The Awaited Luna

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The American Dream

The journey over to New York had been smooth, the family had checked in at the airport without any fuss, and while the flight had been long and somewhat dull, the biggest issue had been whether to sleep, eat or watch a movie on the mini screen.

Arriving at the hotel they had booked over the weekend in New York City, Sophie sat down in one of the plush sofas in the lobby while her parents went to deal with the check-in. She could not believe that she was here. All her life, she had not traveled that far, out of fear of what has been and what could be. She and her family had spent most of their lives within the pack borders in the Northern Scandinavian woods. She considered herself and her family Swedish, as that were her native tongue (and truth be told, where her mobile operator told her she was), yet a big part of the pack was still stretched out in the Norwegian side. She did occasionally also go to Finland and once her family had gone all the way to Russia to pay their respect to the late Alpha of the pack that once had attacked them. Other than that, she had mostly stayed close to home.

Now she was here, in a country so far away from home and in a city with more skyscrapers than she thought could be possible. Back home, they did not have a single one. Not even Stockholm, her own capital, could measure up to this. She thought back to the time she and her family had gone to Stockholm on vacation and smiled. That had also been an exciting experience and never had she been in a city that big before. She could not help but smile to herself, if she had thought Stockholm was big, then what was New York? She had not been here for long, yet she could sense that she had not even seen a tenth of what the city had to offer.

She had had to beg her parents to stay for a couple of days in the Great Apple, wanting to explore everything she had seen on TV. While her parents were more conservative and want to get straight to New Hampshire, she had bombarded them with the benefits of staying for just a few days. With equal amounts of nagging and sporting the puppy eyes she had learned to perfection; her parents had eventually caved.

In her backpack, she had her bullet journal with all the different sites, restaurants, and attractions she was determined to explore while she was here. She had written down a meticulous schedule for the family starting tomorrow morning at 7 am with breakfast in the hotel restaurant, then they would go out and explore Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Central Park. She was also working out a plan on how to convince her parents to buy her new clothes, with the motive of looking presentable for the new pack she was visiting. For all she knew, her mate could be in that pack and she wanted to look her best.

That was for tomorrow, however, as of now, her parents were calling for her attention to go up to their rooms, get changed, and turn in for an early first night, exhausted as they all were from all the traveling they have done.

The next few days flew buy in a blur. Sophie dragged her parents from one site to another, stopping only to eat or stare at the different people passing her buy. Never did she think she would be able to stand in the midst of a concrete jungle, eating a hot dog tasting like everything else than meat, and be surrounded by so many different kinds of people. Some were hurrying along in tailor-cut suites, muttering in their phones about being late for yet another meeting, some were tourists like herself who could not stop staring in awe at everything going around. She could spot different vendors selling all kinds of craftsman shifts to varying prices, she saw people posing like famous celebrities and she even saw a Spiderman walking by as if he was dressed like anybody else, without a care in the world.

Sophie's feet were aching from walking around all days. This is not to say that she is not used to walking, she was. Yet there some differences to being used to walking around in the forests all day and walking on hard cement. She was not complaining though, absolutely not. She felt herself living the American dream and was enjoying every second of it.

In less than 24 hours she would be arriving at the Emerald pack with her parents to make their introductions and ask for permission to study and live on their land. She had heard stories in the werewolf community about this pack. They are one of the biggest packs on this side of the world, and like her own pack, the had a history of war and bloodshed. Unlike her own pack history though, there had never been a peace treaty put in place, instead, the Emerald pack had always come out as the winners of each battle and chased off the attackers. The pack was rumored to be full of warriors, mostly men, who all were ruthless and vile to those attacking them. Yet they never went to attack themselves, never trying to expand their pack territories.

Sophie's girlfriend she had been socializing with over the online community all told her about the rumors they had heard about the young werewolves of the pack. About how the females were expected to be submissive to their mates or their parents if they still had not mated, and always do as they were told. All while their mates or unmated he-wolves could go out and do whatever they wanted, when they wanted if they were following the Alphas direct orders.

It was rumored such as these that made her parents unsure whether to allow Sophie to apply to Dartmouth in the first place. It was only after seeing their daughter’s determination and strength, they had decided to finally reach out to Alpha Wayne Stenson of the Emerald pack to request an audience. Their request had been granted and while they all knew they were traveling in peace, it did not stop Sophie's father to amplify her training, just in case anything would happen.

Sophie hadn’t noticed she had stopped and fallen into deep thoughts until her father gently nudged her on her shoulder. “Soph, are you alright?” Her father looked at her speculatively. She simple nodded her head in response. There was no need to dwell about the Emerald pack any longer. Whatever would happen tomorrow, would be happening anyway, she just had to make sure she was ready and presentable when they would be arriving. She still had a couple of more hours to enjoy the city she so quickly had fallen in love with, and she was going to make every minute count.

She turned to her mother, puppy eyes ready for attack, with a low sight slipping her lips. “Mom, I’m nervous about tomorrow. I don’t know what to wear.” With that said, they were all heading off to yet another store to find the perfect outfit. The worries of meeting a new pack safely tucked away in the back of her mind for tomorrow.

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