The Blue Lady

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Chapter 10

Andy looked out the window up to the sky as buildings towered way above them, "I cannot believe we are finally here." She turned toward Nate. "There is something about this place." Her bright grin covered most of her face. "Can you feel it Nate?"

Nate threw his arms in the air, "Yea, sure, it is a huge city, lots of stuff going on."

Andy rolled her eyes, "That's not it. There is a life here inside it. It is electric. You can feel the pulse in it." Andy took a deep breath in, "and the smells here. I know I have smelled it before. It is so exotic, and sensual."

The cab driver turned his head, "Lady your crazy. I do not know what you're smelling but it isn't New York."

Nate laughed, and Andy hissed. She did not care what anyone else thought, this place was her life. Her heart lived here. She knew there was something / someone special waiting for her here. Somewhere in this big city was her destiny, and she would search until she found it, or die trying.

Meanwhile Miranda was pacing in front of her huge window looking out over the New York skyline. Her hands were nervously fingering her belt and neckless as she paced. She knew Irv had been planning something. Planning someway to deface her, but here was no way he could take Runway away from her. She had too many supporters, and they would all take her side in the end.

She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, then they sprang open.


She frantically looked around, there were no Freesias around, and she was by no means having any sexual fantasies.

The only other time she could smell the scent of Freesias was if something bad was happening.

She grabbed her phone, and dialed the school, "This is Miranda Priestly I am checking to see how my girls are doing. I do not care what class I am interrupting I wish to speak to them, and now." She hissed lowly.

Soon a young voice came over the phone, "Mommy?"

"Bobbsey. How are you and Caroline doing? Is school going well?"

Cassidy was laughing, "We are fine, and school, well, and it is O.K. Are you going to make it to our recital tonight?"

"Yes of course Bobbsey I would not miss it for the world. Now get back to your class, and tell Caroline I called."

"O.K. bye Mom."

Miranda hung up the phone. The scent of Freesia's was gone but she knew she had smelled them, and she knew it wasn't because she was wanting to be with Stephen. That desire disappeared almost as fast as it came.

Six months into the marriage, and Stephen had changed. He started drinking, a lot. He would come to functions, and home drunk.

She had moved him to the spare bedroom. She had had no desire to have sex with him since then. Having him around now made her stomach curl, made her sick, but she could not risk the paparazzi picking up on anther divorce.

She was concerned for the girl's wellbeing, and their position with The Family.

Maranda was feeling lost, out of control. The last time she had felt like this was when The Empress took "The One" away from her. She sat herself down in her chair, and rubbed her temples with her fingers trying to ward off a headache.

"Emily, coffee." Miranda's voice was barely a whisper.

The new second assistant looked up, then around, the real Emily was nowhere to be found. How was she going to go get coffee, and still answer the phones?

Minutes passed, and Miranda watched the assistant in the outer office.

As soon as the real Emily appeared Miranda hissed in a low voice, "Emily get rid of her, and if you cannot find a better replacement do not hire anyone."

Emily glared at the girl sitting behind the desk opposite hers, "what did you do?"

The girl was in tears, and shook her head.

"And someone get me a coffee."

Emily headed for the elevator with her phone up to her ear, "Nigel get here now!"

Nigel headed for the Dragon's Lair, and ran into Miranda's new first assistant. She had her purse and coat and was in tears. He looked at his watch it was only ten in the morning.

He entered the Outer Lair, and it was quiet.

Sitting in her chair at her desk was Miranda rubbing her temples.

He walked into the office, "Miranda."

She looked up, and was able to release the flower petals that had built up in her eyes.

Nigel sat down in front of her, "Miranda?"

He had never seen her like this. Nothing ever seemed to shake her tough exterior. He had never seen her release flower petals before.

"Nigel, I do not know what is happening. I feel as if it is all falling apart. Did you know Irv is going around trying to oust me from Runway? It is never going to happen, I will not let him ruin something I have worked so hard for. Then this morning I smell Freesia."

Nigel stared shocked. His mind was spinning. He had never heard Miranda say so much in one breath.

"I do not know why. I called the girls school, they are fine." She laughed in a menacing way, "And do not even think it was because of Stephen. There has not been anything between the two of us for a while now. Why would I be smelling Freesias?"

Nigel ran his hand over his bald head, "I don't know what to say Miranda. With everything you have done for Runway it will take a lot for Irv to be able to oust you. You still enjoy it right? The girls still have quite a few years before they are mature enough to enter their positions in The Family. Do you want to interrupt their training, and risk their status by leaving or moving?"

Miranda looked up smiling, "Yes I still love it here, and no I will not interrupt the girls training or status." Miranda took a deep breath, "Do you think I was imagining the Freesia scent?"

Nigel shook his head no, "You mistake detecting a smell? Hell Miranda you are the most skillful hunter The Family has had in over five thousand years, just relax, things will pan out."

Miranda took a deep breath, and tried to calm herself. Why she was feeling so nervous she did not know. She was never like this. Her body shaked as if something big was lurking in the future.

The moment Miranda smelled the Freesias Andy and Nate had stepped out of the cab in front of their apartment.

Andy was so happy about being in New York she took a deep breath and twirled around in the middle of the street.

Nate just laughed, and told her she was a nut.

Andy grabbed Nate around the neck, and kissed him she was so excited.

Once inside their apartment she immediately called Doug and Lily, "We made it! We are here! When are you coming over?"

That night the four sat in the tiny apartment talking about their future. Luckily Doug, Lily and Nate all had jobs already.

Unfortunately for Andy it was not so easy to find a job as a Journalist, "Hey I have an interview lined up with a magazine publishing company tomorrow morning. They have a bunch of magazines I'm sure I will find something there. Probably not something I really want but something to get my foot in the door, and to bring in money until I find my dream job."

The foursome all laughed.

Andy knew her life was just beginning. She could feel it in her heart.

Miranda laid in bed eyes closed trying to catch a whiff of Freesia, all she needed was a trace, a tiny hint, and she would be able to find the source, but nothing.

Miranda opened her eyes back up, she was wound way to tight, and she needed a release.

Stephen was nowhere to be found, he had not answered his phone all day.

She would have to take matters into her own hands.

Miranda closed her eyes, and a set of deep brown eyes floated into her mind as did the person they belonged to.

Her fingers slowly touched her lips. Lips that ached for a kiss.

They glided down her chin, and over her long neck. As her hands neared her breast her body began to shake, and the heat began to build. She palmed her small but full breasts, and ran her finger tips over her hard but tender nipples.

Miranda left out a moan, and she could feel the moisture accumulate between her legs as desire burned through her core.

Her hand snaked down over the wet curls, and her fingers fell in between her wet folds. As her nails flipped over her rock hard clit she screamed out, and came.

Her body not satisfied with this initial orgasm she slid three fingers into her hot wet core, and began to pump. Her mind was spinning, blurred images ran like a slide show through her brain. She pumped harder, than raked her nails over the spot, and across her pubic bone before her body spasmed, and she screamed, cumming hard. The fragrance of Freesias enveloped her.

Miranda laid in bed, chest heaving, and her head spinning. As she came down off the high flower petals flowed freely from her eyes. She turned on her side curled up into a ball, and slowly cried herself to sleep.

The Empress closed her eyes, and breathed deeply. "Soon Miranda, soon."

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