The Blue Lady

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Chapter 16

That night as Andy meet with her two friends, and Nate for drinks she attempted to defend Miranda, and Runway.

She had even brought gifts that had been tossed aside by Miranda.

Doug and Lily loved the gifts.

Doug was enamored with the Fashion Queen and Lily, she knew of Miranda through the Fairy Family. She knew Miranda had been sent out to find "The One" about the time she had found her new Human body.

Lily looked at Andy, but before her mind could travel any further Andy pulled out a brand new nineteen hundred dollar Marc Jacob bag.

Lily's eyes grew as Andy dangled it in front of her. Lily grabbed for it. She had seen it in a store next to the Gallery she worked in, and drooled over it for days until one day it had disappeared. Gone, someone had bought it. With her salary all she could do is dream about owning something like it.

The next thing Lily knew Andy and Nate were fighting over Andy's phone.

"The Dragon Lady." Nate mused.

"Oh, let me talk to her." Lily squealed.

She had always wanted to meet the Fairy known as Miranda.

Next thing she knew both Andy and Nate was wrestling with her for the phone, and caught up in the banter with her Human friends she threw the phone at Doug.

Doug caught it, and the urge to even just say hi to The Miranda Priestly overcame him.

Before he could press the key Andy pulled it out of his hands.

How did Andy's friends repay her for the gifts?

By fighting over Andy's phone as Miranda was ringing her.

If they would have answered, Miranda would have surely fired her.

Then where would she have been? She would have never seen or worked beside Miranda again, and Andy would have died. Maybe not in the literal sense of the word but she would have died … inside from a broken heart.

Andy was beginning to understand that Miranda and she had a connection.

None of it made sense, but yet it was there.

With all the emotions surging through Andy, Miranda had to send her to James Holt's to obtain the sketches of his spring collection, and Miranda's dress for the benefit.

Andy knew she would not be at the benefit, and she frowned.

What she wouldn't do to see Miranda in a couture gown.

Andy shifted as she waited for the elevator door to open.

The thought of seeing Miranda's body poured into a couture gown made her light headed.

Andy found James, and secured the sketches.

James encouraged her to take some time, enjoy the party, and his famous punch when he walked up to her. Never in her wildest dreams did Andy ever imaging she would meet up with thee Christian Thompson.

He had been an idol of hers since high school. She wrote articles on him for her college newspaper, and here she was standing in front of him.

He had just told her a story of a time he was drunk, and ended up wearing only a poncho and cowboy boots.

Andy blushed, what she wouldn't have done to seen that.

Then he insulted her by saying she would never survive working for Miranda. That she wasn't strong enough.

Who the hell did he think he was?

Miranda girl indeed.

She abruptly turned, and walked out.

Andy was rushing around the office cellphone to her ear.

All morning she had been trying to grasp what had transpired yesterday.

Was she truly retrieving memories from her childhood or was she imagining things? Daydreaming, or for that matter remembering some weird dreams she had had while asleep.

How was she to find out the true? The reality?

Every time she looked at Miranda that same feeling of safety would envelope her, warmth, and love would surge through her body leaving her aching to be touched. Just one kiss was all she needed.

God what was wrong with her? She was acting like a teenager with raging hormones, and she could not control them.

She notified all the heads of the departments about the change in time for James' preview, and she was collecting everything she would need before Miranda called out for her coat and bag.

Miranda had just finished going over James' sketches.

What was the man thinking?

There was no way she was going to wear that God awful piece of cloth call a gown to the Met Benefit.

Was he trying to make her the laughing stock of the party?

He was supposed to be a designer that wanted to go international, and he produced this dreadful line of dresses and gowns.

She was going to have to cut this off immediately.

Riding down the elevator Miranda took in a deep breath.

She had not even been think this morning, James' new line raked havoc with her head.

Andréa would be riding in the Town Car with her, and after seeing her in the mini yesterday Miranda was having a harder time maintaining her composure than ever before.

How was she going to be able to think, or play the Dragon Lady with the woman around?

Miranda quickly put her sunglasses on and as soon as the elevator doors opened she sprang out, and headed for the car.

Maybe if she got to it soon enough she could have Roy take off, and leave Andréa to ride with the rest of the Runway crew.

Miranda stopped short as soon as she walked out of the Elias-Clarke building.

Andréa with her captivating smile was already standing at the car awaiting for Miranda to get in.

Miranda huffed, and crawled into the back seat.

She had her best Dragon Lady stance in gear, and maintained a stiff persona all the way to James' loft.

She could not allow her emotions to get the better of her today no matter how challenging that would be.

Once in the car Andy managed to sneak glimpses of Miranda from the corner of her eye.

The woman was stoic, stiff, and emotionless the entire ride.

Andy on the other hand was having a difficult time maintaining her composure.

She sifted in her seat multiple times trying to figure out if what she remembered yesterday was real.

That was silly how could she have dreamed about Miranda as a small child, and how could she now be in love with her?

She needed to talk to her Mother, and she needed to do it soon.

She had to find out about her dreams, the Freesias, and The Blue Lady.

Miranda could not do it any longer.

Being this close to Andréa was proving to be impossible to bare without taking the young woman in her arms, and kissing her deeply.

Freesia was swirling in Miranda's head, and she was becoming dizzy.

Lucky for her the car was stuck in a massive traffic jam.

Miranda abruptly opened the car door, and took off across the street.

She needed air, need to walk to wear off some the tension planting itself in her head, shoulders, and back. She needed a few minutes to remove the visions of Andréa lying naked in her bed waiting to be ravished. Miranda needed the smooth skin, silky hair, and huge brown eyes. Without them she felt as if she would explode.

Andy sat in shock for just a second wondering what Miranda was doing before she also jumped out of the car, and took off after her.

What in the world was Miranda doing?

Andy finally caught up with Miranda as she waited for the elevator in James' building.

Miranda was exacerbated.

She hated to wait, and this elevator had to be one of the slowest she had ever ridden in.

She had been here many times before, and the preview would be almost over before the rest of the Runway crew got up to the loft.

Miranda stepped inside before the doors were completely open.

As she stood there waiting for them to close she looked up, and spotted Andréa standing there waiting to take her turn.

Miranda huffed, not being able to resist those eyes she waved her head gesturing Andréa inside.

She just hoped Andréa would maintain her silence so they would make it up to the loft without incident.

Andy froze for a second before she realized Miranda had motioned for her ride with her.

She did not know what to do.

She knew of no one who had ever ridden in an elevator with Miranda, not even Nigel.

As she watched Miranda scowl she hurried inside stepping toward the back.

As the elevator began its slow accent Andy started to rambled small talk until she noted Miranda's glare then she instantly stopped.

Being this close to Miranda in a small enclosed place was wreaking havoc on Andy's feelings.

She shifted from one foot to the other. Her insides heated up, and she could feel herself get wet. All she wanted to do was grab Miranda, and feel those plump soft lips on hers.

Miranda spent the ride up concentrating on her breathing.

This was all too much for her. The smells, the voice, everything was too close. As the doors opened Miranda bolted out of the tiny cell.

However as they exited the elevator, and walked into James' loft Miranda turned slightly, and watched Andréa walking. With every step, and sift of the skirt on Andréa's dress the essence of Freesias would waft through the air, and into Miranda's nose tying knots within her brain. She was captivated with it all, and lingered on the never ending legs longer than she should have.

Andy was mesmerized during the preview.

Although she did not quite understand it all yet she was captivated by how the slightest movement from Miranda had such a dramatic effect on everyone.

She had never known anyone that commanded this before. Her admiration for this woman just continued to grow. How could one woman demand such respect from so many people?

She questioned Nigel, and he was irritated.

After all this time, and she still did not grasp Miranda's essence. He was beginning to wonder if he should continue to let this Human dance around Miranda. Maybe he should request a meeting with The Empress. He was concerned this connection with a Human would not be good for Miranda.

As Andy stood by the open car door awaiting for Miranda to climb in, Miranda began spouting off commands for her to do all of which she had already taken care of.

Miranda stared at the beauty in front of her.

Andréa had accomplished them all even before Miranda knew she was going to mandate them.

Was the woman now reading her mind? She seemed to know what Miranda wanted even before she herself did.

Andréa deserved to be rewarded for it.

Miranda turned to climb into the car then focused on Andréa, "Fine, and Andréa I would like you to deliver The Book to my home tonight."

Before Andy could think twice about what Miranda had just said she smiled brightly, and nodded.

Miranda sat in the car, leaned her head back on the soft leather seat, and closed her eyes, "God what did I just do? I invited her into my house." She murmured to herself.

Her head was splitting she would have to make sure she was nowhere on the first level of the townhouse when Andréa arrived with The Book.

The Empress looked down on the scene, "not tonight Miranda. The One is not ready yet, but soon my dear, soon. I will not let this turn bad for you." She murmured to herself.

Back at the office Andy was teasing Emily with the fact that she was now allowed to enter Miranda's home.

Emily bristled.

What was Miranda thinking? How would Nigel or she be able to protect Miranda in the townhouse? She needed to make sure Andy understood she was not to dwell in the townhouse. Make sure she knew she was to get in then out in short order. Make sure she knew not to interact with anyone in the house.

Andy pranced back to her desk and announced, "She called me Andréa …" Andy trailed off and sat. "She called me Andréa. No one pronounces my name like that." She mumbled to herself.

The blue crystal light flashed in her mind again, the Blue Lady … a special way to say Andy's given name just for them.

Andy trembled, "She called me Andréa. Miranda … The Blue Lady."

Andy sat waiting for The Book, and rubbed her temples. She was getting a head ache. Was she losing her mind? She was having a hard time discerning between real life and fantasy.

She was trying to remember The Blue Lady, the nightmares, the feelings.

Andy rang her Mother, "Mother. It's Andy I need to talk to you. I have some questions. Questions about when I was a kid. "

Andy preceded to tell her Mother the flash of her memory she was having about her childhood. "I do not remember a lot about when I was young except what you told me about my nightmares. Does any of what I just told you sound like my nightmares?"

Anna took a deep breath. She was not eager to revisit these things, and did not want Andy to be pondering over those memories.

Not wanting to lie to Andy Anna preceded to explain what she knew about the nightmares. "I do not know what the nightmares consisted of since you could not remember them once you woke up, but yes you did talk about the Blue Lady."

Anna took a deep breath. "You were obsessed about her. More so than a small child should have been. You had a very strong sense of your life … and death."

Andy inhaled deeply.

"Andy dear is everything O.K? Why all the questions about your dreams? You are not getting enough sleep I can tell. Are the nightmares back?"

"No Mom everything is fine. I am fine. I have to go, and deliver The Book to Miranda's. Bye. I love you." And she hung up.

She was not going to tell her Mother that she thought Miranda was the Blue Lady, and she certainty was not going to tell her Mother about the feelings she was having toward Miranda.

Andy carefully unlocked the front door to Miranda's townhouse, and opened it.

Emily had warned her she was not to make a sound.

She stepped inside, and inhaled deeply, this was the most amazing home she had ever seen. The inside was beautiful. She looked around, and noted the soft plush rugs laid over the handsome dark hardwood floors. On the walls paintings, and if Andy was not mistaken they were not copies.

She looked for the closet door.

Great there were two of them.

Leave it to Emily to not inform her of this.

Then she looked for the table with flowers on it. Of course Miranda would have fresh flowers throughout the house, and no Freesias.

Andy took another deep breath, but she could still smell them.

Only the smell was different.

Andy wrinkled her nose it smelled moldy.

Moldy Freesias.

"The door to the left."

Andy jumped, turned, and looked up to where the small voice came from.

Two small female redheads looked down on her.

Miranda's twins.

Emily warned her not to talk to anyone, but did they not start the conversation?

She smiled, and instantly fell in love with the girls. Not just any kind of love but the kind of love she felt she would have for her own children one day. Funny.

Andy slipped the dry cleaning in the closet, turned, and went back to the stairs, and smiled up at the two girls. "Thanks." She whispered, then motioned to the book.

"You can give the book to us."

Andy was getting nervous as she once again remembered Emily's warning.

"Or bring it upstairs. Emily always does."

Caroline looked at Cassidy questioningly.

Cassidy elbowed Caroline in the ribs, and winked.

"Oh yea Emily brings it up to the study all the time."

Secretly Caroline and Cassidy were wishing this new assistant would go up the stairs, and subsequently break up the huge fight their Mother and Stepfather were having.

The twins hated it when they fought, and lately it was happening all too often.

The fighting always made their Mother sad. Why, they did not know. They knew their Mother hated Stephen, and since he was not a Fairy they did not know why she kept him around.

They had questioned Emily and Nigel many times, but the Protectors never gave them a straight answer always telling them to talk about it with their Mother.

Andy quietly walked up the first flight of steps, and before she knew it Miranda and her husband were standing in front of her, and they were arguing.

Andy froze, knowing she was in deep shit.

First Stephen turned then Miranda.

Miranda was appalled that Andréa had witnessed the fight. What would Andréa think listening to Stephen ridiculing her, making her look small, and submissive? How would she ever keep her Ice Queen/Dragon Lady persona present in Andréa's eyes after this?

Andy slowly turned, and started back down the steps, she stopped, twisted around, and laid The Book on the top step in front of Miranda.

Andy took one last look at her boss.

Miranda flinched, in Andréa's eyes she saw passion, empathy, and fear.

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