The Blue Lady

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Chapter 7

Miranda's mind was full of Runway, and planning for the birth of her child. She thrived on the images for the future that a child would bring her. There was nothing she had ever wanted more. "The One" was a close second but she had to put Andréa out of her mind before the Empress caught wind of it. Miranda knew this was no longer her concern, but the child continued to show up in her mind … and the feelings Miranda had for her.

Greyson was under the impression this, the pregnancy had slated his place with Miranda. The marriage would be saved, and once again he would have her like before. She was a most beautiful and powerful woman, and his place in society had greatly elevated since their marriage. Greyson had always wanted children, and wanted girls. He could not imagine what it would be like to have a little Miranda running around the house.

Miranda on the other hand knew she would let Greyson stay, but soon he would have to go. Even now she could not stand having him in the house, and if it had not been for the pregnancy he would already be gone and forgotten. Now she would have to deal with him being in her life until at least she delivered, but for her child she would do anything … except stay married to its Father.

Humans divorced all the time, and the infant would be more Fairy than human, it would be able to deal with it. Her child would be strong, and with her rank in the Family, it would mean the child would be given a prominent position within The Family.

As Miranda built the Runway Empire, and nurtured the growing child inside her, Andy was being a simple human child.

She went to school, made friends, played with her siblings, and dreamed. She dreamed of a career. She had not yet decided what she wanted to do when she finished school, but she was sure she would contribute something big to the world.

She also had memories. Memories of feelings. Memories she could not explain, but memories all the same. Andy's memories never involved The Blue Lady directly. She had no recollection of the beautiful lady who use to come visit her every night. It had quickly disappeared after her fifth birthday, the last day The Blue Lady appeared in her bedroom, but Andy had colorful vivid dreams filled with imaginary creatures. Creatures who bowed to her, and did anything she asked of them. Dreams of a long, loving, and happy life.

Andy told her Mother and Father of these dreams, and her belief this was what her future held. She insisted the dreams were foretelling her life, only why she believed this she did not know.

To appease her they listened intently, but once again they became concerned about their Daughter hoping this too she would just grow out of.

One night Andy dreamed of a great crystal blue light giving her a golden book. The light spoke to her, and she immediately smiled in her sleep. She knew the voice, but not who it came from. The voice left her with a feeling of warmth, love, and protection … her memories.

The next morning she insisted her Mother go out and buy her a journal, and it had to be gold.

Anna and Richard did not want to give importance to these silly dreams, but after a morning of tears and sobs so distraught they gave in. Andy had not acted like this since she had her nightmares as a young child.

Anna felt Andy's sobs, and it broke her heart in two, feeling as if Richard or her children had been taken away from her, and she could not fathom it, she did not want her child feeling like that. It wasn't like Andy was a bad child. She excelled in school, and loved to learn. She had many friends, and was a happy child. As long as it did not hurt her what was so wrong with indulging the child?

The day before Andy dreamed of the golden book Miranda almost fired the entire writing crew from Runway.

Somehow the articles for the coming issue had been all mixed up, and when the preview mockup came back from the printers Miranda exploded. How could her employees be so incompetent? Why could they not see their mistakes came two fold on her? She would have to explain to Irv and the board the need for extra money to redo the inaccuracies.

Her skin turned its dark blue almost black color, and her teeth changed to their yellow sharp spikes.

It took all of Nigel and Emily's power to bring her down. The only thing that helped was Emily reminding her that this would not be good for the baby.

Miranda shivered, and morphed first into her bright sparkling blue color with her perfect white teeth back, then into her human form. The transformations had drained Miranda, and Nigel had called for Roy their minion to take her home. She needed to rest after the drain her body took from the changes.

That night Miranda had wished for someone with great intelligence to run the Writing Department. Someone she could always count on, someone who knew her, and would work as hard as she did.

The Empress was watching, and listening.

The Directive was playing out as it should.

"The One" had no distinct memories of Miranda, and Miranda was content with the pending birth of her child.

The process had gone so well the night Miranda gave birth the Empress surprised her with not one but two girls.

Miranda had a hard time keeping the flower petals from falling from her eyes as the Doctor informed her and Greyson that a second child was on its way. Her only reprieve was to inhale the penetrating fragrance of Freesia in the air as her second child Caroline screamed her way into the world. How could she have been so blessed to be given not one but two children? This was very rare in the Fairy Family. Miranda's heart grew large with love, and she thought it would burst.

There had only been one other time in her life she had felt like this, and it was at the birth of "The One".

Half way across the United States twelve year old Andy dreamed of her future children, and they came in pairs.

Two girls, then a girl and a boy. The dream warmed Andy's heart, and she felt as if it would burst with happiness and love.

Andy sat straight up in bed her bright smile covering her face, "Mom!" she screamed.

Anna came running into the girl's room, "Andy what is it? Did you have a nightmare?"

Andy shook her head no, and laughed, "You know I do not have bad dreams. I dreamed that I am going to have four children. Three girls and a boy."

Anna sat staring at her oldest Daughter not knowing what to say. The girl screamed in the middle of the night to tell her Mother she dreamed of having children! Anna did not have the heart or the energy to argue with Andy that it was only a dream.

"Isn't that amazing?" Andy was beaming from ear to ear.

Anna gathered her child in her arms hugging her tight, "Yes my dear, but remember College first."

Andy pulled away, "But of course Mother how else can I become a journalist?"

Anna stared at her Daughter once again, "A Journalist? I thought you wanted to be a lawyer like your Father."

Andy giggled, "Mother that was when I was a child. I know I am to move to New York, and be a Journalist."

Anna held a hand over her mouth, "New York?" What was she going to do with this child, and her wild dreams?

Andy smiled brightly shaking her head yes, "The bright Blue Light told me so."

Anna gasped.

Just then Richard walked into Andy's room, and Anna turned toward him fear in her eyes. With a big smile on his face Richard whispered, "What is all the murmuring going on in here?"

Anna held out a hand to her husband, "Andy has informed me the Blue Light has told her to become a Journalist, and move to New York."

Richard took a deep breath, "I am done with all this nonsense. You are almost a teenager Andy. You are not going to become a Journalist just because some stupid Blue Light in one of your dreams told you so. You will go to law school as we have planned! I do not want to hear anything more about it!"

Andy stared at her Father. He had never spoken to her like this before.

Huge tears formed in her eyes, and slowly began to roll down her face, and in a low whisper Andy addressed her parents, "the Blue Light is not stupid, and it comes to me every night. I will do as I choose, and no one will step in my way."

Andy rolled over in bed, and closed her eyes tight hoping the Blue Light would come to her again tonight, and console her. She needed to feel its touch, and warmth. She craved the softness, and beauty of the light. The way it made her feel, a feeling Andy had no words for only that it was different than anything she had ever felt and it made her feel whole, loved, and protected.

Anna tried to get Andy to talk to them, but to no avail.

Richard took Anna's hand, and pulled her up from the bed, "come it will soon be morning, and you need your sleep."

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