The Blue Lady

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Chapter 21

Andy lifted herself up on her elbows. She looked down at the hand caressing her abdomen. Scenes were flashing through her mind. Memories of two beautiful red haired girls, and a room full of golden throngs. She looked up at Miranda. "My babies."

Miranda arched an eyebrow as she gazed into the eyes of her lover.

Andy looked back to her abdomen, and slowly moved her eyes from the hand up the translucent arm. She trembled as the various hues of blue and white crystal warmed her heart. "I had a dream as a child."

Andy slid herself into a sitting position. She crossed her long legs, and laid her hands protectively over her stomach as Miranda's hand fell away.

Miranda felt a change in the young woman and it was not a good feeling.

Andy had dropped her eyes from Miranda's sight, large blue/white crystals fell from her lashes.

Miranda reached out a hand, and embraced Andréa's face caressing a check.

Andy felt Miranda's essence invade her mind, and scenes with warmth, love and protection. The crystals that were falling from her eyes ceased.

"Andréa tell me. Please." Miranda whispered. "I never want you to be afraid to tell me what you feel."

"I had a dream after you left me."

It became very quiet in the room, and Andréa suddenly felt very exposed. She reached out for the sheet that pooled around her feet, and pulled it up over her chest.

Miranda closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and stood.

She morphed back into her human body, and walked to the large window looking out over the Paris skyline.

In a slight voice she revealed, "Yes, I left you."

Andy did not react, but simply asked, "Why? I remember you promised me you would always be with me."

Miranda laid her head back on her shoulders, then turned. "I have so much to tell you."

"NO!" Andy turned her body facing Miranda. "I just want to know why."

Just than a bright green/blue/white light lit up the room, and she was there sitting on her golden throne.

Miranda turned, and bowed her head toward The Empress.

Andy sat stunned. "You…you were there."

The Empress turned toward the Human sitting on the bed, and smiled. She drifted toward Andréa, and reached out a hand. "The One, our Family is forever grateful."

Andy examined the vision in front of her.

Miranda was bewildered. "Andrea…what do you mean? Where did you see The Empress?"

Andy glanced at Miranda then turned back to the entity. "The Empress?" Andy tilted her head. "She was at the party. The party for my two girls."

Andy smiled radiantly, she was glowing. She closed her eyes, and inhaled trying to remember every detail of the dream. "It was an exquisite party. They were dressed in long, flowing, crystal blue dresses, and she held them before they floated to their golden cribs. I knew then I would have four children. First two girls then a girl and a boy." Andy caressed her abdomen once again. "Twins." She smiled up at Miranda, her eyes huge. "Two girls."

The Empress smiled.

Miranda stuttered, "The two girls…the party…my girls…they were my girls."

"They are both of yours." The Empress simply stated.

Andy looked from one image in the room to the other thinking to herself, "I am dreaming again. That has to be it. This…this is impossible."

"Both of ours? Caroline and Cassidy? How… how is that possible?" Andy choked out.

Miranda glared at The Empress.

The Empress raised an eyebrow back. "Are you going to test my position once again?"

"She needs to know her importance! I need to know…her…my role in saving the Family. Our connection. I should have been informed. All these years. How did Andréa know about the twins Introduction Ceremony?"

Miranda looked lovingly over at Andréa sitting on the bed, sheets surrounded her in a cloud. Her skin glowing, and the blue/white crystal aura enveloped her.

The Empress bristled, green sparks erupted from her. Once again Miranda was risking everything by standing up to The Empress.

As an Empress the entity was furious. No one was allowed to question her or the Directive.

As a Mother she could not be prouder. She wrestled with her role as The Empress, and keeping The Directive vs knowing what it was doing to her one and only child, but it had to be done. Hard decisions had to be made for the better of The Family.

The Entity floated back to the throne, and settled herself in.

She looked from her Daughter to "The One".

She simply stated, "Everything played out as the Directive instructed".

"Excuse me, but what the hell is The Directive, and what does it have to do with me?" Andy examined the floating lights in front of her.

The Empress scowled at "The One", "Do not interrupt", she stated in the low authoritative voice Andy was so use to coming from Miranda.

Andy shivered, wrapped her arms around herself, and lowered her eyes.

Miranda sighed. She watched the Human she loved, the woman that was carrying their child. Miranda knew she would protect Andréa with everything she had.

She hurried to Andréa, sat on the bed beside her, then took Andréa into her arms pulling her close.

Andy's body immediately warmed, and the shivering stopped. She leaned into Miranda's embrace, not once removing her protective hands from her abdomen.

The Empress watched, impressed how "The One" was so protective over the new Empress and Prince. She did not even know for sure she was pregnant. She had not just laid with a Human male, but a Fairy, a female Fairy. She took Miranda's announcement without question.

"Sweetheart, let The Empress speak."

Andy turned, mouth wide open, and looked into Miranda's eyes. "Was she truly an Empress?" She thought to herself.

Miranda smiled, and gave her a hug.

The Empress cleared her throat.

Andy redirected her attention toward the Entity.

"We were instructed to find "The One". There had been three previous ones, but they all failed one of the tests." The Empress flipped her hands up in the air. "Miranda (one of our best trackers) was selected to do one last search. That is all we had time for. If she had not found you it would have been the end for our Family, and for peace within the Human world."

Andy gasped.

The Empress Glared.

Miranda once again gave Andréa a gentle hug. "Shhh."

"After many years she found you. She detected the subtle aroma of the Freesia, and witnessed your conception."


Miranda cringed, and whispered, "I will explain later."

"Seriously Mir…?"

"Silence!" The Empress was having a hard time controlling her anger, she never had to explain herself to anyone, and now this Human (no matter how important she was to The Family) was trying her patience. She could feel herself beginning to morph into a yellow skinned, jagged teeth fiend, and it took all her self-discipline not to.

She did not want to scare "The One" any more than she already was.

The Empress continued. "She then became your protector. Without her you would not have made it to term, and all would have been lost."

The Empress watched "The One" gaging her reaction.

Andy gasped remembering the stories told at family gatherings of the accident her parents were in, and the time her Mother almost fell off a ladder. Both happened while her Mother was pregnant with her.

Andy's breathing increased, and she turned toward Miranda tears in her eyes.

The Empress waited. She knew hearing this would be very emotional to "The One".

"Miranda", Andy choked.

Miranda caressed Andréa's cheek, and gave her a small kiss, "It is all behind us now. You are here with me. Here where you belong."

Andy laid her head on Miranda's chest, and Miranda gave her another kiss on the forehead.

Andy turned her eyes back to the Empress.

The Empress was smiling. "Miranda protected you well. Too well." The Empress looked solemn. She regretted the next piece of information she was to reveal. "It had always been in The Directive that a Fairy was not to connect with a Human. Mate yes, but never connect. Miranda and you connected in a way that only one other Fairy and Human had done in my lifetime. This connection had been forbidden. I had no other choice than to forbid Miranda from seeing you ever again, and her memory was erased from your mind. Once I knew this had to be done I worried The Directive could never be carried out."

Both Miranda, and Andy took a deep breath in.

Miranda knew nothing about this other Fairy and Human having what she and Andréa had. And for the first time Miranda could remember The Empress had a look of sadness, and regret on her face.

"But she was not completely erased from my mind."

The Empress nodded.

Miranda arched an eyebrow at The Empress.

"Unbeknownst to me Miranda's memory could not be totally erased from your mind. The two of you were already connected, and nothing can ever break that."

Andy glowed, sinking deeper into Miranda's embrace, and Miranda's hands once again found themselves protectively covering Andréa's abdomen.

"Once this was discovered The Directive evolved. It changed." The Empress looked into Miranda's eyes, "It changed so the two of you could be together, and so the original Directive could be fulfilled."

There was quiet in the room.

It was a lot for Andy to take in, and for Miranda.

The Empress studied the two and then it came. The swirling essence of Freesias. It floated in the air from Miranda and Andréa on the bed to The Empress sitting on her throne. She smiled, and the blue/green/white crystal light emitted from her body radiantly as it enveloped her, and mixed with her image.

"And the original meaning is?"

"Shh Andréa we do not question The Empress or the Directive." Miranda quickly warned.

"No Miranda, it is fine. You both need to know. It will be very important for the future."

Andy grinned, and looked down at her stomach. "Two girls. Twins. Twins are very special right?"

Miranda ran her hand up and down Andréa's arms, and gently voiced, "Andréa, the girls you saw in your dream were my girls. It was their Introduction Ceremony. I am sure of it. I'm sorry Andréa, but how did you see it? Know about it?"

Andy frowned, and a sadness washed over her, "So I am not carrying twins? I thought for sure that dream was about my children, but it was Caroline and Cassidy."

The Empress cleared her throat. "That is not entirely true Miranda. Yes it was the girls Introduction Ceremony. "The One was there in your mind. The two of you were so connected both of you felt, and saw events the other one was experiencing at the time. The girls are for both of you to raise. It is in The Directive. It is easy to see why "The One" thought they were hers because they are."

At the mention of them feeling events the other was experiencing, both warmed, and developed a bright red hue to their skins.

The Empress wanted to laugh out loud. She had never seen Miranda blush before.

Andy looked up, and her eyes grew big, "So I am having twins?"

The Empress nodded.

Andy whispered to herself, "A girl and a boy."

Miranda gasped, "A boy?"

The Empress nodded.

Andy became scared, and she trembled, "What's wrong with a boy?"

Miranda looked into The Empress' gleaming eyes as The Empress nodded.

"A boy in the Fairy Family is very rare. They are Princes born to protect The Empress."

Miranda continued.

Andy became very confused, "But do you not already have someone to protect you?" She looked at The Empress.

The Empress nodded.

"Then who will my boy be protecting?"

Miranda gasped, "She will be the next Empress."

The Empress nodded.

Andy looked from The Empress to Miranda then back, "Who will be?" then realization took hold and she once again covered her abdomen with her hands.

Miranda glowed, and without thinking about it she morphed back into her Fairy form. Blue/white sparks were emitted from her form, and the scent of Freesias increased in the room.

Andy felt Miranda swirl around her, and enter her brain, running through her veins. Her whole body was assaulted with Miranda's essence. Andy's heartbeat quickened, her breathing became labored, and she felt as if her core would explode.

Miranda touched Andréa everywhere, and everywhere Andréa was touched Miranda's life blood was burned into her.

Sweat was pouring off Andy as she arched into Miranda, and screamed her name.

At the sound of her name Miranda stopped she had lost control, and forgot to embrace Andréa within the blue mist.

Miranda caught Andréa's limp body as it fell into her arms. "My Andrea." Miranda whispered as she kissed the pale lips of the woman in her arms, and she morphed back into her human form.

Andy's eyes fluttered open.

The golden flecks in her irises twinkled, "My God Miranda."

"Oh Sweetheart. I am so sorry. I…"

Andy's smile spread across her face as she reached for Miranda's face, and caressed her cheek. "I have never felt like that before. I felt as if I would explode."

"I know. I'm sorry. You are not use to the way Fairies make love. I should have protected you. Protected our chil…"

"All three of us are just fine." Andy grabbed Miranda's hand, and placed it over her lower abdomen. "Can you feel them?"

Miranda let go of a breath she did not realize she was holding, and nodded as Freesia petals fell from her eyes.

All of a sudden Andy blushed brightly, and immediately sat up looking to the spot The Empress had been.

"She's gone." She looked at Miranda, "She was real was she not?"

Miranda giggled, "Yes. I am sure as soon as I lost control she left us to our privacy."

Andy blushed a bright red once again over her entire body.

Miranda giggled again, "I always thought you looked good in red."


Miranda ran her hands over Andréa's body calming it down. Making sure she was truly alright.

At the feel of Miranda's hands caressing her body Andy fell asleep.

Miranda sighed, her love was safe, and a sleep in her arms. Right where she always belonged.

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