The Blue Lady

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Chapter 5

~ Five Years Later~

Without the constant worry of finding, and protecting The One, or maintaining the façade of a marriage, Miranda enlisted all of her energies into Runway. She worked her way up in the ranks until one day she was called into the Board of Directors meeting for Elias-Clarke Publishing. Irv Ravitz Chairman of the Board stood as she walked in, and offered her a seat next to him.

As Miranda looked the man in the eye he laid their plan out to her. "We would like to offer you the position as Editor in Chief of Runway." Irv laughed to himself. A woman as Editor in Chief, finally we will be able to get rid of this senseless excuse for a magazine.

Miranda sat there smiling, and replied softly, "I accept."

The Board members all stared.

Justin Elias stood up, and introduced himself, "You answered fast, are you sure you do not want time to think about it? This position will take much of your time. "

Miranda glared at the man, and barely whispered, "No." She knew what they were all thinking, but she was going to make a world renounced magazine out of Runway. She was going to be the last one to laugh.

Andy awoke to the cry of a small infant, her sister. She groaned, pulling a pillow over her head. She did not remember her Brother crying this much when he was little, and it was all very annoying to her. She threw the pillow off, crawled out of bed, padded down the hallway to the new nursery, and stood inside the doorframe.

Anna looked up as she placed Jenna to her breast.

"Mom why does the baby have to cry all the time?"

Anna laughed, and motioned for her oldest daughter to come toward her and the new infant.

Andy stood beside the rocker, and caressed the infants head, "She is so soft." Then she leaned in to kiss the infants head, "and she smells so … so good." Andy felt very protective of the small being.

Andy looked at her Mother, and frowned, "I have smelled that before, but where?" (It was the scent of Freesias.)

Anna smiled, "probably when Tom was a baby. It is called love."

Andy looked at her Mother with wonderment in her eyes, "Do all babies smell like that?"

Anna giggled, "I guess so."

Andy breathed in the scent of her baby sister once again, "Then I hope I have lots of babies when I get older."

Anna laughed, "Slow down sweetheart. First you have get through High School and College, then you can think about having a baby."

Andy looked seriously at her Mother, "O.K." Yawning, Andy then announced she was going back to bed.

The yearly Met Gala party was to be Miranda's introduction to the Fashion World as Runway's new Editor in Chief.

She was escorted by Valentino wearing his latest couture. A black beaded, and lace gown. She was stunning on the arm of the famous designer. The black gown made her pale skin glow, which showed off her crystal blue eyes. As they walked the red carpet Valentino leaned into her, and whispered in her ear, "You are the only one who has showed the best in my gowns il mio amore."

That moment Miranda showed her illuminating smile, and looked right at Greyson Priestly.

The man was struck dead as his eyes looked into the vivid blue sapphire eyes of Miranda. She had stirred something in him he had never felt before. He watched as Miranda made her way into the gala. Watched as her hips swung from side to side, and followed her in.

Soon after Irv made the announcement of Miranda's promotion Greyson made his way over to Miranda, and introduced himself. Instead of shaking hands he took hers in a caress, lowered his head, and kissed it. A spark shoot through his lips, and charged down his body. He was going to have this incredible woman or die trying.

Miranda had been celibate for too long, the handsome man standing in front of her awakened the longing inside of her, and the slight scent of Freesia rolled pass her nose. She shifted ever so slightly as the liquid heat pooled between her legs.

She and Greyson danced multiple times, and if it hadn't been for Valentino she would have gone home with him that night.

That same night Andy had a very vivid dream that made her sweat, and gave her goose bumps all at the same time.

Her body trembled as she felt the strange sensations ribbon throughout her body.

Andy bolted straight up in bed, and the dream suddenly disappeared. She could not remember a single bit of it no matter how hard she tried. Her body ached to get back to it. It was the weirdest feeling she had ever had, but it felt good. She had felt warm, protected, and loved. She had never felt anything like it. At least that she remembered.

Shaking her head she turned, curled up under her comforter, and soon fell back to sleep hoping to return to the dream.

As Miranda sat behind her new desk, and looked out into her outer office, she steepled her fingers glaring at her Assistant.

A fellow Fairy, younger, much younger, but she was strong with special powers, and the council insisted on her being nearby for Miranda's protection. Protection from what Miranda had no idea.

Miranda looked up, and noted a delivery man standing at Emily's desk. The girl had her hands flying through the air, and before she knew it Miranda was struck with the strong scent of Freesias.


Emily turned staring at Miranda through the glass just as Miranda spotted the vase of flowers sitting on Emily's desk.

"Bring the flowers in here."

Emily walked to the door separating Miranda's inner office from the outer one, "Miranda I do not think that is a good …"

Miranda glared, "Did I ask your opinion?"

"N-No Miranda." Emily picked up the vase, and carried it into Miranda's office knowing this would lead to trouble.

Miranda closed her eyes taking a deep breath, and felt the perfume flow into her nose and throughout her head as it left a warm wetness between her legs. She shifted on her feet, and with shaking hands removed the card.

"Miranda I do not think this is …"

"That's all Emily." And Miranda waved her hands in the air.

Emily slowly exited the office as Miranda opened the card.

"Nothing has looked more beautiful or smelled more satisfying than you."

She smiled wickedly, and once again inhaled the aroma of the bouquet of Freesias sitting on her desk.

Just than her phone rang, she looked at the caller ID, and smiled. "Greyson," she whispered huskily.

On the other end was a laugh, "I want to see you tonight." Miranda grinned, and gave the gentleman her address.

Greyson stood in the doorway grinning maliciously at the hips sashaying away from him.

Miranda looked over her shoulder as her foot lay on the first step to the second floor. Her smoking eyes hooded by her lashes.

Greyson closed the door, and followed.

Once inside the bedroom Miranda slammed Greyson up against the closed door, and she smothered him in a searing kiss.

Greyson was enjoying the strength of this woman.

Miranda hissed into his ear, "Fuck me now."

Fairies were never coy when it came to sex.

Greyson ripped the clothes off Miranda, and pushed her over to the bed.

Miranda stared at Greyson through her icy eyes. Her senses were in over drive as she craved for the release she needed, wanted.

Greyson pushed her down on the bed, and he climbed on top of her. His eyes roamed over the pale luminous skin. His mouth watered as he took in the small full breasts just waiting for him to devour. He was so hard he ached, and he needed to relieve it.

Miranda grabbed for his neck, and pulled him into her feeling his hard shaft grind into her. Her head was reeling, and it was not happening fast enough for her. She flipped Greyson over, ripping his clothes off, and impaled herself on his thick shaft as she bit into the flesh on his shoulder with her sharpened teeth.

Greyson screamed, and Miranda moaned.

She rode him hard, and fast building herself up until she finally came.

Greyson exploded inside her, never had he experienced sex like this before. He was panting as his heart beat out of control. His mind reeled, and spun out of control.

The two lay in each other's arms. Sweat dripping from their bodies.

Miranda was so content on the fact she finally got some relief she did not notice there was no essence of Freesia around even though the bouquet she had received from Greyson earlier that day sat in a vase on her kitchen table.

That same night Andy once again awakened with a start.

She was angry, very angry. She did not know why nor could she understand it. The feeling made her blood boil, and she started to cry for no reason at all. Her heart hurt in the cruelest way. She felt as if she was dying. She rolled over in bed, grabbed her pillow, and sobbed.

Anna was walking by Andy's door, and heard the child crying inside. She knocked on the door, and when there was no answer she quietly walked in.

Andy felt the bed dip near her, and a hand run through her hair.

"Sweetheart, what's wrong? Why are you crying? Did you have a bad dream?"

Andy shook her head, "Don't call me Sweetheart, don't touch me, and no I did not have a bad dream. I do not know why I am crying."

"But Baby I always call you Sweethea …"

Andy turned around glaring at her Mother, "I don't care." She screamed.


Andy looked at her Mother, then fell into her arms, "I so sorry Mommy. I hurt, but I do not know why. My heart hurts so bad I feel like I am dying."

Anna caressed Andy's head, and patted her back, "It is O.K. Baby, and everything will be O.K. I am here now. I promise you are not dying."

Andy continued to sob on Anna's shoulder until she cried herself to sleep.

Within six months Miranda and Greyson were married much to the displeasure of Miranda's protectors Emily and Nigel. They both argued with her over her decision. They tried to tell her he was not the right match for her, but she would not hear of it. He gave her the kind of sex she craved.

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