The Blue Lady

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Chapter 23

As the blue/green/white lights faded from the room Miranda began pacing, deep in thought. She was fingering imaginary strands of beads around her neck (a nervous habit she barely knew she was performing). Her eyes were dark almost black, she pursed her lips as she felt her teeth changing.

Stopping in mid stride she closed her eyes, her arms fell by her side, and her hands clenched into fists. She had to stop the transformation before Andréa realized what was happening. Miranda could not flood Andréa's mind with the ugly side of her along with everything else she would learn today.

Andy watched for a short time, and became worried. "Miranda, what is wrong? Are you having second thoughts about me? Us?" Andy protectively covered her abdomen. "The babies?"

Her eyes started to water, and she began to shake. What if Miranda was sorry about what had taken place between the two of them? Could she? Would she get rid of them? No Andy knew that was not the case.

Miranda whipped around and stared at the brown haired, brown eyed woman she now considered her mate. "I would never doubt or have second thoughts about us."

She glided over to the shaking figure and extended her arm.

Andy felt the warm blue mist envelope her, and she was once again reassured of the love for her that Miranda had confessed.

Andy smiled brightly, and gazed into Miranda's eyes.

Miranda leaned down, and took the lush lips kissing them fully.

Andy melted, and was instantly ready for Miranda to take her once again.

"As much as I would love to my darling there is much I need to plan for, and not much time to do it."

Andy looked at her with questioning eyes.

Miranda smirked, "The luncheon? Today is the big luncheon for James?"

Andy gasped, and jumped up. "Shit."

The linens that were wrapped around her fell; reveling the smooth, soft pale body.

Full breast with large hardened nipples, curvy hips, and long, long legs presented themselves to Miranda.

Miranda took in a sharp breath, and Andy blushed a bright red as she realized the position they were in. As she felt Miranda's eyes burning holes into her body, she took a hold of the sheet, and wrapped it around herself.

Miranda closed her eyes, and took a few deep breaths as she got herself under control.

Andy giggled, "There is not that much to do. All you have to do is get ready."

Miranda smiled sweetly, then frowned, and sighed, "There is much I need to explain to you. Sit."

Andy became concerned again, but did as Miranda asked.

"There are two types of Fairies. Much like Humans there are good, and bad ones. The good Fairies of which I belong to." Miranda grinned at her love. "And now you also belong to are called 'Seelie's', the bad ones are called 'Unseelie's'. Jaqueline Follet is an Unseelie."

Andy gasped, holding a hand over her mouth, eyes wide. "Why? How? I don't understand."

Miranda took a deep breath, this was going to be harder than she thought.

"Fairies, unlike humans do not fight or have wars. The Unseelies do bad things and we the Seelies try and prevent them from or counteract their bad exploits. Jacqueline is a very rare Unseelie called "Leanhaun Shee" known as a Fairy Mistress. She seeks out the love of mortal men, and then she uses them like slaves to do her undertakings. Irv was taken by her charms when he first became Chairman of the Board for Elias-Clarke Publishing."

Andy's mouth fell open, she was blinking her eyes, unable to believe what she was hearing. This was all too bizarre for her to wrap her brain around. She began to wonder if she was dreaming, or crazy!

She turned her head away from Miranda, and Miranda knew it was all becoming too much for even Andréa to believe.

Miranda walked over to the young girl, and sat on the bed with her. She reached for Andréa's hand and gave it a squeeze. Her other hand caressed Andréa's cheek, and turned her head to face her. "Look at me Andréa. Please."

Andy slowly raised her eye lids, and contemplated if the woman in front of her was real or not. God she wanted her to be. This was the happiest Andy had ever remembered feeling. The feeling that took her back to her childhood, and then she remembered the dreams and the warning The Blue Lady (Miranda) had given her the night of her fifth birthday. The night Miranda was taken from her. The night she lost her world.

"I am here to tell you to never forget the nightmares you had. They are reminders of things to come if you do not full fill your destiny. Your happy dreams are to prepare you for the roll you will play in keeping the Fairies alive."

"It is all real, I assure you. I am real. We are real." Miranda caressed Andréa's abdomen. "The babies are real."

Andy nodded, "I believe you." She sighed. "I need to believe you," she whispered.

Miranda gathered Andréa into her arms, and kissed her on the forehead. "I know this is a lot to take in, but I need to explain what is going to happen today."

Andy did not say anything just shook her head.

Miranda took a deep breath, and continued hoping (and god she lived on it) Andréa would be able to comprehend the multitude of information she was going to continue to give.

Miranda slowly, and quietly disclosed to Andréa, "Irv has been trying to oust me from Runway for some time now at Jacqueline's instruction, and I need to get rid of him, and of her. If Jacqueline thinks she can do what I do she is foolish. There is no one who can do what I do. If she takes over American Runway it will go under, and I will not let that happen. There is only one way to break the bond between Irv and Jacqueline, and that is to find another man to take Irv's place. That man is going to be James."

Andréa gasped, then smiled, although she loved the purses James made the dresses and gowns even to her were substandard.

Miranda arched an eye brow at Andréa, "At the luncheon I will be announcing that Jacqueline will be Creative Director for Holt International. Many things will happen then. Humans will not notice anything abnormal, but you might, so I want you to be prepared. You must act as if nothing is happening no matter how mystifying or terrifying it may seem."

Miranda began to explain to Andréa what would be happening within the next few hours.

Andy sat wide eyed, and mouth hanging open. She felt as if she had been planted in an episode of the Twilight Zone. Visions of what Miranda was telling her were spinning through her head, and she began to feel sick. She was dizzy, and she closed her eyes to try and steady herself.

"Andréa? Andréa?" Miranda quickly went to her partner. "Andréa are you alright? I know this is a lot to take in, and normally I would not have offered all this information at once, but I do not have much time."

Andy shook her head, "No, it is okay. I just need a few seconds…just to clear my head, straighten this all out."

Andy opened her eyes, and looked for the crystal blue ones to ground herself. "I am having a hard time understanding why I believe all of this."

She smiled sweetly at Miranda.

Miranda gathered Andréa into her arms, and skimmed her elegant fingers up and down Andréa's bare back.

Andréa's breasts and pert nipples were pushing into Miranda, and Miranda's emotions were starting to overtake her.

Andy took a deep breath, and inhaled the fragrant aroma of Freesias, she giggled. "I think I need to get dressed."

Miranda leaned back, and stared at Andréa smiling. "You sense it too."

Andréa began picking up the clothes that were strewn all over the hotel suite, and put them back on.

In the meantime Miranda was on her phone.

Her first call was to Nigel to reassure that he knew what had transpired the previous, night and to make sure he was ready for the luncheon.

Without Emily there, and Andréa now pregnant with the future Empress there could be no mistakes.

Nigel would have to stay close by Andréa's side, and protect her, because Miranda would be busy seeing the plan to the finish and it would not be easy.

She immediately made an appeal to Lily who was back in the States. It was crucial she make her way to Paris they needed her to help protect Andréa, and the babies.

Then Miranda began to implement her plan.

She called Irv, and invited him to breakfast making it clear, declining the invitation was not an option.

As she ended the call Lily appeared in front of her. Red/purple/teal lights illuminated the room.

Miranda smiled, "Thank you for coming. I need to know Andréa and the babies will be safe. You are one of our best warriors, and her best friend. I know I can count on you."

Lily bowed in front of Miranda, "I will keep my commitment to The Family. No harm will be fall the new Empress or her Mother."

Miranda smiled, and Lily faded from her sight.

As Miranda readied for her breakfast meeting with Irv, Lily made her presence known to Nigel and Andy.

They were sitting on the couch and chair in Andy's suite as the red/purple/teal lights appeared and became stronger in the room.

Andy sat in wonder, and Nigel smiled as he understood what Miranda had executed.

"Good morning Lily. You should morph into you human body for the time being so Six can grasp what Miranda has done for her. Besides it will be a while before Miranda's plan begins."

Andy shot a look at Nigel like he was crazy.

The lights began to fade, and Lily's human body began to materialize just like Miranda did.

Andy jumped up off her seat, ran to Lily, and hugged her tight. "Lily, Lily, oh thank god you are here."

Lily wrapped her strong arms around her good friend, and smiled, "I would do anything for you, and now for your unborn children, and our new Empress."

Andy grinned, and caressed her abdomen with one of her hands, "Does everyone know?"

Lily grinned, "Just like when we were kids in school. Something as amazing as this, and everyone knows."

Andy laughed, then stopped. "You knew the whole time. You did not say anything. You were upset that I was coming here. I don't understand. You were supposed to be my closest friend."

Lily lowered her eyes, "I am your best friend. I knew I was to protect you, but I did not know why until last night. The Empress came to lowly soldier, and instructed me to protect you with my entire being. You never go against The Empress, but more to the point no one needed to order me to protect you. I was doing that even before The Empress came to me. I was upset about you coming to Paris, because I did not know how I was going to protect you with you here, and me in the States."

Andy stood shocked. She looked from Lily to Nigel, and then back again.

Nigel grinned, "She is telling the truth, you know that."

Andy grabbed Lily, and held her tightly.

As Andy and Nigel readied themselves for the luncheon Lily stood guard.

Miranda sat across the table from Irv as she explained how pleased Jacqueline with be with the new title of Creative Director for Holt International.

It took considerable persuasion, (Miranda even brought out the big guns, showing Irv the list of designers, models, and photographers who vowed to follow Miranda if she ever left American Runway) but Irv was weak from all the years he spent with Jacqueline.

This was one small snippet of a Leanhaun Shee's presence in a Human's life Jacqueline had forgotten.

Irv soon agreed, his queen would be quite pleased with him.

Miranda just snickered.

Jacqueline would be in for a huge surprise at lunch, as would 'Puck' the little weasel who calls himself Christian Tompson.

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