The Awaited Luna

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Sophie, a young werewolf, daughter to the strongest Alpha in northern Europe is flying off to the U.S, to get acquainted with the pack protecting the area of New Hampshire. She has recently been accepted to the business program at Dartmouth and she needs the approval from the Alpha of the Emeral pack to attend the university, She quickly realizes there's a lot more to her moving to another country with an entirely different culture then what she's used to. Not only does she need to excel in her studies, but she also needs to adjust to the fact that she is an unmated in a new and unknown pack territory.

Fantasy / Romance
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Sophie stared down at the mail she was clenching in her hands. It was a break it or make it kind of moment. Her heart was racing, her palms were starting to sweat, and her knees started to shake. She could feel the intense look from her father who was just waiting for her to open the envelope, still, she could not do it.

“Soph, you just need to rip away the bandage. You’re only making it worse by delaying the moment.”

Looking up to meet her father’s stern eyes, she breathe in slowly and handed it towards him. “Can you please open it for me? I can’t.”

Shaking his head, he turned her down. “If you can’t open a single envelope, how are you going to be able to survive yourself when I’m not around?”

Nodding as to agree, she brought it closer again. Surely, it was a rejection, the envelope to thin to be anything else. Preparing for the worst, she used one of her sharp nails, pointy without a manicure, to rip the top open. Taking out the fancy paper, she briefly closed her eyes, saying a silent prayer, before she opened them again and read the first row. A smile starting to spread, she looked up at her father. “I got in.”

Sophie could see several emotions flash by in his eyes: anger, fear, regret and then it finally settled on pride. She could see him forcing a smile. “It looks like we’re shipping you off to the U.S.”

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