The Blue Lady

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Chapter 11

Andy sat straight up in bed, screamed in ecstasy, and tears were streaming down her face.

Nate jumped out of bed, "Holy shit Andy. What the hell!"

Andy was shaking, her body drenched in sweat, her chest heaving. "The dream it was all so real." Andy shifted in bed her underwear soaked. She inhaled deeply, "Can you smell that Nate?" She looked wide eyed at her partner who was now dancing at the side of the bed trying to get his balance.

"What the hell are you talking about Andy?"

Andy shook her head. Afraid of what Nate might say or do she blinked her eyes. "What, what happened?"

Nate looked at her amused, "God Andy you must have had another one of those weird dreams you always talked about."

She looked around, and smiled sheepishly, "I guess so." She hurriedly got out of bed, and headed to the bathroom. Dam she muttered to herself as she removed the underwear, and the scent of sex filled the room. After cleaning herself off she flushed the toilet, and sprayed some of her perfume in the air throwing the underwear in the hamper.

When she came out of the bathroom Nate was waiting for her, "as long as we are up …" He smiled at her, and moved closer. It was obvious he was rock hard.

She pushed away from him reminding him she had to get up early for her interview in the morning.

Pissed Nate headed to the bathroom, "Geez Andy what did you do in here it stinks?"

Andy rolled her eyes, fell into bed, and tried to fall asleep once again.

The Empress witnessed this scene, and closed her eyes as servants preened her. Her only wish that "The One" would be strong enough to hold out until her destiny once again presented itself to her.

A well-toned leg snaked out of the Lincoln Town car, and the infamous stride could be heard across the sidewalk.

People who did not even know her seemed to part for her to pass, then Miranda almost stopped dead in her tracks as the door to Elias-Clarke opened awaiting for her to enter.



The bouquet was overwhelming for Miranda, and it was making her light headed.

Security inside stood, and stared as Miranda slowed her step trying to figure out why the infamous fashion editor had come to an almost halt. There was no one in her way, as a matter of fact everyone had part so well you could see a clear path to the elevators.

Miranda quickly recovered, and marched into the building, and to the elevators.

The aroma of the Freesias was enhanced two fold by now, and Miranda's head was spinning. She grabbed for the bars inside as the doors shut and she hung her head, eyes closed trying not to faint.

As the elevator made it to her floor she straightened, and once again became the Ice Queen.

As the elevator doors opened the perfume smacked her in the face, and she almost blacked out, but true to form she marched out, and headed to her office.

She was going to get to the bottom of this!

Her eyes scoped out every inch of the hallway as she hurled out the tasks she needed Emily to complete that morning.

She knew there would not be Freesia flowers in the offices as they were banned from all Runway departments.

Luckily Miranda had great self-control, and a poker face that would beat the world champ.

As Miranda and Emily rounded the corner to enter the outer office Miranda became dizzy again.

The smell was overpowering.

She tried to concentrate on getting to her desk so she could sit, but there she was sitting at the desk of the now extinct second assistant. Her, the child, "The One", but now full grown, and even more beautiful if that could be possible.

For one second even though it seemed like hours Miranda's sparkling deep blue eyes made contact with the all too familiar deep brown pools of one Andréa Sachs.

Both women were stunned as electrical sparks shot through their bodies.

Miranda did not know how she made it to her office, but once there she sat as the powerful fragrance continued its onslaught with her mind and body. It swirled into her brain, and ran throughout her blood. She shifted in her chair as wetness pooled between her legs, and her body began to tremble.

Andy sat frozen in her seat as she watched the woman with the bright blue crystal eyes enter the office, walked by her through the office, and sat.

For a second she swore the woman was staring right at her, and Miranda’s heat burned a hole right through Andy.

Andy shivered as she inhaled the air that followed the striking woman through the office.

There it was the intoxicating scent that she had smelled throughout her childhood, the one that no one else could ever smell. The aroma that came to her when Nate and her arrived in New York. The perfume that engulfed her in her dream last night.

The room began to spin, and Andy had to hold onto the desk as goose bumps broke out all over her body, and her core began to ache.

What the hell was happening to her?


"Yes Miranda."

"Who is that?"

Emily rolled her eyes, "She was sent by Human Resources to be interviewed for the job as your second assistant, but she is just … not right for it."

Miranda closed her eyes for a split second trying to calm herself, "It would seem I need to decide that since you have not been able to find anyone suitable."

"Uhm … Miranda … I don't …"

Miranda glared at the young protector, "That's all."

"Yes, Miranda. Right away."

Emily hurried out of the inner office, and stood in front of Andy, "She wants to see you."

Andy was still fixated on the luminous woman in the joining room, and the feelings that had over taken her.

"Hurry up!" Emily hissed.

Andy jerked her head back to the present, "Oh … yes …"

She went to stand, and staggered.

Emily rolled her eyes, and pulled the god offal brown bag out of Andy's hands.

Andy strode into the inner office as Miranda watched her over the top of her glasses.

Miranda had to get herself under control, but what was the child … Miranda closed her eyes for a split second "The One" was not a child anymore. She was grown, and if at all possible more beautiful than ever before, nothing like the straight, skin, and bone models these humans seem to prefer in the magazines, but shapely, curvaceous, and very beautiful.

What was she doing here? Looking for a job, and as my assistant?

Miranda could not allow that to take place that is why she told Emily she would interview the girl.

The Empress had made it perfectly clear they were never to interact again.

Did Andréa remember her?

Miranda thought The Empress had cleared Andréa's mind completely of her.

Miranda came back to the present as a few papers were handed to her.

She picked them up, and threw them to the side, "who are you?"

Andy stared at the vision in front of her. "I am Andy Sachs. I just graduated from Northwestern University."

Miranda cleared her throat wondering if she would be able to talk after hearing that sweet voice, "what are you doing here?"

Miranda was nervous, what if Andréa remembered her?

"I … uhm … would like the job as your assistant."

Miranda continued to watch "The One" as she stood in front of her. Too many scenes were running through Miranda's mind. Her senses were ready to explode.

"O.K. I am a Journalist. I need a job, and it is this or Auto Universe."

Miranda kept her mind busy on the newspaper laid out in front of her, "You have never read Runway before."

"Uhm … no."

"And until today you have never heard of me or seen me before." Miranda held her breath.

"No." Andrea grimaced.

Miranda hitched her breath, Andréa truly did not remember her.

Miranda dared to look over the body of the woman standing in front of her. The clothes went without saying were hideous, but she could tell the body underneath had curves in all the right places. "You have no sense of fashion."

"Well, that would depend on what you call fa …"

Miranda glared, playing the Ice Queen seemed to be working so far to keep her emotions in check.

"That was not a question," Miranda whispered, and she waved her hands in the air, "that's all." She looked back down at the paper.

Andy stood, and stared for a short second. "What …," she thought to herself. She turned to leave, but something pulled her back. She needed this job, no she wanted this job. Why the pull to work for this woman Andy had no clue? But she did know it had to be. Andy's head began to spin again, and the perfume began to swirl in her nose again.

"O.K. I am not skinny, I do not belong here, but I am smart, and I will work very hard."

Miranda ran a finger over her bottom lip. She was losing it. She was ready to give in. What would it hurt to hire Andréa?

Just than Nigel drifted into the office yakking away, and threw a portfolio on the desk.

Emily had sensed something curiously happening within the office, "Nigel you need to make some excuse to come see her at the office. There is something going on, and I know my sense of smell is one of my lower abilities but I swear I can smell Freesia here. I don't know how, maybe the idiot here applying for a job must have perfume on."

Andy look at the man who cut her off, rolled her eyes, turned, and walked out of the room.

As Andy left Nigel looked at Miranda, "Who was that?"

Miranda watched as Andréa walked away, and cringed. She was starting to have the same feelings she had the night the Empress told her she would not be the child's protector any longer. She could feel herself slowly dying inside the farther away Andréa got. She could not let "The One" walk away. She could not be separated from her again, but she could not let Nigel or Emily know who the woman really was.

She wondered if the Empress knew Andréa came here looking for a job. That was silly of course she knew, and Miranda was taking a risk, but she had to.

"Do what you need to with it Nigel, and send Emily in."

Nigel stared at Miranda gathered the portfolio, and walked out, "She wants to see you, and there is a strong odor of the flowers, you were not mistaken."

Then he walked out.

Andy paced in the elevator as it slowly made its way back down to the lobby. Tears were threatening to fall, and the crack in her heart became bigger with each floor they reached. She could not understand why she was reacting like this. She knew nothing about the woman that just threw her out of her office. And her feelings, as if she was in love. Hell she had Nate, and this woman, Miranda was … well … a woman. Why then was she so drawn to her? Andy placed her hand on the elevator wall, and hung her head trying to get her bearings.

The doors opened, and Andy exited, handed in her visitors pass, and headed for the exit when she heard.

"Andrea … Andrea Sachs." Andy turned around it was the red headed bitch, Miranda's First Assistant.

Emily shrugged her shoulders, rolled her eyes, and motioned for Andy to follow her.

Miranda shifted in her chair as she saw Andréa disappear around the corner, and she could feel herself slowly losing control. It was taking all her energy to prevent the flower petals from falling from her eyes.

She saw the look in Emily's eyes as she ordered her protector to hire the girl. A look of contempt, and disbelieving.

She knew Emily thought she had lost her mind, so before Emily returned to the office Miranda had left.

Miranda texted Emily stating she would be away from the office the rest of the day, and to reschedule her appointments.

Emily was beside herself. First she hired the college educated girl, and now she just broke a very important luncheon meeting with Irv. The scent of Freesia no longer lingered in the office. What did all of this mean?

Emily had to figure it out she did not want to anger The Empress once again.

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