The Blue Lady

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Chapter 19

Monday night as Andy delivered the dry cleaning, and The Book there came a soft authoritative voice from somewhere in the townhouse.


It gave Andy goose bumps, and her body trembled.

Andy breathed in deeply closing her eyes. She cradled The book in her arms, and walk to where the voice had come from.

She found Miranda sitting in an overstuffed chair in the corner of the sitting room. One lone light shined over a pale bare should of Miranda. Her hair was relaxed, and fell over one bright crystal blue eye. She was illuminating.

Andy smiled shyly as she handed The Book to the woman sitting in front of her.

Miranda had a hard time keeping herself from pulling the young woman down into the chair with herself and having her way with her.

Miranda released a tiny smile, and her body was flooded with the scent of Freesia.

She shifted slightly in her chair. The Ice Queen was back.

"Paris Fashion Week is very important to me. I need everyone at their best. This no longer includes Emily."

Andy was in shock.

What was Miranda saying?

"You want me to go to Paris with you? But Emily will be devastated."

"If you do not go I will assume you are no longer serious about your future at Runway or any other publication."

Miranda gazed on the beautiful young woman standing in front of her. Her only hope was Andréa would say yes. Miranda could not imagine being away from her for over a week. She needed Andréa close by. She needed to feel their connection.

Andy sat on the futon in her apartment pictures lying all around her.

Was she being true to herself, or had she just been hypnotized by this fabricated atmosphere.

She knew New York held her future and somehow, or so she hoped, Miranda was a part of that future.

She just had to go to Paris with Miranda.

All involved, this was the real life. A huge business with thousands of employees worldwide. She was now a part of it. Not what she had foreseen but she was enjoying it.

Then there was Miranda. She would be near Miranda nearly sixteen hours a day for a whole week. Maybe, just maybe. There was a chance. Maybe there was another reason for Miranda insisting Andy accompany her to Paris.

It was after all the city of love.

Andy took a deep breath, she was in for a world of hurt if she kept this up.

Miranda was married, and she was still her boss.

The Empress was pleased with Miranda's decision and "The Ones" thoughts. "Soon my loves you will see this was all worth it."

Andy watched as Miranda made her way into the office, and removed her jacket. Everything about her was controlled, elegant, and sexy.

Miranda removed her glasses, took her once over of Andréa's outfit, and smiled. The girl had grown remarkably in just a few short months. She was not only beautiful, but as she promised a hard worker, and she learned fast.

Miranda was pleased, and she knew The Empress would be too.

Andy sat outside Emily's hospital door.

How was she going to make this up to her? It was because of her phone call that Emily now lay in a hospital bed, with her leg in a cast.

Andy had to do some outlandish things for Miranda but this had to top them all. Insisting Andy tell Emily that she would be replacing her on the trip to Paris, and she had not even completed that.

Emily glared with flower petals threatening to fall from her eyes, not because she was going to miss out on the trip to Paris but with her human form in this predicament how would she be able to protect Miranda?

What would The Empress say?

It wasn't like she could just morph into another human body, and she could not let on to Andy her real role as Miranda's first assistant.

Bloody hell this human body! It had let her down more than once.

"I don't care if she was going to fire you or beat you with a hot red poker! You should have said no. I thought you did not care about this stuff."

"Emily I couldn't say no."

Andy knew in her mind that statement had more than one meaning. She would never be able to say no to Miranda. If this was truly her destiny she would do anything to keep it secure. No matter what.

The Empress smiled down at "The One". She had just past her last, and final test.

Emily looked at the Human.

She knew Miranda had feelings for Andy, and with the scent of Freesia now spreading through her room is was very evident that Andy reciprocated those feelings.

Since The Empress had not intervened as of yet she must approve.

Emily could not fight the turn of events.

Nigel would have to be Miranda's sole protector in Paris.


"Emily." Andy pleaded.

"I said go!" Emily shouted.

The Empress smiled.

She knew Emily had been the right choice to protect Miranda.

The Entity, if she had to, would fight to the death, but she also knew when to let events run their course.

Emily would be well rewarded for her sacrifices.

The girl Serena, which Emily had connected with would be hers, and they would be rewarded with a child.

Doug was beside himself. "You are going to Paris for all the couture shows?"

Andy giggled, "Yea."

Lily popped into the two, and pulled Doug away claiming she wanted to introduce him to someone.

Lily pointed Andy in the direction to take in the full effect of the works.

Andy wandered the gallery.

Lily had out done herself. The showing was spectacular.

Andy had never known of someone making their way to the top as fast as Lily had done. It was like Lily had done this all in a previous life. Lily had so much confidence in herself.

Andy stood staring at one of the pictures as a tear came to her eye.

How was she going to explain to Nate about Paris?

She took a deep breath, but before her thought could grow she heard.

"Miranda girl."

Andy rolled her eyes, and turned in the direction of the voice. It was him again.

"I was just thinking of you." Christian smirked.

Andy grimaced, "Come on."

Christian chuckled, "Now that I have your attention I was wondering if I will be seeing you in Paris for fashion Week."

Andy grinned, "I will be there, but I will be working."

Christian smiled, "I have a place in a fantastic little hotel right across the street from the Falafel Restaurant that will change your life."

Andy smiled sweetly, "You are just going to have to find someone else's life to change."

Christian leaned in, and gave Andy a peck on the check, "That's just it, I wonder if I can."

He turned, and left.

The smell that rammed its way into Andy's nose was pungent, and obnoxious.

Lily had witnessed everything, and was appalled.

She knew about Christian Thompson. He was a Human who took everything in life just to better himself.

She had smelled the bitter aroma as Christian kissed Andy.

The Empress would be disgusted with Andy's choice in cohorts.

Lily had no idea what Andy meant to The Empress, but if she had been recruited to protect the Human it must be something important. Lily was not about to let Andy destroy what was vital to the Fairy Family.

"Who are you?" Lily laid into Andy. "Do you even know who you are? Did you forget about Nate?"

Andy knew Lily had seen Christian kiss her, "Lily it was just work."

"That kiss from a glamour God was not just work!"

For a split second Andy thought she saw Lily's eyes turn red, "Lily your making a big deal out of this."

"Well, I do not know who you are anymore. You are not the Andy I know. I hope you enjoy Paris." Lily abruptly turned, and left Andy standing by herself.

Andy was shocked. Lily had never talked to her like that before.

Then Andy's eyes became wide. How did Lily know she was going to Paris?

"You're going to Paris?"

Andy turned around, she felt hurt, and betrayed by her best friend.

"Yea, it just happened."

Nate looked upset, confused, and mad, "I thought Paris was a big deal for Emily?"

"So are you going to criticize me too?" Andy shouted at Nate, then took off out the back door.

Nate went after her wondering what had just happened, "I did not think you cared about going to Paris?"

Andy was fuming, "I have no choice Nate. I have to go. Miranda wants me to go."

Nate is taken a back, "So none of this is your fault right? You were forced into it all? What happened to the Andy I knew?"

Andy was shocked, tears forming in her eyes, "Nate."

"I am beginning to wonder if you and I have anything in common anymore." Nate spoke with venom, feeling rejected.

Andy gasped, "Maybe this trip came at a good time." Andy lowered her eyes, "Maybe we should take a break."

It was not the way Andy wanted to break things off with Nate, but this is what life presented to her.

Nate stepped back, and then it rang.

Andy's phone signaling Miranda needed her.

Andy tried to ignore it but she couldn't. The pull she had toward Miranda would not allow it.

She pulled the phone out of her purse, and before she could answer it Nate remarked.

"You know in case you were wondering the person whose call you always answer, that's the relationship your in."

Andy stopped, and watched Nate walk away.

She had no remorse, no sadness. Just wonder if this was the time. The time for her, and Miranda. Time for her to show Miranda how she felt.

"Miranda what can I do for you?"

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