The Blue Lady

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Chapter 14

The next few weeks were a blur to Andy.

Every morning Miranda would walk in the office, and throw her bag and coat on Andy's desk, and make some bizarre request of her. Andy would sit at her desk, open up her face with her radiant smile and offer to Miranda a, "Good Morning," hoping, wishing for a smile in return.

Miranda never stopped in the front office upon arriving to work after hiring Andréa. She would either have to sit down at her desk or immediately go into her private bathroom to get herself over that initial sight of Andréa.

The intoxicating smell of Freesias that would hit Miranda as she walked into the Elias-Clarke building would make her head spin, and legs weak.

And then that smile, that luminous smile that would spread across her face when Andréa first spotted Miranda walking into the office.

Miranda tried her best glares, and impossible requests to get Andréa to quit, and run as far away, and as fast as she could from Runway to no avail.

The young woman was strong, and impressive.

Miranda made her first indent upon the woman the weekend she had to be in Miami, and Andréa's Dad was to come to New York to visit her for the first time.

Miranda had been stuck in Miami due to a hurricane, and desperately wanted to get home for her girls piano recital Monday night.

Her demand on Andréa that evening made Andy second think her reasons for taking the job.

Then Tuesday her encounter with the irate Miranda almost made her walk out.

How dare her calling someone fat! Andy may not be one of her skin and bones models, but she was not fat.

All she did was fetch coffee, dry cleaning, and made sure the phone was always answered. And she was doing a dam good job at it.

She had been studying Miranda so hard over the last few weeks she knew almost before Miranda did when she wanted more coffee. She had been able to keep Miranda's long list of rants in order, and complete them, sometimes even before Miranda expected them.

Now Miranda was branding her as the stupid, fat girl.

Andy was mad but more importantly she was upset. She had been working hard to please Miranda. It wasn't just because Miranda was her boss. She truly deep inside wanted to please the Dragon Lady, to make her life easier.

Now that same person was ridiculing her for something that had been impossible to fulfill.

Andy almost ran out of the office tears streaming down her face. Hell if she was going to let Miranda see her crying.

Indeed Miranda did see the young woman burst into tears just as she turned, and left both the inner office and outer office without telling Emily where she was going. It hurt Miranda deeply to have to thrust the Dragon Lady on Andréa, but she had to make the girl stop with all the smiles and well wishes.

Miranda had to get control.

It did not help matters that she was genuinely disappointed that she missed the girl's recital.

Andy rounded the corner after flying out of the office, and stopped.

Sniffling she tried to figure out what to do next.

She turned, saw Nigel working at his design table, and walked in standing there staring at him.

Nigel looked up to a tear stained face, a size six, and he shuddered, "In need of something?" Nigel sniffed what was that god offal odor?

Andy looked at Nigel, and started to pour her heart out to him.

Nigel was bored with the human's excuses as to why Miranda should acknowledge her.

He stood with his arms across his chest, and tore into her.

This poor excuse for a well-dressed human needed to hear the truth of why she was a bad example to be hired as the Editor in Chief's assistant.

She had no love or desire for the fashion industry, or to improve herself to better her job standing. She had proven this by voicing to him on her first day that she did not plan changing her wardrobe to better herself at work. It was like someone wearing bib overalls (Nigel cringed as he thought these words) to a job that required a suit and tie. There would be no way she could do her job well unless she was willing to change for it. To show she understood it otherwise she needed to just quit, and find a new job.

There was a reason Miranda was keeping her around, and it was time she started to prove she belong there.

After his speech to her he went back to his spread sheets.

Andy just stood, and stared, "I am not a quitter!" Then she barely whispered, "I do not want to quit. I want to help Miranda to the best of my ability. I do not want to leave Miranda."

Nigel stopped, and stared at the odd human standing in front of him, and the sweetest fragrance of Freesias swirled up into his nostrils.

He frowned, then his eyes shot wide open. OMG this girl was in love with Miranda … or in lust. Whichever, this was going to be an interesting development.

Then he wondered, did Miranda realize this? Well that was a silly question. She would be able to smell the Freesias. Her sense of smell was the best in The Family. Then why had she not said anything to either him … or Emily?

His frown deepened. Miranda likes this human! Then he wriggled up his nose. What did she see in this hillbilly human? Everything this girl was wearing except the shoes he had given her went completely against Miranda's values.

"Nigel help me." Andy was looking at him with the deepest pools of brown eyes.

Now in the human world Nigel's preference was for the human men, but those eyes had him thinking twice about that.

Nigel looked up ready to cut her off then and there, but the returning scent of Freesias stopped him, and he led her back to every girls dream, the Closet.

Andy was spell bound as she walked through the closet doors. There were shoes, clothes, and bags everywhere. Some of the most expensive designs from all the top designers. Andy could not even wrap around her brain how many thousands of dollars laid in this one room.

As Nigel threw items at Andy he thought would fit Andy became mesmerized by the enormity of it all. She had never felt clothing so soft, and delectable. The leather on the shoes and bags felt like butter that would just melt in her hands.

This scared her, how would she ever be able to afford the clothing required to maintain this position at Runway? There would be no way she could impress Miranda with the clothing she could afford on her pay check. How did Emily or Serena manage it on their salaries?

Nigel read the girls mind. He saw it in her eyes. She was willing to do this. She had fallen hard for Miranda. All of Miranda's assistants had developed crushes on the regal Dragon Lady, but Six (he smiled to himself, I like that, I think I will start calling her that from now on) she was indeed in love.

"Anyone that works here is welcome to borrow clothing from the closet as long as it has already been used in a shoot. I will show you the area you can safely find clothing available to employees. Now we must get you Chanel. You need a lot of Chanel."

Andy fell in love with Chanel. She loved the lines, cuts, and feel of the fabric. Nigel had been right she needed a lot of Chanel, and then she spotted the boots, "OMG, are those available?"

Nigel followed Six's eyes, and smiled. Well it did not take long for her to figure out a good thing when she saw it. Nigel picked them up, "They just happen to be your size."

Andy ran her fingers over the soft supple leather, and thought to herself, "This must be what Miranda's skin feels like." And she blushed.

Nigel jerked his head back the aroma of Freesias was overwhelming.

Their next stop was to get Andy's haircut, and styled. "Jewel will be in to show you how to put on makeup. The rest my friend is up to you."

Nigel turn then looked back, Miranda knew she could not connect with a Human. Maybe it was just lust, but no the scent of Freesia was too strong. Nigel took a deep breath Miranda knew better, knew this could never last. He sighed, and walked out.

Andy stood staring in the tri-mirror. She turn one way, and then the other.

Jewel looked up from storing her makeup bag, "I must say you clean up real nice. Miranda will be impressed."

Andy turned, and smiled so wide it took over her entire face, "You think so?"

Jewel nodded.

The Empress visualized the events as they played out.

She was impress with "The One", and the change in her thinking.

She had been nervous that maybe this human would once again disappoint. There had been three other hopefuls before her, and they all turned out to be a huge disappointment, and The Family was running out of time.

This one had to be "The One", because obviously The Empress was unable to erase Miranda completely from Andrea's mind.

Now Miranda had to play her part. Hopefully Miranda recognized Andrea's attempts to catch the editor's eyes.

Andy strolled into the outer office with a new sense of boldness. She could not wait for Miranda to see her. To see the look in her eyes as she gazed on the new Andy. Andy smiled to herself, she felt as if she was floating on air.

Unfortunately the only person to see her was Emily … and Serena. At least Serena commented on how good she looked while all Emily did was sneer.

Andy was devastated.

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