The Unbroken

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Zoe is one of the smartest girls to ever be seen on the Earth, and nobody realises that having a big brain can also cause a lot of tension for the future - especially when a meteor sized rock is thrown onto the path, obscuring the whole plan from the start. So the God’s want to be cruel and push the girl onto her knees to beg for help, she’s not the type to obey those sorts of demands. You can throw almost anything at this girl, and she will find a way to power through it, even if it causes her more pain. Nothing can cause her to break when she is determined to show her worth to anyone who doubts her, even if they are equally determined to force her to back down.

Fantasy / Romance
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Ever since I can remember, I've been seen as a freak intellect. I was born with a brain that absorbs any type of knowledge handed to it, meaning I never had to try too hard at school since I found everything unbelievably easy. I had an impossible mind.

This stupid skill that I was given always gave me high expectations, everyone assumed I would be going far because of my brain. However, I always knew that what they wanted wasn't what I was going to get. Yes, I'm big brained; but that doesn't mean I'm going to exploit it to get me the best paying job - I have always just wanted to do good, and will forever strive to make a difference.

Even when I was bullied for practically everything about me, I never got mad at the bully. They could cause me pure torment, but I couldn't help forgiving them, everyone has reasons for the way they behave and treat others. Except, that would also get me picked on because I never fought back, I was seen as weak and pathetic.

Growing up, I never had the most exciting routine. My days mainly consisted of studying, sleeping and eating; I barely did anything for myself. I only ever wanted to make my parents proud, and that meant forgetting about my dreams, instead making sure to follow in their ambitious footsteps.

I loved my mum and dad, they never pressured me to do what they wanted, but they didn't have to say anything for me to know what they wished for me to do. They started a business together after they met at University; mum was twenty-two, and dad was twenty-five. The year previous to my birth, it went global - they became one of the most famous power couples in England.

I did have somewhat of a separate life to my academics. I would occasionally sneak out to hang out with my group of friends, often hiding in a tree at the park. We all had different stereotypes, and it shocked people that we were the closest friendship group out there, but it makes sense when you look at the facts - we balanced each other out. Where one of us is shy and timid, another of us is outspoken and bold - we make a full set of character values.

They were always there for me when something was piling on top of me, sometimes I didn't even need to tell them, they just knew. We were connected on a different level, and never had to question anything about one another, because we just understood.

Although I had my parents, my friends were my support network. I never had a bad relationship with the birth givers, they just weren't often around due to work. They often missed important things like birthdays, contests, etcetera; but they always made sure to make up for it in the best ways possible, such as spending a day at the amusement park that's a few hours away.

I truly loved them all, everyone I held dear meant so much to me. I would always have done anything to look after them, to show them how much I adored them.

However, the God's always play cruel tricks.

I believe that they never hand you anything you can't handle, but it can always hurt more than you wish. They made sure to throw me several suffocating curve balls - but I made sure to overcome them, because I won't be defeated.

As much as they tried to knock me off of my feet, I always got back up to dust off the bruises I gained; I adapted, I grew stronger, I reached higher than anyone thought possible.

I will never be broken.

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