The Blue Lady

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Chapter 22

The Empress sat gazing at the limbs of the trees dancing in the wind. She took a deep breath, and laid her head back on the throne. The Directive had finally come to light.

The minions were fluttering around her, and for the first time were getting on her nerves.

"Leave." Came the quiet order.

`Andy's eyes fluttered open, and a blue mist drifted around her. Her head was spinning, and she felt weightless.

Rays of sun came shining through the window, and prisms danced all around the room.

She blinked, confused, and perplexed.

Did everything really happen, or was she just dreaming once again?

Her hand absentmindedly fell to her lower abdomen, and she felt a flutter.

"You were not dreaming. It all happened." Came a soft, soothing voice.

Andy turned her head, and standing in front of her was a brilliant blue/white light. Soon it surrounded her, and overran her senses. She felt it kiss her cheek, and it immediately warmed her with love.

Andy felt warm wet lips pull on her nipples, and teeth scrap over them.

A low guttural moan left her throat. "Mirandaaaa." Andy arched into Miranda's form.

"Mmmmm Sweetheart you taste soooo good."

Once again Miranda was in, and around Andréa. Every place Miranda touched her sent off sparks that would sizzle in Andy's mind.

Miranda's pace slowed from last night to allow Andréa to totally enjoy it, and not be over whelmed.

Miranda conjured a light blue mist to encompass them for support, she wanted no injury to come to either Andréa or their unborn children.

Miranda caressed Andréa's abdomen, and there was a warmth there that filled Miranda's senses with love. She felt the children as they fluttered around inside, and her heart felt as if it would explode.

Miranda invaded Andréa's dripping wet core, pulsating around the smooth hot skin.

Andy's body was in over drive. No one had ever touched her like Miranda was. Once again she had no idea where she left off, and Miranda began, they were one. Andy could no longer hold it in, and came with an earth shattering orgasm. Her fluids flowed in a strong spray.

Miranda felt Andréa's body contracted around her, and Miranda convulsed with her own mind exploding orgasm while the blue/white sparks shot from her body.

Miranda crumpled, her fluid body embraced Andréa's, protecting her, allowing her to slowly come back to earth.

This was the love, and sexual life Miranda had been searching for.

Andy had no idea what day it was or how many times Miranda had made love to her.

"Miranda did you kill me, and now we are both in heaven?" came a strained voice.

Miranda giggled, "Do you know how long I have been looking for you? Do you know how much you mean to me? I have felt so a lone for so long. Oh Andréa, I have missed you so much. I cannot stop touching you."

Miranda was kissing Andréa's face with slow full lips.

"Miranda if I am not dead now I will be if you keep this up."

Miranda morphed into her Human body, and raised herself up on one arm as she gazed into Andréa's dark brown eyes.

"Sweet heart I would never let anything happen to you; Nigel, Emily, and Lily have strict orders to not let anything happen to you."

Andy almost jumped out of bed.

"What?!" Nigel? Emily? Lily." Andy said the last name with some sadness, and frowned.

"Andréa what is wrong? Do you hurt somewhere? Feel sick?" Miranda's mind was spinning.

Andy shook her head. "Lily…I thought she was one of my best friends, but all she was…what was she?"

Miranda smiled sweetly, and wiped a tear from Andréa's cheek.

"She is, was, and will always be your best friend."

Andy rolled her eyes at Miranda.

Miranda quickly added, "She did not become your protector until after that night of your fifth birthday."

Miranda's voiced cracked, "after I was forbidden to never see you again. I could no longer protect you. Lily was already in your life. She is a strong warrior. She was the perfect choice."

Andy was stunned. "How? How could a five year old protect me?"

"Lily is over five hundred years old. It is her Human form that was five at the time she was given your protection detail."

Andy sat up, and scooted away from Miranda. "Five…hundred years old?"

Miranda nodded.

Andy's mind was spinning when she remembered The Empress had said Miranda had witnessed her conception.

"How…old are you?"

Miranda took a deep breath, "My Human body is forty…"

"No…I want to know how old you are." Andy whispered.

Miranda rolled her eyes, and flipped her hand in the air, "There is no need to know, it does not matter how old I am."

"Miranda, please."

Miranda took a deep breath, "I am over two thousand years old in your human years."

"The Empress. How old is she?" Andy pressed on.

"Much older than I."

"Miranda. Stop treating me like a child!"

"She is over five thousand years old."

"That…that is impossible!" Andy was stunned, she looked in Miranda's eyes knowing her love was telling the truth.

"How is that possible? How is any of this possible? I am Human. You…you will…" Andy choked back a sob. "Out live me."

Miranda ran her fingers through Andréa's long tresses.

"I do not want to discuss that now. I can't." Miranda could not imagine living without Andréa. She would not be able to. It had been difficult enough to leave her as a child, but now after being able to taste, and feel her…Miranda could feel her heart cracking knowing she would out live Andréa by many years.

Andy was shaking, "And our children. Who are they? Are they Fairies too? Will I be able to see them grow into adult hood?"

Just then green/blue/white lights flashed in the room. Standing in the center of the room was the entity, The Empress.

"You…you two did not give me a chance to finish." The Empress hissed.

Andréa blushed a bright red.

The Empress turned, wondering how she was to explain the next bit of information. No matter how much hope she gave "The One" it would not be enough.

The Empress turned, and looked at "The One". As much as she wanted to she could not glare at the Human who was going to save her entire Family.

"Yes, I am quite old."

"Uhmm sorry." Andréa squeaked.

The Empress coughed. "Yes, Fairies live longer than Humans."

Andy frowned lowering her eyes.

"For you though, the Directive has prophesied, you will live much longer than a typical Human. It does not tell us how long just that you will live longer."

Miranda could feel Andréa's body quivering, and she pulled her closer kissing her cheek.

"Sweetheart we do not need to think about this now. We will have plenty of time to be with each other."

Andy turned her head toward Miranda, tears in her eyes. "Forever would never be long enough to be with you Miranda." Andy tried to smile, "I will be happy with what I can get."

The Empress smiled "The One" was proving to be more advanced, and stronger than she first thought.

"You…and Miranda will have many years together, and with your children. It is written in the Directive. You surprise me. I would not have guessed a human would take all of this…as well as you have. You prove to be a good balance for my daughter."

Andy sat up, looked from Miranda to The Empress, then back. "D-daughter?"

Miranda nodded, "The Empress is my Mother. I am her only child. Children are prized with the Fairies. Not just anyone is allowed to have them."

Andy grinned, and looked Miranda in the eyes, "You must be very special."

Miranda questioned her back with her eyes.

"Yes Miranda is very important to us."

Both Miranda, and Andy whipped their heads toward The Empress.

The Empress smiled, "She found you, and saved our family. That is why she was given twins…twice."

Miranda stared she had never thought about it.

She looked at Andréa then carefully caressed Andréa's abdomen.

The Empress grinned, "There is much to discuss about your role within our Family. First and for most you will need to tell your Family. Your Mother will understand it more than your Father."

Andrea looked at the Empress questioningly.

The Empress took a deep breath, "Your Mother's Great-Grandmother"…The Empress swallowed hard, and the scent of Freesias enveloped the air…"was a very special woman."

The Empress folded her hands behind her back, and began to pace in front of the couple.

Miranda noticed a sadness in her Mother's eyes, and then Freesia petals began to fall from them.

"She was also very young when we first met. Her essence drew me to her."

Miranda drew in a deep breath as she realized her Mother was the Fairy that wished to connect to a human but was not allowed to.

"She was very beautiful." The Empress smiled to herself. She turned, and looked at "The One" caressing her face. "She looked a lot like you."

Andy felt a cool mist graze her cheek; and a feeling of love, warmth, and protection surrounded her.

"That was the one, and only time I took on a Human form. We had been together for many years before The Directive made it clear I was to leave her…to erase myself from her memory. We must all make sacrifices for The Family, and it was clear I was to walk away from my one and only true love. I now know why. So that my offspring and one of hers could give us this special gift. The gift that will save us."

There was a long pause, and Andy felt the stinging tears in her eyes.

Andy sniffed, "My Mother told me stories when I was little about a Grandmother who had dreams like I did. My Mother said the story was she never forgot those dreams. I-I still have a fairy carved from wood her Husband had given her when she had their only child."

Miranda sat motionless. Their families had been connected for many years. They had been drawn together long before…

Andy looked up at The Empress seeing the sadness in her eyes, "I do not think she ever forgot you."

The Empress smiled, "I would like to think not."

The Empress turned her back on the couple, "The two of you will live like a normal Human family."

Andy started laughing, and Miranda glared at her.

"We are gay, Miranda has been married three times, all to men, she is a very wealthy Editor in Chief of the world's best fashion magazine, I am one of her assistants, and I am pregnant by her. I hardly consider that a normal Human family."

The Empress grinned, the girl was very much like her older ancestor.

"You will live as a family, raise the children, and when it is time…The Empress took a deep breath as she contemplated her own end…the child will take her place as Empress of the Fairy Family."


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