The Awaited Luna

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A new beginning

Sofie looked around at the room she’d been sleeping in for the past 18 years. In the rural woods in northern Scandinavia, her pack had found some kind of peace and settled down around 50 years ago. In her open suitcase, the sacred family diary was positioned on the very top of her other belonging. Still unsure if she should bring it with her, she had taken it out of the suitcase and put in back again more times than she could count.

The diary contained the history of her pack’s past. Her grandparents had led the pack here after the northern war was over, the war which had broken up the biggest Nordic pack in the history. For centuries, the Rohde family had birthed generations upon generations of new alphas that protected all the werewolf in the entirety of northern Europe. They had been able to hide in plain sight, integrated with the normal life of the unknowing humans, working, breathing and mating, thriving in the Scandinavian forests. Then the huntings had begun.

A thriving pack meant a rapidly increasing number of pups born in a short amount of time. When the pups got older and started to shift, the humans eventually began to notice the increase of “wolves”. The citizens of all the Nordic countries began to fear the woods, not wanting to go out at night or letting the human children out of their sight, all too scared that a dangerous wolf would harm them. Responding to the fear, hunters were allowed to kill as many wolves as they could even after the hunting season was over.

No longer were the werewolves safe in larger groups. The ones who were not ready to leave their homes were either killed by the hunters or had killed their own wolves themselves, continuing living the rest of their lives as mere humans. Some families followed Sophie's grandparents further into the woods, trying to live their lives as human as possible, only letting their wolves out when no other humans were in the area. Other wolves, the ones who did not want to give up what their lives, considering the humans beneath them, they went rogue. That was when the war started.

Realizing that the Nordic wolves no longer were gathered and loyal under one leader, with the packs split into different subgroups with their own agendas, the North-West Russian pack attacked. Most of the rogues who once belonged to the pack were slaughtered, either by the hunters or the Russian werewolves. The great northern wars history is filled with stories of bloodshed, heartaches and unfair outcome, eventually settling down after Alpha Erik Rohde declared peace with the North-West Russian pack. The agreement was simple, the Rohde pack never to again expand over all the 5 Nordic countries again or beyond their borders. Never to grow over 100 pack members. And never to try to get revenge on the North-West Russian pack. In return, the Rohde pack was to be left alone.

Alpha Erik Rohde, with the best of his packs interests at heart, had accepted, never to look back with regret. His family was forever safe, as long as all the members of the pack stayed within the limits of the peace agreement.

Sophie's father had given her the diary the day she opened her acceptance letter to Dartmouth, telling her that she was now the one who would have stories worth sharing in the diary. Ever since that day, she had read all the stories written by her relatives, the ones she had been told throughout her childhood in the pack school and among the fire pit every year on the day of the anniversary of signing the peace agreement. How could she bring something so sacred with her to another country? Why not leave it where it would be safe, without the risk of forgetting it somewhere. Yet, it was now hers and by bringing it with her, she would at least have a small part of her family with her.

Sophie closed the lid to the suitcase and brought it with her downstairs. Her father, she knew, was finalizing a meeting with his beta in his office and her mom was doing the final dishes in the kitchen. Her mother turned to her when she walked into the kitchen with a cheerful, yet not honest, smile on her face. “Are you all packed honey? Your dad is almost done, and we need to go to the airport in a couple of minutes if we want to catch our flight.” Sophie responded with the same smile and a nod. “I’m ready. I’ll take the case out to the car and wait for you there.” She walked out to the car and put the suitcase in the open truck, her parent’s suitcases already there. She closed the truck and got in the car.

Not long after she had made herself comfortable in the backseat, her parents came out and joined her. Soon the engine was running, and they were slowly making their way out of their village. Sophie looked back at her home, excited about her upcoming adventure. She was not going to be away for long this time. She and her parents were just going to make their introduction to the Emerald pack, the biggest pack in North-East America, who also happened to be in charge of the New Hampshire territory. She would be back in a week or two, or so she thought.

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