The Blue Lady

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Chapter 17

All the way home Andy was beating herself up.

Miranda finally trusted her, and what did she do? She fucked it up.

Miranda would never trust her again.

Andy's dream of being more to Miranda was a dream to begin with, but now it was a nightmare.

Andy tossed, and turned all night.

Sleep was impossible.

She awoke many times drenched in sweat from what she could only think was nightmares about how Miranda would choose to dispose of her. This … whatever "this" was just could not end this way.

In reality the nightmares were of Miranda, and her standing in front of The Empress.

The Empress was issuing a decree that they were never to see each other again.

Miranda laid awake, alone, in bed, wondering why The Empress had not made an appearance after the interaction with Andréa that night.

She hoped her actions had not harm the twin's status within The Family or their positions. She did not want the girls to suffer because of her behaviors.

Miranda cringed at what she knew she would have to do the next day to once again gain control.

She knew this would mean she would once again lose Andréa, and that thought was devastating to her.

Andy walked into the office only to be scurried away toward the kitchenette by Emily.

"O.K., O.K., but the twins spoke to me first and when I went upstairs … "

Andy thought for one second she saw Emily turn into a blue monster with yellow sharp teeth and long curled claws.

She turned closing her eyes before being yanked into the kitchenette.

When Andy opened her eyes the real Emily was once again standing in front of her.

Andy could not decide which was worse. The nightmares she had at night or during the day.

"I want you to know you are totally wrong for this job. If you do anything to compromise Miranda I will hunt your sorry arse down, and if she lets you to continue to work here …"

"Wait, are you implying she is going to fire me?"

Andy was shocked. This could not happen. It was her nightmare happening all over again. She needed to be here. To be near Miranda. She could not live otherwise, and what did Emily mean by … compromising Miranda?

Then it came, the low authoritative voice she knew all too well.


Emily snapped her fingers, "Go."

Andy nervously walked into Miranda's inner office. Her eyes moist with tears ready to fall.

Andy was overcome with sadness, she felt as if her world were falling apart.

Miranda could not bear to look up at the beautiful deep pools of brown eyes so she kept her head down, "The girls wish the next Harry Potter book."

It was silent in the office.

Miranda looked up to make sure Andréa was O.K.

Andréa stood, stunned. She could not believe her ears. That was all she wanted, "Uhm … sure Miranda I will run down to Barnes and Nobles right now and …"

Miranda cringed as she laid the knife into Andréa, "Did you fall down, and smack your little head?" She hissed.


"The girls have read all the published books they want to know what happens next."

"You want the unpublished manuscript? Miranda that is impos …"

Miranda could feel the knife sinking into her own heart as she continued, but she did not know what else to do. She knew no one would question her firing the girl after what happened last night, but she had to give Andréa a chance no matter how impossible it was. Miranda had to give Andréa a chance to stay close to her no matter how minute.

Miranda glared at Andréa, "We know everyone in publishing so it should not be a problem, besides you can do anything right?"

Andy slowly turned, and went back to her desk sitting.

She looked up at Emily, "There is no way J.K. Rowling would allow anyone to have her unpublished manuscript."

Miranda walked out of the office.

She had to get away.

The unpleasant odor that permeated the office was horrendous. It was making her ill. "The girls leave on the train for their Grandmother's at four. I expect it here no later than three. I will want my lunch in fifteen minutes."

Miranda rushed out.

Andy took a few minutes to think before jumping up, and running out to fetch Miranda's lunch.

As she waited she called everyone she could think of.

They all thought she was crazy, and she was beginning to think the same way.

Why was she trying so hard to impress this woman? A woman she hardly knew. A woman she was madly in love with.

She even called Christian Thompson despite how much she detested his comments when she met him.

It seemed she would once again fail Miranda.

For the last time.

Andy made it back to the office in time with Miranda's lunch only to be treated as rubbish by Miranda.

Miranda chided Andy that she did not want or need the steak since she was having lunch with Irv.

As Miranda sashayed out of the office she reminded Andréa that she only had three hours left to get the manuscripts to the girls, and Miranda expected hot Starbucks to be waiting for her when she got back.

Andy was so furious she threw the steak, and dishes into the sink.

How dare that women treat her like that!

Andy hung onto the side of the sink, and the tears fell.

She knew Miranda must have a reason for her unbelievable demand.

There was no way she would do this … the nightmares started to come back to her.

Andy wiped her tears, stood up tall, and left Elias-Clarke.

Her first call was to Nate.

She figured she owed him that much, to tell him her job was over.

It seemed he had been right all along, she had been lulled into some romantic notion of fashion and power, and love.

She almost broke down crying while she gave Nate the news but she would not give him the satisfaction.

He was happy with the news almost elated, he even praised her for having the prowess to ditch her job.

The Empress had been watching the scene playing out below her.

This was not right. Miranda was being too hard on "The One". They could not be split up.

Their time was running out, and she knew Andrea was "The One", she had to be.

The Empress listened to Andrea's mind, and then her phone conversation with the male human she cohabitated with.

The Empress knew she was not supposed to, but she needed to step in, she needed to do something.

To save The Family, to save Miranda's happiness, but before she could act Andrea's phone rang once again.

Before Andy could, turn and make her way back to Elias-Clarke her phone rang.

She frowned figuring it was Miranda with another bizarre command.


"I'm brilliant."

Andy cringed.

It was the smug voice of Christian.

"Monuments should be erected in my honor."

Andy stopped dead on the spot, "You didn't."

"Oh yes I did. A friend of a friend does the cover art, and has a copy of the manuscript."

"This means I finally did something right." Andy was ecstatic.

She was going to do the impossible. She would not have to leave Miranda. Then Andy remembered The Blue Fairies warning.

"I am here to tell you to never forget the nightmares you had. They are reminders of things to come if you do not full fill your destiny. Your happy dreams are to prepare you for the roll you will play in keeping the Fairies alive."

"Look if you want this thing you need to hurry. I'll meet you at the St. Regis."

Andy raced into the Tango Bar stopping where Christian was sitting.

He handed over a manila envelope, "You have one hour."

Miranda heard a thump on her desk.

She had her chair turned away from the office door. She was peering out the large window of her office while checking her watch. It was past four and Andréa had not returned.

Petals were threating to fall from her eyes.

Her heart felt as if someone was clenching it in their fist, and she could barely breathe.

Her Andréa was gone. She could not complete the task, and so had not returned.

If it had not been for the girls she did not know what she would have done.

Miranda with a deathly glare on her face turned in her chair.

How dare Emily interrupt her when … Miranda looked up, and standing in front of her was her Andréa.

Just as beautiful as ever with a bright wide smile on her face.

Miranda looked down at her desk. OMG the girl did it. She had the manuscript, but at last she was too late the girls had already taken off on the train.

"One copy? What are the girls going to do with that? Share?" Miranda could barely whisper.

Andréa's smile grew even bigger if that was possible, her eyes sparkled.

She was very proud of herself, and could not wait to tell Miranda what she had done. "Oh no. I made two copies, had them covered, reset and bound so they did not look like a manuscript."

Miranda hoped but she maintained the Dragon Lady mode, "And where are these fabulous copies?"

Andréa was glowing, "They are on the train with the twins on their way to Grandma's. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Miranda looked at the brown eyed woman, she had to maintain her façade, and rolled the end of her glasses over her bottom lip, "No."

The two woman looked into each other's eyes. They both knew what this meant.

Then Miranda turned her chair back to the window afraid she too would break out in a bright smile.

She would be able to keep Andréa close, and safe.

The Empress could not deny this was meant to be.

Andy turned, and walked out back to her desk.

Her heart once again filled with a warmth, love, and a feeling of protection that she had become accustomed to.

All the while Emily was observing this interaction, and noticed how the foul smell that had permeated the offices this am had slowly turned into the sweet scent of Freesias.

She immediately called Nigel.

The Empress took a long deep breath.

She had doubted it but the Directive was coming true.

She should have known better than to think about interfering with it.

Her emotions had become out of control.

Her desire to keep The Family safe, and to give her Daughter the love that she had been looking for, for over a thousand years had tempted her to interfered.

She knew it was time to step down, and as soon as "The One" fulfilled the Directive she would begin the measures to hand the position over to the new Empress.

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