Skye, and I got our colours. It seemed to be a tradition, and Ash listened on his turn.

He lazily raised his palm, flat facing upward as a pale blue disc with a hint of yellow took shape in his hand expanding to a shield as he showed off his ability.

That was dad’s colour. A pale almost transparent blue with a warm undertone. Everyone has their distinctive colour, no two colours are ever the same and our colours determine our abilities.

Defence- lighter and softer colours including all the shades of grey.

Offence darker colours- red, orange, dark green, dark blue, and everything that falls in between.

Creation- all the shades of purple and pink with a few neutral colours.

I joined then on the sofa, seating beside dad as we waited for mom and Kayden to join.

The room was buzzing with Ash’s excitement. But there was still an undertone of fear, a constant presence fed by our worry.

Everyone knows what had happened seven years ago, in this same room and on this same table.

But nobody dares to voice it, yet it echoes. It echoes from mom as she enters the room. A sweet smile on her lips to hide her ever-growing fear, for me but now in anticipation of what the future holds for Ash.

And then we waited, eyes following the second hand of the clock as a tense silence filled the room. Kayden, my oldest brother, approached me from behind the sofa and patted my shoulder twice to offer me some comfort. It did little as I exhaled quietly and locked eyes with him.

He must have seen the worry swimming in my eyes, because his own softened in understanding.

I turned away from him. My eyes followed every forward movement in the clock as my ears picked up every click. Somehow sounding louder than my raging heartbeat.

I looked at Ash, at his smile. Grinning from ear to ear, lightly bouncing on his heels as he pushed back the sleeves of his shirt in preparation for what he has to do next. Seeing his excitement I couldn’t help as my smile grew more real, the worry easing from my shoulders as I took note of every happy face spread around the hall.

Maybe I am worrying too much, Ash is not me, he will be fine. And normal.

My eyes fell on Helious again, Helious is a spell enchanted bowl which contains water from Xile, it keeps it fresh, the water won’t ever smell or turn bad, ever.

On our tenth birthday, we have to dip our hands into the cool water as it leaches out the colour, our gifted colour to be seen clearly in the water. It is an auspicious occasion and thus celebrated among close family only.

" Fingers crossed that it is orange,” Skye taunted, trying to be serious. I slapped his arm seeing Ash pout in annoyance.

I laughed lightly ” Fingers crossed that it is what you want” I spoke airily but the weight of my statement hung in the air as the meaning dawned on me.

It stung me and mom both as she winced inaudibly as if someone had pinched her.

The clock struck 1:55 and I moved forward encasing Ash in my arms for a warm hug, ” Happy Birthday Ash” I sang loudly close to his ear. I sneakily tried to tickle him, and he jumped in my arms almost reaching my height.

Then a heavyweight was deposited on us as Skye joined from the other side. Hugging Ash along with me as he hollered a 'happy birthday'. Kayden, always the serious and more mature among us, threw his maturity out of the window as he jumped on us. Nearly knocking us to the side before we stabilized.

They were crushing us and if it was getting suffocating for me I don’t even want to know if Ash can breathe at all.

The weight was suddenly lifted, probably mom dragging them off us. I pulled away from Ash to take a deep breath, his face looked a little red from being compressed by our brothers. But otherwise, his mood hasn’t dampened even a bit, he was still beaming, granted that with a red face.

" You almost suffocated my baby” Mom reproached Kayden and Skye, pushing them away to softly hold Ash in her arms and wish him a happy birthday.

We all laughed as mom showered Ash with kisses and he pulled a face at that, mumbling something about being a big boy now.

We all shifted away to give Ash some space as he approached the Helious. Anticipation rolling off him in waves.

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