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[3] Emily


Emily is coming back.

After that Maple leaf saved me from that freakish woman, I thought that I'll breath in relief. But no. That evil Emily is coming now.

She's my sister. Two years older than me. Not really my sister though. She was adopted. Her father is a famous football player. And her mother is a famous politician. They were on the path of building their future when Emily was born. So they put her for adoption.

I guess being a celebrity runs in blood. Since Emily is also a rising actress in Hollywood. With blonde hair and blue eyes she's stuns everyone. Except me, of course. I can see right through her fake good personality.

My parents always gave her more importance because she was adopted. She will get the best clothes. Her favorite food will be made. Not than I'm complaining. I mean, it's okay to some extent.

But no, if she wants my dress, she gets. If she wants my books, she gets. She doesn't even read! She would even manipulate mom and dad into grounding me for no reason. And if I complain to my parents then they would play the pity card. Saying that she'll take it in bad way and think we treat her like this because she's adopted. And I know that she will say just that. I don't know what I've done to her.

"Sia! Sweety be ready. Em will be here anytime." Mom yells from downstairs.


At least I'm ready this time.

"Aw Sia, I missed you so much!" Emily's eyes glitter evilly.

This is so not good.

"Guess who my new boyfriend is?", she continues, " Andrew Eastwood! He's your favorite actor, right?"


"Was. He was my favorite actor." I reply.

"Why dearie, did something happen?"

"He's not my favorite actor if he likes a skank like you."

"You are pathetic. Just admit it already. I mean you should know after Aaron."


Aaron had been a soft topic for me. Emily knows that I don't like to talk about him. And that's the reason why she taunts me about him.

I liked Aaron for a long time. In sophomore year he first talked to me. Then we became friends and we used to hang out a lot. After 2 or 3 months he finally asked me out. We had decided that we will be making it official the next day. I was so happy. I even wore a pink dress to school next day! I mean I don't have anything against pink but I'd have preferred a different color on that day. But I wore it because it was his favorite color.

Yeah yeah, I know. Feminine color and all. But it was his favorite color.

Then I go to school and see them announcing that they are together. Aaron and Emily. Of course, there's a E between A and F.

"I like you. Really. But Emily is it for me. I'm sorry." were his last words to me.

Turns out that they had been hooking up behind me all those times. Emily had asked him to talk to me and pretend that he likes me.

And in return, she would go out with him.

Who would have thought? That Aaron Eastwood was into older girls.

Another Eastwood. I wonder are they relatives?

"Come, I'll show you your room." I take her upstairs.

"It's okay. But it can be better. Show me your room." She turns towards me.

Oh it's going just the way I thought it would!

"Not again Em." I try to groan really.

"Come on. Don't be a baby." She marches ahead.


"Oh boy! Your room is so much better than mine!" She scrutinises the room.

Oh trust me, my room is far more better than hers. But the truth is, this is not my room. I knew that she'd want my room. So I transfered the boxes containing my stuff to her room and showed her my room.

"I want your room. Transfer your things to that room. Chop chop!"


Good thing that I haven't unpacked yet.

"Please Em, I really like this room."

"Shut up and start transferring"

I fake stomp away from the room.


I set up my room.

Tomorrow is my first day of school here.

And the dream have been changing. The overall thing is same but it changes a slight bit each day for three days now.

Today was somewhat normal though.

Well as normal as it could be with Emily around me.

And as ridiculous as it sounds, somewhere deep down, I want to have the dream again. I want to see those sparkling green eyes again.

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