The Blue Lady

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Chapter 12

She knew the moment she opened her front door she was there.

Miranda walked in, and put her coat and bag down. She straighten her stance, and put on her best Ice Queen mask she had, then walked into the living room which was once again transformed into the great meeting room, but there was only one person there on top her high throne.

Miranda knew the Empress had experienced the interview with Andréa.

"I would have thought someone as advance as you would have been able to control herself. You were told to never see "The One" again." The Empress' eyes burned red with fire. "Why did you hire her? She will be near you all the time now. You once again have disobeyed a direct order from me."

Miranda eyed the entity before her, "I would think you would be happy with the situation. She will be in a place with three protectors. How could she be safer? You said years ago her mind had been completely erased of any memories of me so that should not be a problem. Right?"

Miranda had to fight she could not face the possibility of having Andréa taken away from her again. Her reasoning had made sense, she just hoped The Empress thought so too.

Something had brought Andréa into Miranda's life for a second time it had to mean something.

The Directive would be guiding "The One's" life until her destiny was fulfilled. It could not just be a coincidence.

Flames green, and red issued from the Empress' eyes, "You will not have any other contact with "The One" except for your human work related life. Is that understood? You will treat her like any other assistant you have had." She had to make sure Miranda waited. "The One" would need to initiate everything for the Directive to be satisfied.

Miranda bristled then bowed, "Yes, I understand."

Suddenly the room was back to its original decor.

Miranda turned, looked out the large window, and ran her finger over her bottom lip. Why did The Empress not insist Miranda fire Andréa? That would have solved all her concerns, and it would have freed Miranda from her need to keep Andréa close.

Miranda rolled her head, and laid it back on her shoulders. What had she gotten herself into? How would she ever be able to control herself with Andréa in the office all the time?

Miranda sighed how could she have such strong feelings for a women she had seen being conceived, watched being born?

She knew age made little issue as a Fairy, but as a human Miranda would be more than twenty years older than Andréa.

Then there was the other issue, Andréa was not a Fairy, she was Human. Fairies never connected to a Human. Yes their human bodies married other humans but never did a Fairy bond with a Human for life. It was impossible. Wasn't it? She had never know of a Fairy that had done this.

Miranda cringed her Human body was also older, a woman, and now Andréa's boss. It would be a lot to ask of Andréa.

Miranda took a deep breath, and pulled her arms around her waist.

What was she thinking? She was on her third heterosexual marriage. She was supposed to be straight. How would she ever explain her Human being gay now?

She sat in a chair. How could she be worried with herself? What about Andréa? What if she was straight? What if the idea of an old, straight turned gay, boss having feelings for her made her ill? Why would Andréa even take a second look at her?

It was all so very confusing to Miranda, there would be no way for this to play out the way she wished.

Miranda heard the front door open, and close. Who could that be she wondered?

Stephen hung his coat up, and turned spotting her standing in the door way watching him. What the hell was she doing here at this time of the day? This was the only time he could really relax at home. Without her presence around stirring all kinds of feelings with in him.

He slowly walked toward her, "Miranda." Standing in front of her he noticed her swollen reddened eyes. He reached out a hand caressing her so soft cheek, "You've been crying. What's wrong? Are the girls O.K?"

Miranda allowed her face to lay in his hand for a short time before taking a deep breath, and turning away, "the girls are fine."

Stephen walked up to Miranda, rubbed her shoulders, and arms. She was so cold.

Miranda shrugged her shoulders, and twisted her body breaking his grip from her, "Don't Stephen."

"Come on Miranda we have not been close in a long time, and you seem to need it."

Miranda turned, and faced her now husband, "I am not interested now, nor will I ever be interested again."

Stephen stood in shock, "you want a divorce?"

Miranda shrugged indifferent, "If that is what you wish then fine."

Stephen rubbed his face with a hand, turned walking over to the bar. He slammed his hand on the shiny mahogany wood, "What the hell Miranda!"

"It will do no good to shout or try to start a fight Stephen." This was the calmest Miranda had been all day.

Stephen stared at his so called wife turned, and left the townhouse.

Andy sat at the table with her two best friends, and boyfriend.

"You? You got a job at a fashion magazine?" Nate was laughing hysterically. "That was obviously a telephone interview."

"You are such a jerk." The comment made Andy furious. She could just feel her blood boiling as it ran through her body, and all of a sudden she experienced the most putrid smell. She did not remember ever smelling anything so awful. It made her ill.

Nate continued to laugh.

"I cannot believe you are working for The Miranda Priestly." Doug was so surprised.

Andy stared dumb founded at Doug, "How is it you know about her, and I didn't?"

Doug just shrugged, "You got a job I bet a million girls would die for."

Andy shrugged, "So I have been told."

"I have heard Miranda Priestly is very hard to work for, and to please."

Andy shrugged, "She did not seem that bad. A bit snobbish I guess, but she is giving me a chance, and in a year I will be able to dictate which publication I want to work for."

"You meet her?" Doug was amazed.

Andy nodded, "Yea she interviewed me personally. Although she did not ask many questions or even read over my resume. Strange."

Doug sat opened mouth, "You were interviewed by the Dragon Lady? I would have thought she had assistants to take care of that."

Andy shrugged, "She has a First Assistant, some snotty red headed English chick. I will be her second assistant."*

Back at the apartment Nate started nuzzling up to Andy, "Shall we celebrate your new job?"

Andy tried to smile, "I am really nervous about tomorrow. You should see what the people wear there."

"Andy you will be answering telephones, and getting coffee. You really think evening gowns and high heels are mandatory?"

Andy glared at him. He was really making her mad. She was excited about the job and he was just dissing her. Miranda was intriguing to her. She could not wait to learn more about the woman. Miranda was the most beautiful, and poised person she had ever meet, and her perfume was intoxicating. Andy felt goose bumps pop up all over her body, and her insides warmed immensely as she thought about the woman.

Sensations she could not remember feeling ever.

"Come here, I require no clothing for what I want to do to you."

Andy cringed inside, and allowed Nate to make love to her, but once again the horrible smell hit her nose like a bomb as Nate came inside her, and she could not get out of the bed fast enough as she ran for the bathroom, and expelled everything in her stomach.

The Empress was keeping an eye on the two entities, but she could not interfere, the Directive made that perfectly clear.

She wished she could make it easier on Miranda as she knew the struggle the Fairy was going through, but Miranda was very strong, had been since her birth.

The Empress closed her eyes, Miranda would have to work this out for herself, it was imperative.

As for Andrea the closeness to Miranda was already taking its toll on her body.

Luckily the girl was also strong willed, and would fine her place. She had to, it was crucial for The Family's continued survival.

The Empress was now sure she understood the role these two women played in everyone's future.

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