The Blue Lady

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Chapter 15

That night Andy was to stop by the restaurant Nate worked at.

She was so desperate for recognition, and approval she decided to stand outside the restaurant, and see if Nate recognized her.

He did that, and more.

She saw it in his eyes. He thought she was hot, and he lusted after her like a dirty little secret.

At the time it turned her on so much she allow him to make love to her, only once it was all over she truly felt like his dirty little secret, and that God awful smell had returned.

Andy could not figure out where it was coming from.

As soon as they were done Andy jumped out of bed, and into a steaming hot shower where she scrubbed her skin raw. It just crawled with the memory of Nate's hands, and lips all over it. He did not rape her but the feeling was all the same. She just felt foul, and soiled.

In the shower her tears began to fall as she craved the touch of one Miranda Priestly, and she gasped.

"I am in love with her." She whispered to herself.

Now she was confused. She knew nothing about Miranda, and she was a woman, a rich woman, an older woman, and her boss!

She had only known Miranda for a couple of months, but there was something familiar, something that touched Andy's heart, but how?

Andy closed her eyes as the hot water ran over her face, and body and in her mind she saw the crystal blue eyes watching her, and she felt warmth, love, and protection.

Those blue eyes. They were so mesmerizing.

That night as Andy let Nate make love to her Miranda was sitting in her bed going over The Book when all of a sudden she felt as if someone had just stabbed her in the heart.

A hand flew to her chest as she gasped.

Fairies did not feel pain per say but Miranda had no other description for it, and as she inhaled from the pain the most obscene odor found its way in her nose and wound throughout her head.

Dead, rotting Freesias.

Her head was spinning, and she felt faint. Nothing like this had ever happened to her before.

She was scared that something was happening to her human body.

As she contemplated what was happening to her the feeling soon dissipated, and the memory of eyes of a deep brown pool flooded her.

Flower petals fell silently from her eyes.

Andy dressed in the clothing from Runway, tried day after day to impress Miranda. She tried the classic look, trendy, and even vintage to capture Miranda's eye, but nothing seem to work.

But Miranda did see. She saw all too well.

It took all her energy every morning to make her way through the outer office wondering what Andréa would be wearing that day, and hoping she could keep the sensations from over taking her.

As she walked through the office it felt as if a string had been tied around her heart, it was being pulled down through her body, and out her naval, the pull was so strong.

Miranda had to keep herself under control, the fear of losing Andréa was too strong. Miranda did not want to give The Empress any presence to once again take her love away from her.

After two weeks Andy had given up.

She was shattered, and did not even think about what she had threw on that morning.

She was late getting into the office, and had just managed to get Miranda's water poured out into one of her crystal glasses, and her magazines spread out on her desk before Miranda walked in.

Andy put on a brave face, and beamed one of her best smiles on the Ice Queen, and for one seconded the Ice queen froze in mid stride.

She stopped talking on the phone in her hand, and gave Andréa the once over taking in the black Calvin Klein mini and knee high leather boots.

OMG those long, long legs in leather boots. Miranda though she would faint, and then her most beautiful smile spread across her face, and Andy glowed.

Miranda barely made it around her desk to sit before her legs turned to noodles, she was trembling.

Andy smiled brightly as she sashayed out of Miranda's inner office, the woman had finally noticed her, and Andy was going to turn on all the sexiness she had.

Andy could not get over the feeling inside her; warmth, love, and protection. She had not felt like this since … since when? She had the feeling that first night after Nigel show her the closet, and Andy had imagined those eyes.

Still, there was more. She could not remember but she knew she had felt this way long before that, and then a bright blue crystal light flashed before her eyes.

"The Blue Lady," Andy whispered to herself as she fell into her chair.

Andy could not breathe. She felt as if the air had been sucked out of her.

"Miranda." It can't be she tried to reason to herself.

Snippets of her childhood started to come back to her. The nightmares, the bright crystal blues eyes of the Blue Lady, the reassuring voice, and the same feelings as the ones she had the moment Miranda smiled at her. The promises of love, and never forgetting.

Andy started to hyperventilate, she was gripping the arms of her chair so tight her knuckles were white.

How … how could this be? Was it all true, or was her mind just playing tricks on her?

Miranda sat in her chair trying to ward off the flow of flower petals she could feel coming.

What was she going to do? She could not deny it or continue to hold back her feelings for Andréa any longer.

She loved the young woman more than life itself.

The only other time she felt like this was when they laid the tiny bodies of her two children into her arms after they were born.

She did not care what would happen to her, but she was not going to let anything, not the Directive, and not The Empress stand between her and Andréa.

There had to be away for the two of them to be together. The pull was too great for it not to be.

Emily was sitting at her desk, and watched as Andy walked out, and fell into her chair.

"Bloody hell what has gotten into the girl now?" She thought.

Just then a swirl of intense Freesias drifted past her nose. "Bloody Hell."

She was on the phone to Nigel in an instant.

"You are not going to believe this!" She announced into the phone.

"Did they finally connect?"

"Wha … What?" Emily stammered.

Nigel took a deep breath, "I realized it weeks ago when I helped Six dress up for the first time."

"You? You're the one who gave her the Chanel boots!?" She harshly whispered into the phone.

Nigel laughed on the other side of the phone, "You just found out that Miranda and Six have feelings for each other, and all you can do is worry about how she got a hold of the Chanel boots?"

"Miranda has feelings for Andy?" Emily gasped.

Nigel sighed, "I thought you were a better observer Emily. Maybe The Empress should rethink your position as a protector. Why do you think we have been smelling Freesias ever since Six started to work here?"

Emily stopped, bloody hell how did that slip by her?

Miranda was better at keeping her emotions, and feelings in check than the Fairy realized.

What would The Empress say?

This scared Emily, she did not want to find herself in poor standing with the most supreme sovereign once again.

The Empress breathed a sigh of relief.

Miranda had finally come around.

She had finally acknowledged her love for "The One", and "The One" was starting to remember who Miranda was.

Now "The One" needed to accept that Miranda was her future, her destiny, and why.

It was not just their love for each other, but also the only way to save The Family of Fairies.

She was … The Family was counting on Miranda making this happen.

The Empress knew this was the good for the Family, but it was also Miranda (her Daughter's) happiness at stake.

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