The Blue Lady

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Chapter 2

Andy held out her hands, "I want the Blue Lady Daddy."

Richard turned to where Andy was pointing thinking one of her dolls had fallen out of bed during the night, but did not see any dolls dressed in blue. He patted his first child on the back, and kissed her cheek, "Did the big bad monsters visit you again tonight?"

Andy shook her head, "The Blue Lady made them all go away."

Richard stared at his Daughter. She had the most unbelievable imagination he knew. She often talked about the Blue Lady, and even asked for the imaginary friend for her last Christmas and Birthday. She always wanted to go to The Blue Lady's house. They did not know any women who wore blue a lot, and could never figure out who Andy was talking about. The family had bought her numerous dolls dressed in blue, but none of them impress the small child.

"No doll! I want The Blue Lady!" She would stomp her foot, and cross her arms. It was hard for Anna and Richard at first not to laugh at her, but if she even saw them smile it would just irritate her more. "No funny!" She would scream, and then run into her room crying.

Andy's parents attempted multiple times to explain to her that the Blue Lady was a dream, but she insisted the lady was real. "I saw her!" Andy would cry, "I want her."

The Empress realized there was an intense, passionate connection between the tiny child and Miranda, and this concerned her. She hoped Miranda would be strong enough to maintain her position in regards to the child without distancing herself. The bouquet of Freesias would at times be overwhelming to even The Empress, and she wondered if she had interpreted The Directive wrong.

The world between the Fairies and Humans was a tentative one. The Fairies kept the peace, and contentment in the Human world, but if a Fairy was wronged in anyway it would morph into a demon like character. Its iris' would turn black with yellow jagged teeth. Their nails grew into long thick sharp claws, and their skin turned dull dark blue, almost black. They could take out a human with one swipe of their claws, and a putrid, festering smell would linger.

Luckily for the human race it took a lot to anger a Fairy, but there were three instances that infuriated them immediately; wrong doing to an innocent, a loved one, or themselves. The Empress was afraid that Miranda would overstep her bounds if anything were to violate the tiny child or her image.

The nightmares Andy had concerned her parents greatly. They were sure she had them since the day she was born. A few times she had wakened screaming, and crying only to be told once they made it to her room that the Blue Lady made all the mean animals go away. So they took her too many doctors, but they all said was it was a part of childhood, and she would soon grow out of it.

Being a small child Andy had a difficult time explaining the Blue Lady to her parents. Andy knew she was real, but her parents thought she was an imaginary friend, whatever that was, and a doll with a pretty blue dress could take her place. It irritated Andy at times that they could not see or smell the beautiful lady standing in her room. The Blue Lady was very important to Andy. The Blue Lady was her past (long before she had been born), her present, and would be her future.

She just knew it.

Her family had no idea what it was with Andy and the color blue. Everything was blue to her. Her first word was blue, she insisted on a blue room, and most of her clothes were blue. As soon as she had the ability to ask for it her parents had to repaint her pink room because she refused to sleep in a room that was not blue.

Andy's parents never wanted to admit it out loud but their child was different, peculiar, and she was smart. Too smart for her age, but she was also very loving. From a very early age Andy was empathetic towards everyone. Even at an early age whenever she heard of a death or seen someone hurt she would shed huge tears. She could never explain why she cried so, but the only thing that made her feel better was to hear The Blue Lady singing her lullaby.

She had past her second test.

Miranda was always in tune to Andy's feelings. No matter where she was or what she was doing if she felt Andy becoming sad she would be there, and smiling she would sing. Once Andy heard the smoky sotto voice, and then saw Miranda standing in front of her with her Mona Lisa smile she would quiet. The essence of Freesias would be in the air swirling all around them. Andy's parents would be amused as Andy would sniff around like a pup searching out its next treat (for Anna and Richard could not smell the flowers).

Richard placed Andy back in her bed, and tucked the covers around her, "do you think you can go back to sleep?"

Andy nodded smiling, "yes Daddy, the Blue Lady said she would always be here, and the bad dreams would stop soon."

Richard smiled, and kissed Andy on the forehead, "Sleep tight my little one."

Andy smiled back, "night, night Daddy." She turned under the covers closing her big eyes, and quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Richard climbed into bed with his wife, and moved in close to her. Well as close as he could as she was very pregnant with their second child.

"Did she have the same nightmare?"

Richard nodded, "And the Blue Lady made all the monsters disappear again."

Anna sighed, "Do you think she will ever outgrow this?"

Richard looked at his wife, "She said the Blue Lady told her they would soon stop."

Anna looked up, and stared at her husband, "She is talking to her now?"

Richard shook his head, "apparently."

Anna cuddled down into her husband's arms sighing. They were both worried about their first born not understanding what was happening to her. None of their friends talked about their children having nightmares or an "imaginary friend" like Andy had. Eventually they fell into a restless sleep.

Andy laid in bed tucked under her covers smiling in her sleep. She hated the bad dreams that were brought to her, but she loved seeing the Blue Lady. It made her feel sad if one night passed, and her friend did not come to visit. She hoped when the bad dreams went away she would still see the Blue Lady. She made Andy feel warm, protected, and loved.

Not that her parents did not give her the same feelings but the ones from the Blue Lady were different. She could not put her little mind around it but she knew the Blue Lady would be a part of her life for a very long time. Longer than her parents or the new baby that would be coming soon.

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