The Blue Lady

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Chapter 9

Throughout high school Andy took as many English courses as possible, and made the High School Newspaper and Yearbook committees. She was doing everything she could to secure her future of becoming a world renowned journalist. One would say she was obsessed with it, but for Andy it was just a process. She did not know why, or how she knew this, it was just in her heart.

Luckily Lily was able to follow Andy in most of her ambitions since her love for art gave her great positions on the two committees. It was imperative that Lily keep close to Andy as she was "The One's" protector. How she was blessed enough to get the position she did not know.

One night The Empress appeared in her home, Golden Throne and all. "The One has been found you will be her protector." Then The Empress disappeared as quickly as she appeared.

Lily remembered being in a state of shock. Her best friend Andy? Andy was "The One"? Andy was the promise to the Fairies of continuing to live among the Humans in harmony?

They had been playmates since they were infants. They lived just two houses away from each other. Lily's Human form was only five, but as a Fairy she was hundreds of years old. Lily thought back, and now everything made sense. Andy's nightmares, and her constant talk of The Blue Lady. It must have been the seeker that Andy saw, and named The Blue Lady.

Lily was always amazed at Andy's conviction. How could she know that going to New York was her destiny? Hell even Lily did not know how Andy's life was to play out before she represented the terms of the Directive.

Only The Empress knew this.

Andy never had time to become a cheerleader or worry about going to Prom or Homecoming. That was far from her.

If she was not asked by anyone and in order to appease her parents Doug was always her mainstay.

She never second thought her choices growing up knowing something better, and bigger awaited her.

Never saying anything to his family or friends Doug always knew he favored the same sex, and Andy had expected it from the beginning, but not wanting to hurt her good friend kept the feeling to herself. Andy helped Doug keep his secret by being his steady date. That was until they made it to college.

Doug and Lily teamed up with Andy planning where they would go to college, and then their exodus to New York City. All three had decided they would find themselves in the big city.

Lily called them the three musketeers, but Doug would laugh and say it was more like the three stooges.

Lily wanted to be an artist, Doug wanted to work on Wall Street, and Andy a Journalist. They decide going to North Western would give them each what they needed to further their careers, and keep them together as if going to separate schools would break the spell, and neither one would make it to the Big Apple.

Lily was glad she had a good excuse to follow Andy were she wanted to go. Lily had planned this for many years, and thanks to Doug it would all work out.

At about the same time Miranda was getting flack about being single, and being seen with multiple different men at the many Galas and Functions required by Runway for her to go to. Most of the men who escorted the prominent Editor in Chief were gay, the rest, well, they just knew she was way out of their league.

It did not bother her that page six comment on this often, for she had no need for a human man any longer. None had been able to give her the sexual life she craved, and she had her girls. Although, it did bother her when their remarks pointed to the possibility of her taking all these different men home with her at night with the girls in the house. Their innuendos about her bedding all these men sacrificed the rank her twins would rise to in their chosen fields within the Family, and this was not acceptable.

Leslie from the Legal Department was consulted on more than one occasion to take the newspapers and magazine who dared to make this assumption to court. With Leslie being a Fairy she was able to successfully persuade the heads of any publication into recanting the stories, and agree to never publish anything regarding the twins again.

Her role in The Fairy Family was a soldier. As a lawyer she was able to maneuver any law in favor of The Family. Over the many years she had learned much, and at this point in time had high standing within the legal community.

After Miranda became Editor in Chief she claimed Leslie as legal counsel for her, and Runway.

There were a few though who wondered why they had ever agreed to this, and once again wrote stories about Miranda, the twins, and the many men Miranda was seen with. These publications soon lost advertisers, subscribers, then went under. Rumors ran rampant, and they would soon be added to the list that became known as Miranda's Blacklist.

After that no one dared tried to write about or print pictures of the twins.

This did not ease Miranda's concerns regarding how the public thought she was raising her girls. Part of the girl's positions in their selected post depended on how Miranda brought up the twins. If the Empress believed these rumors to be a bad influence on the girls it could hamper their climb to the top of their professions.

Miranda's next night out was to a party at Lavin to launch a new designer within the house.

Emily had secured Stephen someone Miranda had use numerous times, and during that time had become somewhat good friends.

Stephen was a well know top rated lawyer in high standings within the community.

That night Miranda had learned from Stephen that he was getting the same kind of interrogation from his associates as Miranda was receiving from Runway's Board of Directors and the paparazzi, and that he could totally understand her concern.

Stephen was a handsome older gentleman, and easy to talk to.

Miranda flirted with him throughout the night, and for the first time in years took him home to her bed.

The love making was nothing spectacular, but it did give Miranda some of the sexual release she had been craving.

That night while in bed Miranda turned to Stephen, "We should get married."

This proclamation took Stephen by surprise, but as he thought about it, it made perfect sense to him. He enjoyed Miranda's company, and she was a very strong, beautiful woman. Her skin was soft, and electric. Making love with her was like nothing he had ever experienced before. His partners would stop hassling him about being single, and her status in society was so impressive he could climb the ladder just having her on his arm. He accepted her proposal, and before anyone realized what was going on they were married.

The night Miranda proposed to Stephen, Andy shot straight up in bed shaking.

Nate stirred as he laid next to her.

Andy ran her hand through her hair, and over her face. She was sweating. She wrapped her arms around her waist as her tears began to fall. Her heart was breaking, and she did not know why. The tears slowly turned into sobs as jealousy, and hurt continued to explode in her mind. It all felt so real, but were was it coming from?

Nate turned his head, and opened his eyes, "Andy, what is it?" He sat up in bed touching her arm, it was so cold. Andy looked over at him. "Andy, why are you crying?" He became concerned.

She shook her head, and as Nate gathered her up in his arms, she sobbed into his shoulder. "I don't know. I woke up feeling like I had just lost something, someone very near, and dear to me."

Nate frowned, "You mean like your Parents, or your Brother or Sister?"

Andy shook her head again, "No, more than that, my lover, my mate." She pulled back her head, and looked at Nate with the most sorrowful eyes, "You."

Nate smiled, "Sweetheart, you never have to worry about losing me. I love you more than anything. I will never leave you."

Andy looked at him not convinced, "Please do not call me Sweetheart."

Nate looked at her funny, "I tell you I will never leave you and all you can say is don't call me sweetheart?"

Andy wiggled her way out of Nate's arms. She did not know who it was but it wasn't Nate she was worried about losing, "I'm sorry Nate I don't know what I am saying. I must have had a weird dream. Mom and Dad always said I had strange dreams while growing up."

Nate just looked at her, "Yea … uhm … well let's just go back to bed." He laid down, and rolled away from Andy.

Andy just looked at the man who shared her bed, and knew at that moment their relationship would not last. He was not the right one for her. She knew there was someone special for her but just where was that person? She continued to cry, and mourned the loss of someone she did not even know, or did she?

The Empress was furious.

This was not in the Directive.

Green sparks ran through her fingers and out her long thick yellow claws as her skin turned a dark blue (almost black), and her teeth became yellow and pointed.

Emily and Nigel would have to pay.

Miranda's marriage did not set well with Nigel and Emily but there was nothing they could do about it now except protect Miranda from anything bad happening to her because of it.

They never did like Stephen from the first time he had escorted her to the Met Gala. They knew he was a partner in a very prestigious Law Firm in the city, and had a solid reputation, but there was just something about him that did not set right with them. They thought between them and Leslie they would have been able to sense what was wrong with him, but there was nothing.

The Empress appeared at Runway in front of Emily's desk. "Is this what you call protecting her?"

Emily was shaking unable to find her tongue to speak.

Nigel ran into the office having sensed The Empress' arrival.

She turned to Nigel, and fire was in her eyes. "You have allowed a disruption within The Directive. I hope for your sake "The One" is strong enough to endure."

Then The Empress was gone.

Emily looked at Nigel, "Was that about Miranda's marriage?"

Nigel ran his hand over his bald head, "I would assume so but what does that have to do with The One?"

Andy had argued with her parents all during the first two years of college regarding her choices of classes to take. Luckily most of the classes Andy choose for her Journalism Degree also made for good undergrad work to launch her into a Graduate Law Degree. So to appease her parents she had told them she had changed her mind, and once again desired to be a lawyer, but in her heart she knew she had to be a journalist, and move to New York City.

It was the right choice for her, the choice that made her happy, and content. It was her future, and she would not let anyone get in her way.

As Andy entered into her last year at North Western her parents brought up the issue of going to Law School.

Tired of arguing with them Andy agreed to apply to Stanford Law, her Father's alma mater, knowing there would be no way she would get in.

All along she still planned on moving to New York with Doug, Lily, and now Nate. Andy did not really want him to come with them but he had engrained himself into their tiny circle, and he would help with rent.

They had not been together as a couple, i.e. had sex in quite a while. Andy always had some kind of excuse relating to be tired from studying, and finals.

Nate accepted it, and life went on. Nate's aspiration was to be a chef. His ultimate goal was to open his own restaurant.

Half way through her last year of undergrad work Andy received a call from her parents.

"Andy?" Her Mother sounded very excited.

"Yes Mom. Why are you calling?"

"Peanut!" Boomed her Father.

"Dad you are on the line too?"

"We are on speaker phone Baby." Her Mother exclaimed.

"Andy you need to sit down." Her Father encouraged.

"Mom, what is wrong? Just tell me." Andy was worried.

"Andy, you just received a letter from Stanford." Her Father exclaimed proudly.

There was silence on the line.

"Andy? Are you there?" Her Father questioned.


"Do you not want to know what it says?" Asked her Mother.


"Andy you are in. You have been accepted into Stanford's Law Program."

There was more silence.

"Andy are you not excited? You made it! You are going to law school." Her Mother was so pleased.

"Dad, Mom. No I am not."

"Andy what are you talking about? Yes you are. You applied and you have been accepted."

"No I am not. Dad I only applied to appease you, and I figured I would never get accepted. I am going to New York with Lily, Doug, and Nate." The silence was deafening to Andy, "Mom? Daddy? I have told you both for a long time. I want to be a Journalist."

"Andy, are you sure?"

"Yes, Mom I am sure. Please I was hoping you would back me on this. You want me to be happy right?"

"Well, yes Darling but it will be so hard for you to get started. Do you even have any job aspects yet?"

"Well, no but Nate and I will be living together, and splitting expenses. We will be fine until I find a job."

Andy heard her Mother sigh, "Andy if it does not work out, if you do not find a job within three months promise us you will go to Law School."

Andy took a deep breath, "O.K. fine if I cannot get a promising job in three months I promise to go back to school."

"O.K. Baby we need to hang up. Take care of yourself, and we will see you at graduation. If you need anything call."

"Thank you Mom. I love you Daddy."

"Good-bye Peanut we love you too."

Andy hated doing this to her Mother and Father but she had to follow her heart. She somehow knew what her path in life would be, and she was going to fight for her life.

The Empress listened into the entire conversation.

This child was strong, she would need this strength to get her through the months ahead. She had been sure Miranda's memory had been completely wiped from Andrea's mind so many years ago but now she was not so sure. Was the essence so strong that buried deep inside "The One" they were still connected? She hoped so.

The Empress knew back then that there was only one soul that would satisfy Miranda.

Fairies may mate with many different entities but there was always one that was their true partner, and always a Fairy. Most met as they came of age, some never would find that one true individual, and then there was Miranda. Her true mate would not be a Fairy but Human, and she had to wait hundreds of years for the Human to come into existence.

There had only been one other Fairy that mirrored Miranda's mating pattern, and that pair was never allowed.

The child's memory had been completely dissolved of her, the Fairy of her dreams, but that had been thousands of years ago. The Empress never did find a Fairy that gave her the feelings the human child did. "The One" she had been chosen to protect. At that time the Directive had stated there would be no sexual bonds between the Fairies and the Humans except for reproduction.

Luckily for Miranda The Directive was always evolving, and it had changed in her favor.

The Empress had to make sure The Directive's prophecy was delivered for the future of the Family. For Miranda's future happiness, and wellbeing.

While Andy finished High School, and made her way through four years at North Western the twins grew up learning how to terrorize their Mother's assistants. They also perfected the delicate spells of a Fairy, like how to morph in and out of their human body.

As the girls grew into adult hood they would leave their human body, and maintain their Fairy state as their positions would not have them interacting with humans.

Cassidy at some point would probably have to come back to the human world, and at that time she would be able to choose any human body she wished. She would be able to go back to the one she grew up in, or pick someone entirely different.

Caroline would only have one reason to return to her human life form, and that was if a Fairy was caught in a human form when it died. A Fairy always knew when its human form's time would run out, and they would morph into their Fairy form, then go in search of a new human body. There were rare times when a Fairy was caught off guard, for instance in an accident. If a Fairy's human form died with them in it they would be trapped, and the Fairy's enlisted with caring for the Final Disappearance would need to come rescue them.

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