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Dantalion Of The Goetia:. Legacy

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Dantalion, an immortal angel has fallen from grace and is condemned as one of 72 hosts of demons from an ancient 17th century grimoire. He seduces a mortal college girl and practitioner of the occult, creating an unexplainable relationship of love, obsession, and redemption.

Fantasy / Romance
Tina M. E.
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It is the divine nature of the mortal realm that one can fall in love, but it is also the divine nature of this realm that love be easily taken away. I used to think of destiny as God’s plan, but most recently, have accepted life as it comes… in slow, tormenting doses. When love found me it was veiled. When it was lifted, it became an obsession… Ever since I moved here I began having nightmares. That’s when Dantalion found his way into my heart. In him beat the heart of the undead.

Some say even the fallen can reclaim their salvation. His salvation wore the face of a mortal girl. I was the girl. I did not yet know of him, or his exile. I was to welcome his presence. And the pain it brought. I was to be tempted by the taste of immortality. I bore the resemblance of his woman, Lilith. She was the reason for his fall from grace.

Dantalion’s lust was my obsession. His curse was mine alone to bear. Strange as it seemed, I welcomed it. Every night. Pain consumed me but at the same time, gave me something back, an empty reflection of the taste of immortality. His was the only voice I ever heard. He became an elixir pulsing through my blood. I could hear his breathing, beside me in the night. Sure as a scream, wearing the face of the angel of darkness. His lust was uncontrolled, almost animal-like, the coldness of his skin moving across my body. He is beautiful. My fingertips traced the contours of his flesh, sculpted to perfection, slender and defined, moving across his arms, over the ripples that defined his abdominals, then to the narrow margin of hair that began at the naval and moved downward. This sensation forced me to believe this was not the flesh of anything that would hurt me.

My nightmares drew me into his world. They were always so vivid. I could remember details and sounds, especially the way He made me feel. I call them nightmares, but they are more like visions, things only he and I were a part of. Things that never happened in a mortal world. These visions allowed me to see it all… his purpose, his change of heart, and his fall from grace, only I was unable to change his destiny, or so I thought.

Nine orders of angelic hierarchy, caretakers of God, sat at the thrones of the third heaven. The guardians, those closest to the mortal realm, served as messengers to mankind. Just as his birthright placed him here, Dantalion, the youngest member of the angelic order, knew he must resist the temptation of mortal sin. His seat at the throne of the third heaven was his dominion. Soul pure of heart, Dantalion’s perfection was his gift from God. His eyes, piercing spheres of onyx, longed for more than his immortality could give. A golden- silver brilliance shone upon them.

Dantalion felt separated - out of his realm. He possessed a defiance that was ungodly.

“Dantalion, this is your birthright,” the archangel Gabriel pronounced.

“Why can I not be archangel like the others?”Dantalion began flooding Gabriel with questions.

“Thou art still young. You shall learn,” Gabriel assured him, eyeing the boy.

“Why are thy not seraphim?” Dantalion again questioned Gabriel.

“Tis of thy choosing to become archangel, to oversee the guardians of our dominion,” Gabriel smiled.

“I see what you can do, shape-shifting in the mortal realm.

“When will it be my time?” His restless eyes pierced through Gabriel’s.

“Dantalion, guardians play the most important role, thou art messengers and closest of our order to mankind,” he reminded him.

“When will I be allowed to enter the mortal realm?” young Dantalion persisted.

“Some day, but for now, thy must learn the purpose of guardian. To protect mankind.”

“Protect from whom?” “

Protect from the seven mortal sins…do thou know what they are?” Gabriel tested him.

“I know them, he beamed. Lust, envy, sloth, greed, wrath, gluttony and pride are the sins of man,” young Dantalion replied.”

They are not just the sins of man, Dantalion, they are the sins we obey within the third heaven as well. Does thou know of your brother’s transgression?” Gabriel asked him.

Dantalion was unaware what would befall one of his brother angels of the third heaven.

“Our brother, Satan, has fallen into sin. The brightest of stars, he tests the integrity of man and challenges our merciful Lord God. Pride will bring down his fall,” Gabriel lamented.

“Can we be merciful?” Dantalion asked.

“Only God decides our immortal fate and the fate of man,” the archangel dictated.

Satan sat before the celestial order, a strange aura looming about him. Young Dantalion watched as Satan was stripped of his rank and title, his brilliance cast to pitch. His fall from grace forced the young guardian to question the grace of God. Angels who sinned were condemned as demons. Only with the passing of two ages could the fallen reclaim their salvation. Thoughts of mortality grew stronger for Dantalion and the heaven he loved turned from paradise to prison.

Dantalion felt robbed of his young life, and for every mortal he saved, became more distant from his original purpose. Ten seasons had passed and he never quite belonged with any of the angelic orders. Each mortal soul that called unto him, he heard. Each had different cause to call upon him, and each time a fragment of mortal suffering found its way into his immortal heart. His soul was pure, though the others saw his desire to be a part of the mortal realm something much more.

With each saving of mortal blood, Dantalion delved deeper into the arts and sciences of power. He tested his immortality. He was never without the grimoire, which he kept with him at all times, upon Satan’s fall. He sought to test his faith against the dark arts. Dantalion’s immortality limited his sensation to feel pain. His ability to expel the poisonous emotion from his body, along with his powers to heal and communicate through thought, made him the most coveted of guardian angels. Guardians answered to a higher order, archangels, who were allowed to take on human form. He envied the archangels’ ability to shapeshift in the mortal dominion.

Dantalion balanced the weight of man’s needs on his left hand, his fascination with fire on his right. The tips of his fingers transferred flames, beginning slow at first, and with each day, mastering the art to contain the fire in the palms of his angelic hands. And so it went, his conscience was no longer clear.

Camael, Chief Angel of Powers, noticed the change in Dantalion. “

“Gabriel, Dantalion hath been born seventy first of the seventy two demons of the Goetia, a Djinn. In time he shall no longer refrain his ability to shape shift. His powers will become more than the boy can master.”

“Dantalion’s soul is pure. He will hold perfection in the eyes of God. He shall not be sealed with the others, but reign as guardian within the third heaven. We cannot allow the summoning of the four Great Kings of Hell,” Gabriel replied, becoming uneasy at the observation.

“I hath seen Dantalion suffer the physical pains of man. How can this be?” the warrior angel asked.

“My brother, do not judge based on what fate has befallen Satan, though he too tested his powers on man. I do not believe the same fate awaits Dantalion. He hath the ability to separate his angelic powers from temptation,” Gabriel assured him.

“Aye, but see how separated he hath become from us my brother. He spends every moment mastering his powers, most especially, directed toward the second heaven,” Camael commented.

“I am certain he will remain true to his purpose as guardian,” Gabriel shifted his attention over to Dantalion, demonstrating his power to control fire in the palms of his hands.

“What of young King Solomon, who surpassed his fellow man with riches and gold? His soul too was pure!” the warrior angel questioned.

“With time he turned away from God, tempted by the demonic spirits he unleashed to do his bidding, yet he sought salvation. God showed him mercy!” Gabriel confessed.

“Yes, though the demons of the Goetia in turn rebelled against the King,” the warrior angel’s shroud of doubt settled into Gabriel like fire and ice.

“If not for God’s mercy he would not have granted Solomon the power to seal the demons- they are to be released only with the passing of two ages by evocation of immortal blood,” Gabriel reminded him.

“Yes – immortal blood,” the warrior angel protested, pointing out that Dantalion too, was of immortal blood.

“No, thee cannot be evoked by one of immortal blood who holds the same curse,” Gabriel reminded his brother. “Remember, Dantalion is still young. It is not of his doing. It is God’s will he be saved.”

So, by God’s order, Dantalion remained protected, coveted within the third heaven. He continued to answer to the calls of mankind, protecting, healing, and most recently, Dantalion’s desire for a mortal girl Lilith, her spirit free, long black hair blowing with the winds of the desert storm. She felt his power of thought and his ability to cause and show love in her mortal dominion. She did not belong among the others of her village, they were shaman healers, teachers to guide her. Dantalion lusted for this mortal girl, and her mortality was his to take.

“I hear your voice, I know what you are,” Lilith whispered to Dantalion.

“I don’t fear the immortal powers you hold over me…I know you want to leave the third heaven.”

“I never asked to be guardian of the mortal dominion. I was born unto it,” Dantalion told her.

Lilith, pointed to the dusty miles of desert surrounding her. “I never asked for my fate either. Is it justified I should never be allowed to love?”

Mesmerized by her beauty, Dantalion knew his decision would fail the grace of God, and disgrace his purpose within the third heaven. He didn’t care. He for once felt alive. He wanted to touch her, not in thought, but in physical form.

When they met in secret, the moon was full above the pines in the Courtyard of the Undead. It was the eve of the Summer Solstice. Stone borders outlined the Courtyard, Its walls surrounded a central area, sunken beneath eye level. At one end was a towering pedestal, beneath it, an altar of jagged stone like the face of a mountain. Thick iron chains were embedded into the center. Wisteria spilled over the altar. Several feet away, stone pillars formed a circle nine feet across. The only sound was that of their breathing.

He studied every inch of her delicate frame, from her ivory skin, to the black silk that fell beneath her naked mortal flesh. Her fingertips traced his immortal form, moving across his dark hair, over his shoulders, and to his expansive wings. He took her flesh in his and this night, under the full moon, Dantalion fell from grace.

Below the stairway, the threshold of the third heaven would end for Dantalion. All nine orders of angels including God himself, met to decide his punishment.

Gabriel came forward. “My brothers, we know of Dantalion’s transgression. Is it not by the grace of our merciful God that we, as archangels who oversee the messengers to mankind, should be merciful as well? We cannot condemn Dantalion to the same punishment as the others. He must not be condemned as a demon of the Goetia!”

Gabriel knew once condemned, Dantalion must pay allegiance to Satan, or even worse, summon the four Great Kings of Hell.

Golden light swept through the Celestial Hierarchy, and another order of angels came forward.

“Tis true, Gabriel what ye say. But remember he, who ten moons ago was cast out of our order, the only Power ever to ever fall from grace as a warrior angel. Tis Satan who Dantalion must answer to once he falls beyond the gate of the third heaven,” the warrior angel Camael protested.

A brilliant calm silenced them as God showed his form. He moved between all nine orders of angels, rendering the final decision of Dantalion’s fate.

“My children, Satan shall have no power over Dantalion. But he must pay the price for his sin! He shall be exiled as a demon of the Goetia, branded with the mark of ‘Incubus’. His youth shall remain though his immortality shall not. His woman will be taken to the afterlife. He must answer to the ‘Succubus’ demon Gwynnedd and only with the passing of two ages shall Dantalion seek salvation. It is ordered.”

Dantalion was condemned from the third heaven by committing the sin of lust. He was chained to the altar of the Courtyard of the Undead, his angel wings severed from his body. His immortality was taken from him. The mark of ‘Incubus’ branded onto his forearm. Lilith was taken to the afterlife outside his mortal realm, Dantalion never to see her again. He was cursed to haunt the mortal souls of women during the three phases of the moon. Dantalion now lived between the realms of heaven and hell, within the mortal dominion.

I no longer remained a spectator in Dantalion’s realm, I was living it. His curse would force me to face my own demons… to choose a life for a life. To become a part of God’s supernal divine plan. I never thought it could change the destiny of mankind.

And so it began, I found myself standing in the Courtyard of the Undead, staring down at a circle that had been drawn before me into the earth. This was a demon’s seal, with markings showing rank, title and demonic powers. I heard words being recited from an ancient Grimoire, the Ars Goetia. They were the words from a familiar voice, not my own, yet they flowed freely from my lips.

“Demonic Lord, by your grace, grant me the power to evoke the Angel of the Fallen, Dantalion, seventy first demon of the Goetia, who bears the seal of ‘Incubus’. I beg thee bring forth Dantalion to manifest before me, of his allegiance, that he may serve and protect me, in your name, Demonic Lord. The legend is foretold, from the writings of the Ars Goetia…he who bears the name of Dantalion, hath fallen from grace. An angel of saintly appointment, he hath committed one of the seven deadly sins, the sin of lust! So it is ordered, he shall be exiled for his transgressions, his woman ’Lilith’s mortal soul shall be taken to the afterlife. He shall be chained to the sacred altar of the Courtyard of the Undead, his angel wings severed from his body, his immortality taken from him. He who wears the mark of a demon.”

After reciting the evocation, it summoned this demon, this ’Incubus’ to my mortal dominion binding his spirit to my soul. He had no choice but to reveal his true form. Now, in the darkness of the Courtyard of Undead, inside its stone borders, a waning moon cast a sliver of light onto the jagged rock beneath the altar. I collapsed when my eyes gazed upon him:

His arms were bound in chains. His nails were all out, perfect dagger-like extensions of the fingers that touched my skin. He wore the mark of ‘demon’ on his forearm, a dagger lay at his feet. His dark hair fell past his shoulders, jagged parts around his face partially covering his glowing amber-yellow eyes. He was beautiful, even as a face of the undead.

This spirit of his was now bound to my soul, we were an unbreakable bond. This bond that brought us together compelled me to free him from his curse. I know why I had been called upon, my body used as the medium to restore him to her, the woman, ‘Lilith’, who bore my resemblance. It was her words I heard that summoned the demon. Her love for Dantalion transcended time. She waited for two ages to set him free. And he waited, stripped of his immortal soul, for eternity it seemed, to find me. To find her. This was his chance for salvation.

My body controlled by something not of my own doing, I inhaled deeply reaching for the dagger, hands holding firmly onto the hilt, thrusting it into my chest. Blood began pouring down like rain, surrounding my body. His glowing eyes were fixed on me.

For centuries Dantalion guarded the mortal realm and protected. Never as guardian, nor as demon, would he think any mortal girl would sacrifice her life for his salvation. It didn’t matter if Lilith tried to release him from his exile, it was my soul who performed the evocation and my body bleeding before him.

I began gasping for air. I glanced up to a beautiful demon, breathing life back into my lungs. I welcomed his mouth on my lips. His dark hair fell all around his face and down to mine. His strength had been restored and I could feel the pressure of his embrace. He had laid me at the base of the altar, holding my pale face in his hands, still bearing the dagger-like extensions of fingers, cutting into my skin. He pulled the dagger from my chest. When the words were spoken of his curse, Dantalion revealed his true demon form to me for the first time on this night.

I listened to the haunting sound of his voice. “I am Dantalion. I have fallen from grace, exiled. I come to you in your sleep. I lie with you in mortal flesh. My demon form was hidden from your sight. In me beats the heart of the Undead. A woman I once loved has summoned me. She comes forth before me now.” He knelt beside my bleeding body. His arms passed over me and caused the bleeding to stop. I felt no pain.

“It is foretold, I am branded with the seal of ‘Incubus’. I would not have merely one woman, but you have summoned me. You have transcended time as an embodiment of Lilith. She is alive in your spirit. And your mortal flesh bears her resemblance.”

I felt my strength leaving me and welcomed death now, my body tugged and lifted, as if I was floating above everything below. There was the scent of something I did not know. I cannot remember, only that I was still breathing. Above me were shadows I could not recognize, and a familiar voice. I was fortunate enough to be alive.

I found myself in the confines of my room after that night. I pulled the silk sheets up to my chin settling in a little more comfortably. The pain coming from the puncture wound in my chest kept reminding me it was real.

I woke the next morning to windchimes playing against the trees outside. Lifting my eyes slightly, I glanced at my flesh wound ….it was completely healed. Light streamed through the stained glass window across the hall of the spare room, dancing colors across the hard wood floor. So much had just happened, yet I wanted him to come back.

I needed to go back there, to the Courtyard, and see for myself. I painstakingly searched through my wardrobe, slipping into a pair of jeans and a concert tee shirt, making my way across the street to the grove. Wildflowers covered the field bearing deep colors of autumn. I crossed hesitantly toward the tall pines surrounding the Courtyard. Everything was still, yet images flashed in my mind. A puncture wound. Didn’t even come close to my heart.

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