The Blue Lady

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Chapter 3

~Two years later~

Miranda once again stood at the foot of Andy's bed, but this time as she watched the child smiled in her sleep, her brow smooth without lines. Her long silky brown hair hung in waves framing the child's iridescent olive colored face, and Miranda ached to run her fingers through it. Over the last two years Miranda had to summon all her will power not to touch the child. Her dreams of being able to cuddle the small being in her arms, and sink her nose into the thick brown locks consumed her. Miranda smiled lovingly, the child had grown, and maintained her beautiful innocence.

Miranda could tell the child was dreaming as she watched her eyes rapidly move back and forth behind her lids layered with dark long lashes that fanned out over her skin. Miranda longed to see those dark brown pools that lay beneath just once again.

This was the night of Andy's fifth birthday. The night the nightmares turned into happy dreams. The day that Miranda had promised Andy would come two years earlier. Miranda was glad the child did not have to endure the horrific nightmares any longer. She felt so sorry for the little one to have to undergo such a horrifying ordeal to prepare her for her destiny. Now the child would be blessed with blissful enchanting dreams for the rest of her life.

It was the night of her third, and final test and she had past.

Miranda closed her eyes, and inhaled deeply. Freesia, intense Freesia. Her body became warm, excited, and her inner core dripped with her fluids. Her breathing was erratic, and labored. Miranda wrapped her arms around herself, she was having a difficult time restraining these feelings. This was a small child she was thinking about, "The One", it was unacceptable. She sighed to herself. Would she ever be able to find the peace and passion she so desired? (If only Miranda knew the true meaning of the Directive.)

She did thank the powers that be for finally bringing the child to them. To The Family. Now there was a chance The Family would survive, and continue on to exist, bringing peace and security to the human world. She was happy to have been the one selected to find, nurture, and protect her as she matured.

The Empress would be pleased.

Once she was able to communicated Andy chattered none stop about the beautiful Blue Lady, the one who always made the monsters disappear, and who always smelled sweet and soft. At the time Andy would smell every flower she came in contact with, she would turn her head with a wrinkled nose, and announce, "Uck they stink." Although too young to understand why, she desperately wanted to find the fascinating fragrance of the Blue Lady, the essence that made her feel warm, and secure.

As Andy got older, and could effectively communicate with her parents, she insisted on them taking her to the flower shops to smell all the different flowers. As they entered the fifth store Andy knew right away they were in the right place. She moved around the many displays back to a refrigerated door, and ask to be let inside. Once inside she went right to the Freesias, inhaled deeply, and grinned. She had found them, the flowers that smelled like the Blue Lady. The scent that made her feel grown up, protected, and loved. From that day forward Andy insisted on having fresh Freesias in her room in hoping the Blue Lady would never stop coming to see her.

Her parents could do nothing but to accommodate her, because when they said no to anything involving the Blue Lady the child would become quiet, and sedate like she was in a depressed state. Large tears would form in the big brown eyes, and she would explain to them that she would die without the flowers, and the Blue Lady. It was like this vision was Andy's heart in every sense of the word.

This more than anything scared Richard and Anna. Such a young child so passionately declaring her death. They had never experienced anything like it in their life. Just what was in store of their child's life?

Andy would forgo everything (toys, candy, refusing to eat) until she received the flowers. In her tiny mind this was the connection between her and The Blue Lady. It was her life, and she would do anything to make sure it continued.

Miranda had little will power against the scent of the flowers in the child's room. It gave her a heighten sense of her own sexuality. Every time she entered the room she could feel her insides heat up and melt, her nipples harden, and her juices flowed as muscles clenched. Feelings she had curtailed years ago. Feeling she had no use for, for many years. Her mind would spin, and the slightest breeze would send sparks flying through her body.

These senses, she had a hard time containing once she reentered her human form, and returned to her home. Her then husband had no idea what had happened, but he was not going to complain. Miranda had never been receptive to morning sex. Now it was like she could never get enough of it. She was the one who would initiate it waking him with a flurry of kisses in her gloriously naked body. Her pale skin so soft, and hot. She had wanted it, and wanted it bad, but he never seemed to satisfy her no matter how much he tried. Afterward she always had an expression of failure on her face, whether it was his or her failure he did not know, but then again it did not matter much. At one time he did want to please her, make her cry out in ecstasy so he would try to bring her to orgasm with his tongue or fingers, but she would just push him away. Now he did not care if she came or not at least he was enjoying the morning rush.

Miranda had never enjoyed oral sex or anyone fingering her. Truth be told even regular sex did not interest her that much, but when the Freesia scent came to her, she could not control that. The perfume made her insides flutter; her fluids flow; and her nipples, clit, and inner core ache. It would take all of her concentration, and skill to control the urges. Once back in the townhouse, and in her human form she utilized the male she lived with, her first husband, to try and quench that powerful thirst.

Their sex was rushed, rough, and anticlimactic, at least to Miranda. James would usually end up with scratches on his back, and puncture bite marks on his shoulders. He never remembered these things happening, as it was all a haze in the aftermath.

Most of the time the only way to rid Miranda of her strong urges was for her to take matters into her own hands, and imagination. Only then was she able to climax, and then relax. Only then was she able to once again become The Ice Queen.

Andy sat up in bed, and opened her eyes after the dream had finished. Her large bright smiled spread over her face, and it shined, "you are here."

The feelings always came back to Andy. The warmth, unconditional love, and protection. Her body trembled.

Miranda smiled, "I told you I would never leave you. Did you enjoy your dream?"

Andy nodded her head, "yes very much."

"I am here to tell you to never forget the nightmares you had. They are reminders of things to come if you do not full fill your destiny. Your happy dreams are to prepare you for the roll you will play in keeping the Fairies alive."

Andy's eyes grew so big Miranda thought they would take over her entire face. "Fairies?"

Miranda smiled, "Yes, now I have a request to ask of you. The flowers, the Freesias. Could you please remove them from your room?"

The child frowned, and tears formed in her eyes, "You do not like them." The tears began to fall. "I put them here because they smell like you. They make me feel different." The child did not want to make The Blue Lady mad.

Miranda stared at the child shocked, "You have smelled them when I have been around?" How could this be possible? Humans did not have the ability to sense the fragrance. Miranda had never heard of this happening.

Andy's smile glowed as she nodded her head, and closed her eyes as she wiped the tears away, "They smell beautiful just like you."

It was quiet, Andy opened her deep brown pools, and gazed into Miranda's eyes.

Miranda stammered, "No, I do like them. I like the smell of them very much, but it is hard for me to think, concentrate with them around."

The child looked puzzled, "Do they make you feel different too? All warm inside, and loved?" Andy wrapped her skinny long arms around herself, and smiled that bright intoxicating grin.

Miranda became weak, dizzy, and her stomach flipped. What was the child talking about? How could she feel … that way … about her … and be so young? "Yes the fragrance makes me feel different."

The child nodded, and smiled knowingly. Andy sighed, "I love feeling that way."

Miranda shook her head clearing it, "I must go soon, and I have more to explain to you. You will soon start to forget about me."

Once a human child turned five their innocence, and imagination would begin to slip away. Miranda would always be near Andréa but the child would soon forget her as adults, and other children would tell her the Blue Lady was not real. This hurt Miranda deeply as she never wanted Andréa to forget her. The thought of it tore at her heart, and flower petals threatened to fall from her eyes.

Andy seeing the sad look on the Blue Lady's face jumped up, "NO." Huge tears were falling from her eyes. "I will never forget you! I love you! I promise to always remember you!"

Miranda staggered at the child's announcement. She did not realize the child would have the same feeling, and sediment toward her as Miranda had to the child. Confusion built in Miranda's mind, and she did not know what to do or say.

Andy jumped into Miranda's arms, "Please promise me you will never leave me. Please I cannot live without you! I will die!" Andy sobbed, her face buried into the crook of Miranda's neck.

Miranda shivered as she felt the child in her arms, the tiny body trembling, and the warm tears falling onto her shoulder. Miranda ran her hands through the silky brown locks, and inhaled deeply. The child's skin was so soft, and the scent of Freesias was overwhelming to her, "Andréa you must get back into bed." Miranda tried to put the child down.

Andy planted her feet on the bed but refused to remove her arms from around The Blue Lady's neck. In between sobs Andy enquired, "Why did you call me that? No one calls me that."

Miranda smiled sweetly, "Is that not your name little one?"

Andy nodded, "Yes but you say it like this "Andrea" and my nickname is Andy."

Miranda tucked a stray strand of Andy's hair behind her ear, and caressed a cheek, "Well then it will be my special way of saying it O.K?"

Andy nodded snuggling her face back into Miranda's neck, "I love you Blue Lady. I will not let anyone else say my name like you do. I will love you forever. But please do not leave me, I will die."

"Andréa, I will always be with you. You just will not remember me. I promise to never leave you." Miranda was concerned about the child's powerful stance that she would die.

Flower petals were falling from Miranda's eyes as she laid the child back into bed, pulled the covers up over her, and disappeared. As she disappeared she whispered, "I love you too Andréa."

Andy sniffed as she sobbed into her pillow now covered with Freesia petals.

Soon she had cried herself to sleep.

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