The Blue Lady

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Chapter 13

Andy had been called early in the morning her first day of work by Emily to inform her Miranda would be in early that morning, and she needed to fetch the coffee.

Andy laid in bed trying to focus on the alarm clock. Six am what the hell!

After last night this was one hell of a way to start her first job.

Miranda was pacing back and forth from her office where they were setting up for the walk through. "Where is that girl with my coffee? She has a college degree and cannot perform the simplest of tasks?"

Miranda was concerned that Andréa had changed her mind, and did not want to work for the Dragon Lady or a fashion magazine. She was a journalist so what was she doing being a lowly assistant at a fashion magazine?

Miranda remembered Andréa saying she could not find a job anywhere, but Miranda knew better. Andréa may not have gotten a job as a journalist but she could have landed a low position at any magazine or newspaper, yet she ended up at Runway.

Emily sat, nervous, she knew the minute Miranda walked into the office it was going to be a bad day. She felt an edginess to Miranda's aura that morning, and things got worse every minute they waited for her coffee.

Emily had told Miranda Andrea was a poor fit for the office. The girl knew nothing about fashion, did not even care about fashion.

But Miranda had insisted, the girl was college educated, and promised to work hard to learn her role, and Miranda needed someone who would be able to stay longer than three months. She was tired of trying to get use to new people. What had Miranda been thinking?

Miranda was starting to panic. Would she able to keep control of herself, and treat Andréa just like all the other assistants. The Ice Queen would have to be exceptionally cold today.

The longer it took Andréa to get to the office the more worried Miranda became that Andréa had changed her mind about working there. Miranda was afraid she would never see the brown haired beauty again.

Then all of a sudden Miranda stopped, closed her eyes, and she knew Andréa had just stepped inside Elias-Clarke.

Emily looked inside Miranda's office, saw her pause to look out the window, and at that moment the smell of Freesia permeated the air.

Five minutes later Andy stepped off the elevator.

Emily glared at the girl for a minute before she grabbed the coffee out of her hands, and took it into Miranda.

Miranda looked past Emily as Andréa stood by her desk with coat in hand, and Emily thought she saw for just a split second Miranda smile.

Andy stood by the empty desk not quite sure what to do next. She straightened her neck as she peered inside the glass office of her new boss.

The woman stood regal, self-assured, and in control.

Andy smiled brightly as she caught the sparkling blue eyes of the petite woman, and for a moment she swore the beautiful woman smiled at her. Andy's body trembled, and warmth, love, and the feeling of protection surged through her mind, and down through her body. Andy inhaled deeply, and the sweet fragrance of Freesia wafted into her nostrils, and the fantastic feeling that came with it ran through her blood.

It had to be Miranda's perfume, it smelled heavenly.

As Emily explained the book to Andrea, her role of answering the phone, and making sure Miranda got her coffee when she wanted it Andy kept sneaking looks at Miranda. There was something about the infamous Editor in Chief. Something familiar, but Andy could not put her finger on it.

True fully Andy did not care what it was, she was working for Miranda, and she could not be happier.

Andy sat in awe as Emily took off to deliver the book, "Nigel I tell you something is wrong. Miranda is acting unusual even for her. I thought I saw her smile this morning. That new assistant will not stop looking at her, and I smell Freesias all the time."

Nigel laughed at Emily, "Girl you need a vacation, or as Miranda suggested find someone to tame your cravings."

Emily glared at him, "Nigel you should see the bloody clothes she has on. I have no idea why Miranda wanted to hire her. And her shoes I cannot even guess where they came from. You need to help her before Miranda chews her up, and I get in trouble again."

Nigel shook his head laughing, "O.K. while you deliver the book I will deliver a pair of shoes."

As Nigel walked toward the office the essence of Freesia hit his nose.

He walked up to Andy introducing himself, "I run the Art Department. I was told you would need a pair of heels, eight and a half?" He sniffed the air, "Are there Freesia's in here?" Nigel was very confused, why could he smell that?

Andy sat staring at this man who interrupted her interview yesterday, and was now telling her she needed to change her shoes.

Andy looked around, "Uhm … no … what makes you ask?"

"Because I can smell them."

Andy's smile spread across her face, "Oh yea that is what I smell. I smelled it yesterday, and I could not put my finger on it. My Mother always told me when I was little I wanted Freesias in my room, and I thought the scent was familiar, but I just thought it was Miranda because I did not notice it until Miranda came into the office." Andy was rambling she was so nervous.

Nigel Stared at the girl, "You did not smell it until Miranda showed up?"

Andy shrugged shaking her head yes.



"She is calling for you." Nigel informed Andy.

Andy looked around then jumped up, and ran into the inner office.

Nigel followed the young woman with his eyes.

Miranda turned, and stopped short as Andy entered the office, "How many times do I have to call for you?"

"Oh the name is Andy, well Andrea, but everyone calls me Andy."

Nigel gasped as Miranda smiled sweetly for an instant before glaring at the new assistant, and the intoxicating aroma of Freesia increased by tenfold.

Nigel rubbed his bald head with a hand. What the hell just happened?

Nigel slipped out of the office.

Miranda grinned as Andréa came rushing into her office before her Ice Queen persona took over. Luckily she got herself under control, and started spouting out orders. Which was difficult due to the strong aroma of Freesia flying throughout the place. "The One", and the fragrance had Miranda week in the knees.

Andréa was so beautiful, and Miranda's urge to grab her, and kiss her was over whelming.

Andy stopped short in Miranda's office as she thought she saw a smile start to spread over her new bosses face, but of course she had just imagined that.

Andy knew Miranda's smile would be illuminating. All she wanted was to see Miranda's eyes sparkle, she knew they would be a bright crystal blue.

Andy's smile grew as a warm red glow filtered through her face.

Andy rushed back to her desk as Miranda demanded her to get Demarchelier on the phone, but before she made it out of the office she heard the muted, subtle voice of Miranda.


Andy stopped, and slowly turned.

She stood still as can be as the striking woman roamed over her body with the most amazing blue eyes that set off fireworks to Andy's body were ever they landed, and exploded in her head.

Andy shifted were she stood.

Miranda almost grinned, but stopped herself as she contemplated the clothing Andréa was wearing. Miranda shook her head, and glared at the … were they shoes Andréa was wearing?

"That's all."

Miranda took one last chance to look into the deep brown eyes of the woman standing in front of her.

She would never tire of gazing at them.

Andy made it back to her desk, and she was hyperventilating from the looks Miranda was giving her. She knew she was not imagining it.

Thank god Emily sent her out to do the errands that Miranda had spouted off to her.

It gave her time to get air, and to try and figure out what had just happened that morning. To try and understand her feelings.

She had never had feelings like this for another woman. Truth be told she had never had feelings like this for a guy.

She rarely dated in High School, and Nate … well, Nate just sort of happened. Something she just felt herself falling into. She guessed it was part of her naivety.

Maybe this is why she understood Doug so well and why she felt perfectly comfortable being his date for so many High School functions.

Andy stared out the window as the Town car became stuck in traffic.

Andy smiled. So she had feelings for a woman. A very attractive woman, a very successful business woman, her boss, and a woman way out of her league. Andy frowned.

Miranda had kicked out of her office the two incompetent minions setting up for the run through. They had nothing new or innovative with them. As they hurried out of the office she told them to have something worth looking at by the afternoon or they would not have to worry about coming back to work the next day.

She sat in her chair turned toward the window, eyes closed, and head leaned back against the soft leather. Good God this was going to be impossible. Thank God Emily sent Andréa out of the office, and the scent of Freesia was gone. She could finally think.

This was one time she wished her sense of smell was not so great.

Serena walked into the outer office just as Andy returned from her errands, and Andy got a whiff of the same perfume Miranda wore.

"Yes, so." Emily stammered at the sight of Serena. "This is her the new me. After the loo Serena and I will have lunch. I have twenty minutes you have fifteen."

Andy smiled, "Uhm wait, Serena, what is the name of the perfume you are wearing?"

Serena looked at the new girl perplexed, "I do not have perfume on."

Now Andy was confused, was she smelling things? "What is that I smell in here then? It smells like Freesias, and I did not smell it until you walked in."

Both Emily, and Serena gasped.

"There is no Freesia or Freesia scent in here! It is not allowed anywhere in Runway or near Miranda!" Emily hissed.

Andy opened her mouth as if she was going to say something else, but then decided not to.

Emily hustled Serena out of the office.

"Did you smell Freesia Em? I didn't. What was she talking about?"

Emily gazed at the tall Brazilian she had her arm linked into, "Don't know."

Emily frowned. How could Andy smell Freesia? She was a Human. Emily herself could not even smell it.

She looked at Serena again, and sighed. She had been enamored with the makeup artist from the first day she walked into Runway. Body more suited for a model but she had no interest in it.

Miranda had tried on many occasions to get Serena in front of the camera without any luck.

How Serena got away with saying no to Miranda no one knew.

Emily knew her feelings for Serena were ridiculous. Fairies could not connect with Humans. It was just not done, or allowed, could not happen. But her feelings were there all the same. She wanted so badly to tell Serena how she felt but she knew The Empress would never allow it, besides her job at Runway was to protect Miranda not find a love interest.

The Empress look on at Emily, at her dilemma, and sighed. First Miranda and now Emily. If the Directive was going to allow it for Miranda then it would have to for Emily too. The Empress smiled to herself. What was she going to do with these Fairies connecting with a Human? Knowing their plight she wished them all the best. All she wanted for them was to be happy.

Nigel tracked Andy down in the Elias-Clarke cafeteria watching her scope up a bowl of corn chowder, and he flinched, "You know cellulite is the main ingredient in corn chowder."

Andy looked up at the man, "Does no one eat around here?" She was still trying to figure him out.

Nigel arched his eyebrows at the unusual girl, "Not since two is the new four, and zero is the new two."

What is it that Miranda sees in her, and why is there Freesia in the air every time the two of them are together? Nigel wrinkled his nose up at her.

He grabbed the ringing phone from his pocket, "Hello. Right."

Nigel glared at Andy, "Miranda pushed the run through up a half an hour, and she is always fifteen minutes early."

Andy looked at Nigel questioningly, "So?"

He frowned as he pulled the god awful bowl of soup off her tray, and dumped it into the trash, "You are already fifteen minutes late."

Nigel pulled the young woman into Miranda's office, "Watch, listen, and learn."

Andy pulled out a pen and pad.

She watched the silver haired woman run her fingers over the clothing on the rack, and she wished she was one of the pieces. The thought sent chills through her body, and she smiled brightly. Andy shifted as she felt the heat rise in her body.

Miranda turned, and caught the smile. How someone who dressed so appalling could look so delightful she did not know. Andy's eyes sparkled and her skin was radiant.

Nigel sniffed. There it was again, Freesias.

"Why is it so impossible to put together a decent run through? You people have had hours and hours to prepare. It is just so confusing to me." Miranda was exacerbated.

Andy watched in bewilderment as Miranda pulled a dress off the rack, and in her opinion a God awful dress.

Miranda and Nigel discussed the appeal of the dress as if it would change the world. She just did not understand the whole industry.

"Were are the belts? Why is no one ready?" Miranda flipped her hands in the air.

Jocelyn grabbed two belts, and handed them out to Miranda, "It is difficult they are so different."

Miranda heard a giggle, (Andy thought Miranda looked so enduring when she was in a huff) if it hadn't been during the run through Miranda would have thought it was cute, but … "Something funny?"

Andy looked up from her pad, and everyone in the room was glaring at her including Miranda, "No … it is … they just look the same to me."

Andy was trembling, but not because of the sexual tension Miranda set off in her body. She was frightened this time. Andy thought Miranda was going to burn a hole through her, and not in a good way, "I mean I am new at all this stuff …"


Miranda scowled, then began a long explanation about how the people in the room with her picked out the dreadful sweater Andrea was wearing just for her.

Miranda needed her to understand that fashion was a business. It gave many people jobs, and placed millions of dollars into the economy. She wanted Andy to see there was a purpose to all of this.

Andy listened as the rest of the room including Nigel just stared, and glared at her. She even looked to Emily for support, only to be brushed off.

Andy felt very alone, and out of touch with Miranda. It was disheartening to her as she felt there had been a connection between her and the Editor in Chief. Something that felt like they knew each other … for years.

Miranda could tell she had not gotten through to the young woman, and she frowned. How would Andréa ever respect her, and how would she ever want to be with her if Andréa though it was all frivolous? That Miranda's job was unimportant?

Miranda turned, and dismissed the group.

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