The Blue Lady

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Chapter 18

Andy headed home she still had to finish the twins science project.

She knew her news would not set lightly with Nate, she just hoped she could convince him why she did not quit Runway.

She cringed at the thought. She couldn't tell him the truth. That she needed to be near Miranda. That the thought of never seeing the woman again gave her feelings of doom, and disaster. Of nightmares from her childhood.

Miranda, from the first day Andy met her felt like a piece of her. That Miranda had been a part of her past, and was a part of her future.

Andy was confused. She knew she would never have the life with Miranda she dreamed of.

Andy knew she could never have Miranda. The exquisite woman was way out of her league. Miranda would never have an interest in her. Miranda had Designers throwing thousand dollar gowns at her while Andy could barely afford clothing from Casual Corner. Miranda lived in a multimillion dollar townhouse, Andy's apartment was one room with a window separating the bedroom from the rest of the place. Miranda was elegant, Andy was fat. Miranda was mature, Andy was nothing but a fresh college kid.

Andy took a deep breath and shook her head. She just wish she could understand it all. Put it all together. She sensed it all had meaning, great meaning, but just what was that meaning? How, why were her feeling toward Miranda so strong? Was there really a connection, or was all just her imagination? Andy had no idea but she was not going to just let it all go, she would continue to fight.

She grabbed a beer, sat down, and began to paint. Soon she had her feet propped on the table, and she was humming to herself. She was flying in the knowledge that she would not be separated from Miranda. That every day she would still be near the woman, and take in the amazing aroma that followed her around.

As Nate walked through the door the realization came to him quickly that Andy had not quit her job at that insubstantial excuse for a magazine and he let her have it. Hell, he was angry. He had put up with a lot of shit since she started that job, and he spent good money to celebrate the end of it all just to find out it was all for not.

Andy cringed. She knew Nate would be upset, but she did not think he would be this mad about it.

It was true she did not love him but he had been good to her in college. She had been very happy with him, and she felt he did not deserve this.

So she played with him, and tried to explain why she could not give up so easily. None of it worked though.

Consequently she gave in to the only thing she though would placate him. Sex, and it worked.

Miranda was sitting in her favorite chair going over the book when it hit her. This overwhelming feeling of sickness. She was dizzy, sweating profusely, and felt as if everything she had eaten that day was going to make a reappearance. She laid down her pen and the sticky notes wrapping an arm around her middle. She knew what was happening. Andréa was with him and it made her ill. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, she needed to stop this. She did not want the man to ever touch her Andréa again.

Andy found herself in Central Park the next day picking up proofs for Miranda.

She stood, and observed the shoot, and much to her surprise she understood the meaning of it. For the first time Andy understood. The visualization, the meanings, and the nuances of the fashion industry. She understood what Miranda had been trying to teach her just a few months ago.

Nigel handed over the proofs making a comment that Andy knew Miranda would be upset with.

He was testing her. He had to know if she would be true to Miranda.

He knew there was a connection between the two. He had smelled the Freesias in the offices. It was not unusual for Fairies and Humans to hook up, but this was different. Miranda was trying her best not to let her desire for Andy grow. She was doing nothing to bond with the young woman. That was not like Miranda, and she was not giving up any information regarding it. Miranda always went for what she wanted, and she always got what she wanted.

What was different about this Human? Why was Miranda not pursuing Andy?

Andy had proved to be just as protective of Miranda as Nigel had hoped for.

The next few weeks pasted without incident.

Miranda maintained her cold exterior to Andréa, and the rest of the Runway workers. She sat through uninspiring meetings, and less than stellar walk throughs.

Miranda's mind often found her thinking of Andréa, and what the future held for them. If Andréa would even accept her for a love, and if she did what would The Empress do?

Andy continued to excel at reading Miranda's mind, and was becoming Miranda's saving grace.

Emily was amazed by it all. Andy a mere Human was able to sense Miranda's every thought, and feeling.

Emily could feel the air change every morning Miranda marched her way into the office. As Miranda laid her eyes, for the first time, each morning on Andy the aroma of Freesias would increase by tenfold. Miranda was more relaxed than Emily had ever seen her. As if Miranda knew all would change for the better.

Nigel, he took it all as a process. A process toward what, he did not know but it was a process, and if his protectant benefitted from it, all the better.

Remember neither Nigel nor Emily knew about Miranda and Andy's past, or why it had been Miranda's job to search her out. They knew nothing about the Directive, and only The Empress knew what the Directive disclosed.

It was Nate's birthday, and the day of the big Met Gala.

Andy had big plans of making up to Nate all the long nights, and early mornings she had spent working for Miranda.

Andy being the lowly second assistant was not allowed to go to the Gala. This was fine with her as Lily, Doug, and she had planned a huge birthday party for Nate.

Miranda handed out one of her iciest glares as Emily stumbled into a meeting with a message for Miranda.

Miranda rolled her eyes how could Emily allow her Human body to get ill? Especially on the night of the Met Gala? If she could not keep herself well how could Miranda be sure Emily would be able to help her with all the names and faces Miranda was expected to remember?

Miranda had an amazing memory but even for a Fairy it was asking too much.

Miranda had made a decision. Andréa would also come to the Met Gala with her.

Andy was out the door of Elias-Clarke happily heading for the subway … when that well known ring came from her phone. Her face immediately changed as she answered it, then it fell.

She turned, and soon found herself with Emily strolling into Miranda's inner office.

"I need to make sure both assistances are completely prepped for the Gala tonight."

Miranda gave no explanation for her demand, she did not have to, she was Miranda Priestly. Miranda wanted to keep Andréa from this celebration she had overheard the two assistances talking about. She wanted to keep Andréa close by, and away from the poor excuse for a mate she had seemed to choose, and now she had a good reason too.

"But I thought only the first assistant went to the Gala." Andy did not know whether to be upset or ecstatic that Miranda had insisted on her being there.

"That was the case before the first assistant became a carrier for the viral plague." Miranda sneered.

Emily was shattered, this human body had let her down. She was experiencing for the first time since being sent to protect Miranda this thing called a cold. It made her nose and eyes puffy, red, and watery. Bloody hell she was to wear Valentino, a couture Valentino, and it did not go well with red, puffy eyes, and nose.

Then again Emily could not argue this decision. Miranda needed the help. Miranda could not falter in a public appearance. It would not fair good for Miranda or the twins in the eye of The Empress.

Emily slammed two large black binders on Andy's desk explaining she would have to memorize all the faces, and names in the two books by the time of the Gala. Andy looked at Emily dumb founded. How the hell was she expected to do that while trying to find something to wear?

Lily was not happy with the idea that Andy would be late to Nate's party, but she also knew that no one said no to Miranda. That would not please The Empress in the least.

Once again it was Nigel to the rescue, and he did not disappoint. He had everything ready. A cheeky black number that Andy fell in love with immediately. He also had hair and makeup people waiting.

While walking the red carpet Andy tried her best to keep out of the pictures the press were constantly taking. She hated this part of the fashion world. Why would anyone want pictures of her?

She came across Nigel and Emily, both giving their stamp of approval.

Once Andy laid eyes on Miranda her legs felt like rubber. Her heart was beating so fast she felt as if it would rip out of her chest. The wonderful scent of Freesia permeated the air. Andy did not need to look around for the flowers as she knew they would not be around. It was that special fragrance that followed Miranda were ever she went.

Emily may have been crying seeing the gorgeous, stunning woman walking down the staircase, but Andy was in awe, and madly in love.

Miranda smiled brightly. It was not the fake smile everyone always saw at these functions but a true affectionate smile, and it was aimed directly at Andréa. The crystals shone brightly in the blue eyes, and for those who could see it blue and white sparks shot from her body.

Two of the people who saw this was Nigel, and The Empress.

The night was a blur for Andy as she floated around the room behind Miranda. Andy's head was in the clouds as she watched Miranda gracefully glide around the room as if she was floating. Miranda's smell wafted into Andy's nose, and swirled through her brain.

They greeted politicians, movie and TV stars, designers, and all involved with the fashion industry.

Emily took the lead in making sure Miranda knew everyone's name, and position. With Emily's head in a fog one guest and his plus one skipped her mind. At the last second Andréa jumped in to, as they say, save the night.

Miranda took a split second to lock eyes with Andréa, and smile.

Andy stepped back not realizing what had just happened until Emily mouthed, "Thank you." Andy's face was glowing as the sweetest smile spread across it. She had saved Miranda's reputation.

Miranda had to stop for a second as the intense aroma of Freesias flowed through the building. Her feelings for Andréa grew every day, and this night proved to her that Andréa understood the job, and Miranda's importance to it. Her mind was spinning, and her insides were tied into knots. She would not last long this night if this continued.

Andy had almost forgot about Nate's birthday party until after Miranda dismissed her for the night, but before Andy could turn to leave Miranda touched her arm, and in the softest voice possible said, "Thank you."

Andy was overcome with a deep craving to kiss the full lips that said those two sweet words. Her insides burned with a desire she had never felt before. She touched her lips, and a tingle spread through her body down to her very core.

Miranda watched Andréa as a blush spread over her beautiful face. God she wanted that woman, and wanted her bad. Miranda took a deep breath, turned, and continued on her way knowing it would never be possible to be with the love she had been searching for, and found.

The Empress just shook her head. "Miranda you need to open up, and let it happen. It will happen for you if you would just let it." She whispered.

Miranda turned, she thought she had heard someone talking to her but the only person nearby was Emily, and she was busy blowing her nose.

Andy ran down the steps hoping she would make it to the party before the festivities ended.

She knew Lily was upset with her, and probably Nate, and Doug too.

Standing at the bottom of the steps stood Christian in all his glory. Someone she was not expecting to see this night.

He tried to charm her with hopes of landing a job with the New Yorker, and she almost fell for it.

Besides she had received all the praise she needed for the night from those two simple words uttered by Miranda.

In addition to, and even with every offensive thing Nate had said about Miranda he deserved to have his girlfriend at his birthday party so she bowed out.

Once in the car, and after being in traffic for twenty minutes Andy knew she would never make it to the party so she asked Roy to make a pit stop at any bakery he knew to be open on the way back to her apartment.

Roy smiled he may be a minion but he was still a Fairy, and even he had sensed the connection between Miranda and Andy. He drove very slow knowing Andy no longer needed to be with the Human she lived with. He knew deep down inside that the future somehow involved Miranda and Andy being together.

Andy opened the door to her small apartment, and it was deathly quiet. Nate was sitting on the futon looking lost, and forlorn.

Andy felt guilty. Nate had been the best thing that happened to her in college, and this was how she was repaying him.

Andy knew in these last few months she had grown, branched out, but Nate had remained a college kid. He had not grown any since their move to New York.

She knew their time together was coming to a close.

The Empress smiled the Directive was coming to be.

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