The Blue Lady

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Chapter 4

As Miranda drifted back into her home she noted the interior had changed. The place was empty of furniture, and the art work she had collected over the years. In its place were numerous entities all dressed in sapphire blue flowing robes, and the scent of Freesias surrounded them. As Miranda landed in the middle of the group the smallest of the entities glided toward her. "You have become too close to the child, "The One". You will no longer be her protector."

Miranda stood stunned, and her head began to spin. No this could not be happening. She had promised Andréa she would always be around, that she would never leave her. She could not let "The One" down, she could not entrust the child to anyone else. She was special she was … Miranda could not put her finger on it or why Andréa meant so much to her, and her need to be so close to the small girl, "But if I do not protect her who will? She trusts me. You cannot take her away from me."

The fairy bristled, and green sparks flew out from her, "You dare to question my, the Empress' orders? The child's memory of you will be removed. She will never remember you ever being in her life." The Empress stood steadfast. She had to remain strong, and maintain her position.

There was complete silence in the room, and Miranda swallowed trying hard to keep the flower petals from falling from her eyes. The entities surrounding them stood with their heads downcast. They knew what the consequences would be if the Directive was not adhered to. Their down fall would be ensured, and their world destroyed. Both The Empress and Miranda were very strong willed, and this was not the first time they had a standoff. If Miranda did not obey The Empress it would be a long night.

"The child will be well cared for, you need not worry," The Empress added. She knew Miranda would be hurting, and wanted to try and reassure her. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt Miranda, but she also knew Miranda was stubborn.

Miranda bowed before the entity as the flower petals began to fall from her eyes. Her heart was cracking, and she felt numb, "I am regretful about my outburst, and I will comply with your directives. What am I to do now?" Miranda kept her eyes down cast.

"You will remain here in your human form until further notice." As that was said the entities faded away, and once again the furniture and art decorated the room.

Miranda looked around, and sighed. Her heart had broken in two as her body shook with heart felt sobs. She could feel the blood leaving it as she turned to ice. Her arms encircled her waist, and she felt ill.

Then she heard James coming down the stairs.

"Miranda?" He walked into the living room as Miranda turned away. "What are you doing down here? Are you crying?" He laid his hands on her shoulders, and tried to turn her toward him. He had never seen Miranda cry, and he was very worried.

"Do not touch me!" She hissed, then turned, and headed up the stairs.

James stared, then shook his head. He was sure he had just seen Miranda float up the steps.

Miranda ran to her bathroom as the scent of Freesias' followed her, and she could not control her emotions. The thought of James touching her made her want to throw up. She sat on the floor, head in her hands, leaning over the commode. What was she to do? Her feelings were out of control. She needed to release the sexual tension that had been building inside of her at the child's house.

Miranda stood in the shower, she only had to cleanse her human body once a day but unlike other fairies she enjoyed standing under the steaming hot water. She was able to feel the sensations as different touches stimulated her human body, and the hot water would send flashes of electricity through her especially as it ran off her hardened nipples. Her hands slipped down her sides, over her hips, through the dark curls, and between her wet folds. Miranda moaned as the smell of Freesia enveloped her.

James listened from behind the door, and he was pissed. To think he was worried about her! She batted away his hands just to go upstairs, and use her own hands to relieve herself! He opened the door, and stood as the steam swirled around him. Long rivers of condensation ran down the mirror. Her body behind the door perfect in every way. He listened to Miranda whimper, and could not contain himself.

Pulling his clothes off he opened the shower door, stepped inside, seeing Miranda with her fingers buried deep inside of her; and her head laid back against the wall as water ran off her face, onto her breast, dripping off her nipples.

James was hard as a rock, and he was going to have her. He grabbed her arm, and pulled her close. At first Miranda complied, she was in a haze, that was until he tried to kiss her, then her eyes flew open, and James was thrown back against the far wall.

"Get out of my house!" Miranda hissed.

James swore he saw lightning bolts fly from her eyes. "What the hell Miranda! What has gotten into you? This morning you could not get enough of me, now this! I will not leave!"

Miranda grabbed for a towel, and covered herself. She slowly stepped toward James, and as she did her body morphed. Her iris's' grew dark, her once beautiful white teeth were now yellow, and jagged. Sharp enough to tear James apart. Her nails lengthened into long thick sharp claws. Her skin turned a dark blue. Not the blue Andy always saw, but dark almost black, and dull.

James stared, what the hell. His eyes were playing tricks on him. He must have hit his head when Miranda pushed him away. He blinked, and swallowed.

Miranda stood close to James, and once again voiced in a growl, "If you know what's good for you, you will get out of my house and never return."

James did not care what he was seeing or what was going on he had enough, he turned running down the steps, and out the front door trying to redress himself on the way.

Miranda morphed back into her human body, and then collapsed. What she had just done took a lot out of her, and she slid to the floor in a heap.

Andy sat straight up in bed, and screamed, tears pouring down her face, "Don't leave me please! I thought you loved me." Her head hurt, and she was confused.

Richard raced into the room, and grabbed hold of his young daughter, wiping at her tears, "Andy! What is it! What's wrong?" Andy's eyes flickered, and she rubbed them with her tiny fist.

Andy calmly looked at her Father and smiled, "I am fine Daddy why are you in my room?"

Richard looked at his child, "You screamed, and you were crying. Did you have a nightmare again?"

Andy smiled brightly, "No Daddy the bad dreams are all gone."

Richard had no idea what had happened, and did not know what to do, but tuck his little girl back into bed, kissing her on the forehead.

Andy rolled over, cuddled down into her blankets, and with a bright smile on her face fell into a deep sleep.

The Empress watched intently as the earthly events played out. She had not expected the child to react so vehemently, but she was fully assured there would be no memory of her protector left in the child's mind.

Miranda had gotten too close, and she knew better. None of them could interfere with the Directive. She should have controlled her urges better. It was for the good of The Family.

Something like this had only happened once in the Empress' lifetime, and she was over five thousand years old. A connection so strong it would be hard to regulate.

The Empress sighed. She had not wanted to cause Miranda so much pain, but she had no choice. The words of The Directive had to be followed completely. It could not be changed even though Miranda was her own child.

As for Miranda it was better for her to get rid of the male human living with her. She needed to find herself a good specimen to give her the child promised to her for taking on this assignment. It was an honor to be allow to have a baby, and The Empress wanted to make sure Miranda had the best.

The next morning Andy awakened, looked around her room, and frowned. She padded out to where her Mother was fixing their breakfast, crawled up into the chair next to her Father, and announced, "I want a green room."

Richard and Anna stared at each other than at Andy.

Anna walked over to her daughter, and placed a small kiss on her cheek, "But you love the color blue, why the change?"

Andy shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know."

The following weekend Richard painted her room green, and never again did Andy mention the Blue Lady, or wake from a nightmare.

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