The Blue Lady

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Chapter 20

Andy stood up.

"Miranda," She slowly walked over to the couch, and sat.

Miranda did nothing to stop her. She knew she had crossed so many lines already, and she wanted to feel Andréa close, she could not help it. Her life was crashing down around her, and the only thing that could possibly make it better was Andréa. To feel Andréa's body, and warmth surround her.

The Empress sat, and watched.

Andy cautiously took Miranda's hand in hers, "I am so sorry Miranda is there anything I can do?"

Miranda felt a warmth, love, and protection encircle her hand, coursed up her arm, and throughout her body.

Sparks flew the moment Andréa touched her. They both felt it, saw it.

Miranda closed her eyes, and moaned. This was what she had been waiting for, wanted, needed since the day she first realized her feelings for "The One".

Andy needed to touch Miranda to let her know that someone cared, that someone truly loved her for who she was. Andy need to make those sad dull eyes sparkle, and shine once again. She wanted to feel the alabaster skin, to feel the softness, and warmth she knew was underneath it.

Andy's blood was boiling, and all she was doing was holding Miranda's hand.


Miranda opened her eyes, "Hold me."

Andy smiled, the big bright one that Miranda so loved.

Andy slowly reached an arm, her fingers grazed Miranda's cheek, and spiraled around her neck. The other arm reached around Miranda's waist. Andréa's finger tickled Miranda's ribs as it snaked around her waist pulling the icon close into her body.

Andy closed her eyes, and took in Miranda's essence, she had never been happier. The woman felt better than Andy could ever have imagined, and the touch affected Andy's body in the most extraordinary ways.

Miranda snuggled her face into Andréa's neck, so silky soft, and her hair smelled of vanilla mixed with the Freesia scent in the room. Miranda knew there was no way she was going to stop this interaction. Miranda could not stop herself, and kissed Andréa's neck softly.

Andréa inhaled deeply with the warm wet touch of Miranda's lips. The intense bouquet of Freesias whirled around Andy as she buried her nose into Miranda's hair. Lights were flashing in her mind, and she was dizzy.

"Freesia's. I can smell them." Andréa lifted her face. "How? The flowers are nowhere in this room. They are the same flowers I could smell as a child. Flowers I smelled when I came to New York, and every time you walk into the office."

Miranda caressed Andréa's cheek, and looked at her with loving eyes, "Trust me Andréa."

"I do."

Andréa leaned into Miranda and slowly placed her lips on Miranda's. Their lips moved in tandem as if they had been doing this for years, and had mapped out every crease and curve in them.

The feelings that came with that one simple kiss exploded inside both women, and they moaned into each other's mouth.

Andy had to let go of the kiss, her heart beating out of control, and her breathing labored.

Miranda waited for Andréa to gain some control of her body's responses.

Miranda knew she would have to go slow with the young woman, and this excited her. Normally she would go after sex strong and hard, and her male partners had enjoyed it. She never though she would enjoy the contemplation of slow sensual love making.

Andréa looked into Miranda's bright crystal blue eyes, "Your eyes." Andréa whispered.

Miranda smiled, "Yes Andréa."

Andy's breathing once again became deep, and rapid, "And the way you say my name … only one other person has said it that way before."

Andy could not picture this person, but she knew.

Miranda placed a finger against Andréa's lips, "Shhh." Then she pulled Andréa's face close again tasting the lush lips of "The One". Miranda's tongue skimmed over Andréa's lips, and begged for entrance.

Andréa complied opening her mouth, and as Miranda's tongue slipped inside flashes of blue lights burst in front of Andréa's eyes.

The kiss which in the two woman's minds lasted for hours left both breathless, and gasping in each other's arms.

Once they broke apart Andréa stammered, "You … the Blue Lady. She is real. You are her."

Miranda nodded.

Scared of what Andréa's reaction would be.

Tears began to fall from Andréa's eyes, "I have missed you for so long. I thought I would never see you again."

It all was finally coming back to her. She remembered the dreams. Good, and bad. She remembered the night of her fifth birthday. She remember the feeling of Miranda's memory being pulled from her mind. And she remembered holding on to one little piece of the Blue Lady so she would never forget her.

"You never forgot me?" Miranda was surprised.

Andréa shook her head laying it once again alongside of Miranda's, "On the surface yes, but down deep inside no. Remember what I said to you the last night you were with me?"

Miranda remembered everything.

"Yes. ‘I love you Blue Lady. I will not let anyone else say my name like you do. I will love you forever. But please if you leave me I will die.' That was quiet dramatic for such a young child."

Andy smiled shyly, "I knew then. I knew I loved you with all my heart, and no one would ever be able to replace you. "

Miranda leaned in, and kissed Andréa once again. Miranda knew she would never tire of kissing her love.

Andy broke away panting, "The first day, the day of my interview, I smelled the Freesias, and remembered your impossible crystal blue eyes. Then when you said my name. My dreams, and memories started coming back to me. I felt it all over again, warmth, love, and protection."

Miranda slid out from underneath Andréa, and stood up.

Andréa gasped as she watched Miranda morph into the Blue Lady.

Miranda was in her Fairy form with long flowing blue robe, sparkling blue, green, and white lights surrounded her.

Andy did not understand it, but she did not care, "I love you Miranda."

Blue and white sparks were emitted from Miranda's body as she smiled, and held out her hand, "Come with me my love."

Andy reached for Miranda's hand, but it did not feel like her human hand. It was hard to describe and understand, as it felt like she was holding nothing but also holding all of Miranda's love in that one touch.

Miranda lead Andréa into the bedroom, and over to the bed.

Meanwhile Nigel had left his suite, and before taking two steps down the hall he was over powered with Freesias in the air.

He stopped dead in his tracks.

It was happening.

He immediately rushed back to his room, and contacted Emily on the phone, "Call everyone, the dinner tonight has been cancelled. I will explain later."

He quickly hung up as The Empress entered the room.

Nigel bowed.

"They will need to be closely protected. The products of their joining will be very important to The Family."

Nigel knew it was wrong, but he could not help but stare.

The Empress smiled and nodded, "only I knew the Directive, and now you do too. She will be the new Empress."

Nigel almost fell over.

"You said products."

The Empress nodded again.

"The Family is also going to be blessed with a Prince for the first time in over a thousand years."

Nigel stood in awe.

Princes were very rare in the Fairy Family. He would prove to be the lone protector of the new Empress when she assumed her Royal position.

By the bed Miranda took Andréa into her arms, and kissed the love of her life. Miranda's hands skimmed up and down Andréa's back sending shivers running throughout her body ending up deep within her core.

Before Andréa knew it she was naked, laid out on the bed, and she watched as Miranda laid down beside her.

They were so close to each other Andy did not know where she ended, and Miranda began.

Andy felt Miranda surround her body, and then consumed her inner body. Miranda was in Andréa's mind, heart, lungs, and reined control of all her sexual organs.

Miranda kissed Andréa behind her ear, nibbled on the lobe as a hand caressed and ran its way up over a hip, fingering every rib, cupping itself underneath, and around a pale white breast.

Miranda's thumb rubbed under, and over the now rock hard nipple.

Miranda's lips found their way to the nipple, and tenderly sucked it into her mouth, her tongue caressing it like it was a sacred pearl.

Andréa whimpered, the feelings rushing through her body was more than she could handle. Miranda was soft, warm, silky, and everywhere. Andréa had no idea what Miranda was doing to her, but she was ready to explode.

Miranda knew that the way she was about to make love to Andréa would shock her so she enveloped them in a cool blue mist. Her touch was so gentle. Her lips warm, and moist. All she wanted to do was to give Andréa the most passionate night of her life.

Andréa screamed, and arched into Miranda's arms as she exploded into an orgasm.

Miranda cradled Andréa in her essence, and hummed sweetly to her.

As Andréa drifted out of her high she saw Miranda smiling brightly at her, and Freesia petals were falling from her eyes.

Andréa looked at Miranda puzzled, "what", she asked softly.

Miranda spread out a hand over Andréa's abdomen, "You are pregnant."

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