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[2] The Maple Tree


THE veins of the leaves are so slender and beautifully curved. The base part is deep green and then it gets lighter at the tip with a little touch of yellow. Some leaves even have small drops of yellow in them. Like someone have sprinkled yellow color on their slim greenish leaflet.

But what's surprising is that, there's only one Maple tree in this whole forest. And I've been walking through this forest for hours now, but I still can't quite reach that tree. I can see it's leaves but it's like the more I move towards it, the more it moves away from me.

There is a sound coming from somewhere... Right! This direction. Maybe there will be a fountain somewhere. I really need to drink some water. Until now I haven't noticed how thirsty I am.

The leaves on the ground causes an oddly soothing crunching sound as I walk. It's seems so familiar. Not like I've done it in the past familiar but like I'll do it in the future again familiar.

Yes! There's the fountain! But, there's something beside it, some glowing silhouette.

I go forward towards it. It is a guy.

And as I keep moving towards him, he becomes frantic. Looking everywhere. Suddenly a thrill surrounds me. What if he sees me? Oh my god. What will happen if he sees me? But before I find out the answers of the questions, he looks straight at me.

Greenest eyes.

AND I wake up gasping.

It was a dream. Thank heavens.

It is the same dream I've regularly. But it was a little different today.

I couldn't dwell on that much longer though. As mom comes and tells me to get ready. We are leaving in two hours.

Have I found you?

Flightless bird, brown hair bleeding

Or lost you?

American mouth

Big bill, stuck going down

"Hello" I answer my phone.

"Hello, are you looking for that Maple tree?", the person on the other side says.

Maple tree?

Maple tree.

Maple tree!

"How do you about it? What do you know about it?" I ask, frantic.

"Yes! Man, I did it!" the person says to someone else. Muffled voices comes.

"Hey! You talk to me. Tell me what you know about it! Tell me!" I say. But it's like talking to an already dead line.

"Yes yes, I found his girl!" What?

Perfect. Some stupid guys calling random numbers in hopes of hearing a female voice.

And here I thought that I got answers of my weird dreams.

I should've known.

I cut the call. And block the number.

Third person's point of view

"SHE has cut the call. Damn. Which number was that? Yeah this one." The guy in white dress shirt calls the number again. But unfortunately, he dials the second number in the call history. And when he hears a familiar male voice, he understands that it's one of the many wrong numbers he had dialed before.

"Liv, can you give me the numbers and hints God had given us again? I think I forgot." He asks to the pale girl sitting on the couch.

"Sure." She gives him a piece of parchment.

And he starts making phone numbers and calling again. Completely forgotten that he could find it just from the recents by matching the times.

What a mistake for someone who's given a so much important task.

"I can't find it. How am I going to write her?" He asks frustrated, looking at the other man beside him.

"She's already his fate. God has given us that much information. And you've heard her voice. Also you know about her dreams thanks to the Gods. So, I'm sure you can write her." The other man says.

"But her name..." The man in white shirt says.

"You don't need to know her name. You are just curious. Aren't I right?" The other man smirks.

"Well yeah. You are right. So I'll just hurry up and write her, making God's plan for them confirm." The white shirt wearing man proceeds to finish his work.

Freesia's point of view

I don't like this car. Not one bit. It's making me nauseous. I'm on the verge of vomiting. And to top it off, the elderly woman is driving in a ridiculously slow speed.

But it's not like I can do anything.

Mom and dad are taking our car. And I'm stuck here.

One hour earlier

"SIA! Dear please come. Or your dad will kill the poor man." Mom bursts through my door just as I've finished being ready.

I rush at the ground floor and towards the main door. Dad is beating the shit out of our supposed driver.

It was final that two trucks will take the furnitures and our car & an additional car will take the rest.

Apparently the driver of the additional car had accidentally clashed with mom while taking some things to the car.

And that is all it took dad to want to break the man's neck.

Dad is extremely possessive of mom. To the point that sometimes it seems suffocating to me. But I don't know how, mom doesn't seem to feel that way.

Any way after somehow with the help of the neighbors, we pull dad off the man and he doesn't waste his time in scurrying off. Without his car.

Dad calls another car, which is driven by an elderly woman.


AND that is how, people, I ended up here.

There's something about the woman though.

She's very much flexible for her age. Although she seems to drive at turtle's pace.

And I don't get very good vibes from her.

Like I should be afraid of her.

"What is your name dear?" She asks in a friendly voice.

"It's Freesia. Freesia Roberts. Your?" I ask in turn.

"Nice name you have. I'm Luvi." She laughs.

"Oh nice." I don't like the name. Our neighbors had a cat named Luvi. And to say the least, we didn't like each other much. The cat & I.

"How long is it?" I'm getting impatient now.

"Oh dear you'll meet very soon with your d..." She sneers at first, to my shock but then screeches to a stop with a look of pure horror on her face, looking at...a Maple leaf on the glass of the car.

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