The Blue Lady

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Chapter 6

Between Runway filling up all her daylight hours plus some night hours, and Greyson giving her body the sex it craved in between, Miranda's life was full. She no longer needed to think about the tiny child she once protected, and was forced to walk away from. She no longer had time to think about how her heart hurt or how much she missed the large deep brown eyes of Andréa.

As fate would have it Miranda became bored with Greyson within six months. Not long after the marriage Miranda realized that sex with Greyson did not bring her the results she wished or lusted for. It was empty, and the fragrance of Freesias never came to her afterward. Soon she was not able to climax with him no matter how aggressive they were. She figured she would never find the love or partner that would bring her the passion she so craved.

Her desire to bring Runway to the top of the fashion world started to take all of her time, andGreyson became annoyed at this. He decided it was time to woo her back to him.

The Empress noted this, and decided now was the time. She needed to give Miranda the child promised to her before it was too late. Back in her mind the Empress knew Miranda would not be satisfied with a mediocre mate for long. She knew there was only one person that would be able to satisfy Miranda for eternity. She just hoped Miranda had the patience to wait for that person.

Miranda was sitting in the chair in the study when Greyson came home that night.

She smelled him before he even started up the front steps.


Greyson walked in across the foyer, and stood in the door way.

Miranda would not look at him, she tried to ignore the feelings running through her head. The need to be taken, and driven into ecstasy. Her body craved it for many years now, and nothing had come close.

The aroma of the Freesias caused her insides to burn, and turn into liquid. She sifted in the chair as her fluids flowed from between her legs.

Her breathing was becoming labored, and Greyson stared at her chest rise and fall.

"Miranda," Greyson said huskily.

She did not move, she did not want to give into him, but her body was betraying her. She shifted again.

Greyson was standing over her, and laid the Freesias on top of the book.

He took a deep breath, and could smell her essence, "Miranda!"

She closed her eyes inhaling deeply, electricity shot through her body, and she felt as if she would cum right then and there.

Greyson kneeled before the beautiful woman, pulled the book out from under the flowers, grabbed Miranda's wrists, and pulled her toward him. "Miranda look at me."

Her eyes turned up seeing Greyson through her lashes.

He pulled her closer, and kissed her deeply as his hands slid under her sweater caressing her everywhere.

Miranda was trembling, and as Greyson’s fingers glided over her erect nipples she came, falling into him.

Greyson stared at the brightness of her eyes at that moment, never before seeing them look that way. He pulled her down onto the fur rug, and his hands were up underneath her skirt sliding up her inner thigh slick with her cum.

"God Miranda. You are so hot, so wet, and your smell … mmmmmm so sweet." Greyson purred.

The Freesia flowers laid all around them, and the scent was pulling Miranda deeper into oblivion.

Her eyes were closed as she arched into Greyson's hand. "Please," she begged.

Greyson slowly slid inside of her as she screamed.

He was hell bent on making it last that night, and he rode her slow and easy until her muscles clinched his shaft so hard he could not hold back any longer. He hissed out her name as he came long and hard inside her.

Miranda let loose as her muscles held onto Greyson's thick hard shaft. She had never felt a sensation like this before.

As Greyson slumped onto his wife Miranda began to cry.

When Greyson realized this he raised up off her with concern in his face. "Miranda?"

She looked at him with the softest blue eyes, and whispered, "I'm pregnant."

Greyson's breath hitched, "Miranda. How long?"

She grinned at him, "Just now."

The scent of Freesia was flowing strong through her blood, and she was the happiest she had been in a long time, in over six years.

Andy once again woke up shaking, and feeling resentful. Tears once again fell from her eyes as she felt her heart break in two. She felt like she had just lost the most important thing in her life. Like she had been replaced, and was no longer needed. What were these feelings, and why was she having them? Once again she buried her head in her pillow, and cried herself back to sleep confused.

Of course Greyson did not believe Miranda's announcement until weeks later when the Doctor confirmed it. His wonderment at Miranda, and the life he lived with her blew his mind. Never before had he known someone so dynamic, so rare, and so remarkable.

Miranda was on a high.

She had been pushing everyone at Runway to their limit, and it showed in the increased circulation of the magazine, and improved advertisers and designers requesting space in the magazine.

She was now also pregnant with the child the Empress promised her for finding “The One”.

Sitting at her desk behind the glass walls Miranda laid her palm flat on her abdomen. Her thoughts wondered to the small child with the silken brown hair. A flower petal fell from her eye as she remembered the child's voice reveal her love for Miranda, and Miranda returning it. Her heart once again ached to be near Andréa, to feel her, and to see the beautiful deep brown eyes. Miranda immediately turned her chair facing the large window, and looked out over the sky line.

Emily witnessed the emotion of Miranda, and immediately called Nigel.

Nigel ran to the outer office, and stopped short at Emily's desk.

"Nigel you have got to get her mind off of "The One" before the Empress feels it. The Empress gave her a child, and she can just as easily take it away. That would break Miranda's human heart, and you know what would happen to Miranda if that happened."

Nigel tore his eyes away from Miranda, and glared at Emily. His spiked yellow teeth appeared, and he hissed at her, "I very well know what would happen to her."

He looked back at Miranda caressing her abdomen.

"Miranda!" He yelled before entering her inner office.

Miranda's head jerked up, she turned in the chair, and she glared at Nigel. "I do not remember asking for you."

Nigel stood his ground. Over all the people who worked at Runway, Human or Fairy Nigel was the only one allowed to talk to Miranda this way. Nigel had been with her for hundreds of years. Even before she was commissioned to look for "The One". He was the one who suggested she inhabit the body she was in, and to pursue a job at Runway.

Nigel looked at Miranda, "The November shoot is a disaster. If we do not straighten it out now we will never be ready for print."

Miranda sighed, the last thing she wanted was for Irv to blame the pregnancy on the slippage of Runway in the fashion industry.

"Nigel call Emily then come sit we have something to discuss."

Nigel looked at his friend worried.

As Nigel and Emily sat in front of Miranda she stared at them rolling the edge of her glasses over her bottom lip.

Emily groaned, "Miranda I know the glasses are just a prop but do you have to do that with them?"

Miranda inhaled the slight fragrance of Freesia, and smiled wickedly. "Emily you must find someone to cure your cravings."

Nigel snickered, and Emily shot him the look of death.

"I have brought you two in here to give you some news." Miranda scanned her protectors closely, "That is unless you know about it already?"

Nigel smiled, "We knew the moment it happened."

Miranda grinned, "I do not want this to interfere with Runway. For some reason Irv seems to have become more annoyed as the magazine has grown. I do not understand that. I do not want to give him any reason to let me go just because I am with child."

Nigel and Emily nodded.

After that day work went as usual, and Miranda did not think of The One again.

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