The Blue Lady

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Chapter 8

As the days passed Miranda settled into her home with her precious new daughters. She rocked, and nursed them through the day and night. Their skin, and lips so soft against her breast it made her heart overflow. The scent of Freesias hung in the air around them as they nursed. Miranda had never been so happy, even Greyson was easy to tolerate.

Greyson stayed away from Miranda, and lavished all his heart and love on the girls. He had no qualms about changing diapers, as a matter of fact he enjoyed it. He would blow raspberries on their tummies, and kiss their feet. He had not one but two little Miranda's to lavish his love on. He knew the twins were special as he had never seen skin glow as theirs did.

Even Miranda did not have the heart to tell him to leave as she watched him play with the girls, and rock them to sleep. She knew he loved them as much as she did.

The night the girls turned thirty days old they were introduced into the Family of the Fairies as was custom.

The twins were dressed in long flowing crystal blue gowns. The gowns were made by Valentino, as was custom. Yes Valentino was a Fairy.

Greyson was sound asleep in the spare bedroom, and once again the downstairs was converted into a grand hall. The walls were hung with flowing blue curtains while massive gold thrones encircled the room. In the chairs sat the leader of each Fairy line and at the lead was The Empress, the head of The Family. In the middle of the room was a gold platform.

Miranda's position within the Fairies led to only the best for her Children's introduction.

The Empress presided over the festivities, and Nigel and Emily were given the honor of being their protectors as they protected the twins Mother.

The girl's position in the Family was announced that night, and Miranda was anxious to hear what her girl's future would be. Just because she held a high rank did not mean the girls would also. This was a tense time for Miranda. Only The Empress possessed the ability to know each child's future.

The Empress held the child with the human name Cassidy, and proclaimed she would help regulate the elements of the earth. The seasons would change with her help. Snow or rain would fall, and the sun with rainbows would emerge at her command.

The child with the human name Caroline would help with the final disappearance of each Fairy as they left the world. Helping the older and wiser Fairies morph into the after realm required great discipline and empathy.

Both positions were highly ranked stations in the Fairy realm. As for how high they would reach in their ranks depended on how well Miranda raised them, and their own initiative. Parenting was highly regarded with the Fairies. Children could only be conceived by approval of The Empress as parenting was the highest position a Fairy could hold.

Miranda was very pleased, and proud of her girls. Even at such a young age Miranda knew they would excel, and she would be honored to raise them.

The event lasted all night as each infant was passed from one Fairy Leader to the other, and as they were passed the Fairies would bless them and bestow a special gift to them. The Empress was the first and last to hold the twins. As Empress she gave them their position within the Family, and as their Grandmother she gave them the gift of warmth, love, and protection.

As the child was blessed by her the infant would float to its bassinet made of gold, lined with satin, and colored with different hues of blue.

As the morning sun rose the celebration ended, and once again the home was restored to its human settings.

Miranda was smiling sweetly as she caressed the head of each girl as they slept soundly in the golden bassinets. Miranda sighed the only thing that would have made this perfect would have been to have the brown eyed child "The One" with them.

Meanwhile Andy was going through the days with her eyes dark, and dull. She never felt so lost, as alone as she did then. Her only reprise was the glorious dreams she had while a sleep.

Her human parents knew this was not their little girl. The one who ran, played, giggled, and laughed without a care in the world. Now she acted as if the problems of the whole world rested on her tiny shoulders, and every day those shoulders slumped further.

"Richard I cannot stand it anymore, seeing her like this." Anna frowned tears in her eyes.

"But Anna we cannot keep letting her believe in dreams."

"Why not Richard she has been a happy child it cannot be that bad for her. Is it because she no longer wishes to be a lawyer?"

Richard glared at his wife, "It is a good profession."

Anna laughed, "You know she has five more years for you to change her mind back."

Richard smiled at his wife knowing he could not deny her anything, "Fine."

When they sat Andy down, and explained themselves to her she exploded.

The once vibrant smile had returned, and at that very moment two stars shined bright outside their window as two small infants gave their audience a heartfelt belly laugh.

The first thing Andy wrote about in her new gold journal was about an elaborate party given for her first two Daughters. She smiled in her sleep as she watched from afar the Introduction Ceremony for them. Red hair and crystal blue eyes sparkled brightly. As each one had been blessed by their Grandmother they caught Andy's eye, and smiled contently. Andy beamed she was so proud.

The Empress scowled at this event, worried that "The One" was too connected to Miranda.

She knew the pieces were falling, and she just hoped they were falling into the right picture. She only had so much power to direct the outlook of time. The rest was up to the participants. She prayed that Miranda and Andrea would be strong enough to bring their impending future to light.

With the realization of the amount of work Miranda would have with twins both Nigel and Emily decided Miranda would need a second assistant.

The Empress sighed with relief. Both Nigel and Emily had taken the first step in securing not only Miranda and "The One's" future, but the future of The Family as well.

The proposition was brought to the Elias-Clarke Board on a day Irv could not be present, and with Justin Elias and Myles Clarke owning over half of the shares, and pleased with Miranda's work the idea was quickly given their approval.

When Irv returned to Runway, and found out what had transpired he blew up demanding an emergency meeting of the board. Irv was quickly ruled out as Justin reminded him Miranda was bringing in more money with her one magazine than all the others combined. Needless to say Irv was furious. He never thought this would happen one day when they all joked about trying to run the fashion magazine into the ground by appointing Miranda (a woman) as Editor in Chief.

How she did it, and why the board even wanted to continue to print a fashion magazine he did not know, but one day he would bring her down.

It was up to Emily to find the second assistant.

With the popularity of Runway, and Miranda Emily had to weed through a lot of … well "stupid" model want to be’s.

Emily tried her best, but most of them only lasted one or two months before either they ran out crying, or Miranda fired them.

Emily even tried to hire a financial graduate making them the first assistant to take care of Miranda's expenses, schedule, and appointments while Emily saw to her everyday needs.

Miranda was soon being referred to as the Dragon Lady.

The stress between caring for the girls, and trying to get use to a new second assistant every few months left her no choice but to begin calling them all Emily. If one was lucky enough to survive longer than three months, then Miranda felt safe enough to remember their real names.

After their two year birthday Miranda turned to the twins Father, and made a simple statement, "Greyson, I cannot do this anymore. I cannot pretend to be in love with you any longer. You need to leave. Papers will be sent to you next week."

Greyson stared at his wife of three and a half years in shock, "Miranda."

Miranda looked at the man emotionless.

"You cannot be serious Miranda."

Miranda blinked, "I assure you Greyson I am most serious. I have talked with my lawyer, and the papers are all written up and signed by me. You should receive them in just a few days at your office."

Greyson jumped up off his chair, "Miranda! My home! My children! Why have you not discussed this with me?"

Miranda shrugged, "We have not slept in the same bed in over two years. We never talk about anything but the girls. We can do that as separate individuals as well as partners. I do not wish to be married to you anymore, and I have heard stories that point to the fact you do not wish to be married to me anymore. You will not get any money from me as those stories have you in bed with other women. You will have joint custody of the girls as I cannot deny them the presence of their Father in their life, but just know they will always live with me and if you try to change that you will be sorry."

Greyson stood with his mouth wide open, "You will be sorry about this Miranda."

He turned, and walked out.

The next morning on page six was an article claiming Miranda as the Ice Queen.

Greyson did not see his girls for six months.

The night after Miranda made this announcement to Greyson Andy awoke from one of the happiest dreams she ever had. Truthfully she could not remember the dream, but she knew her heart was so full of love, and warmth the dream had to be good.

Her skin felt so soft, and tingled in a way she had never experienced before, or at least what she could remember. Her heart was so full it felt as if it would burst.

All she could think of was this must be what love feels like, and she knew this was what she had been craving for many years, and desperately wanted it.

She kept this to herself knowing her parents would once again think she was crazy, they would never be able to understand. Even her best friends Doug and Lily would probably think it was crazy. She felt as if no one would really understand her, but somewhere deep inside she sensed there was someone, someone who really did, and she could not wait to meet that person.

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