Delta's Deceit [ShadowPack #4]

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Damien is the Delta of the Shadow Pack in Paphos, Cyprus. He was supposed to be the fourth strongest but he chose to be a tale-teller. But one woman will make him change his ways. Anika has been waiting for her time from the modeling world and runaways. When her agent told her to take a break, she took the chance to go to Paphos, her father's ancestral home. What she did not know, there's danger lurking and it's coming for her. Find out what happened when Anika was out in the wild and no one can save her but the exotic tour guide that she met. Can she trust him or does she had to fight alone? A new Novelette for your personal enjoyment! PS: Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there. You are the queen of our hearts!

Fantasy / Romance
Nikki Larousse
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Chapter 1: The Break

Anika Regio’s POV

“Gorgeous! Smile for the camera, darling. Nice,” the cameraman said as I was posing for the new collection of the renowned fashion designer, Christina Romano, for the newest fall collection.

“I want to see a big smile and more of the allure, yes. Wonderful Anika,” the cameraman said as I was trying to imagine that I was a siren that was to seduce the sailor. I was tilting my head a bit as I was smiling seductively at him.

“Perfect. Okay, that’s a wrap,” the cameraman said as I was looking around before the designer was coming to greet us.

“Oh, you guys. Thank you so much for helping and for making this photoshoot the best experience of my life,” Christina, wife of the infamous Antonio Romano, a high-paid cosmetologist in Italy, was smiling at us.

“And thank you for the opportunity as well, ma’am,” I replied as I was looking at her. She beamed.

“Please, call me Christina and of course, my husband, Antonio,” she said as her husband went to kiss her on the cheek. I smiled before I was shaking hands with him.

“Please, just Tony,” he replied before they were talking in a foreign language. It was not Italian so I don’t know what they were talking before Christina was beaming as she was holding her stomach.

I wondered what they talked to each other.

I can see their interaction was pure and full of love. I wished I was like that as well but of course, that was just a dream.

“So, I have been told that we will be having some farewell party for the wrap-up. I wish for you guys to join us,” Christina said to the models as I was smiling at her. Her husband was putting his hand around her waist in a possessive move. I smiled at the thought.

“Well, I let you guys get ready for the party then,” Christina said as she turned away with her husband as they were talking with each other. I looked at them before one of my co-workers was calling after me. I sighed as I wanted to get away from here and maybe find romance along the way.

I was putting on some perfume when my agent, Sasha, was turning to look after me. I turned to look at her as I saw her coming at me from the reflection on the mirror.

“I hope you are ready now. This will be the highlight of your career right now. Being in public with the famous designer that everyone is talking about nowadays. You will be trending, baby,” Sasha said as she was looking at my hair before she puffed it out. I sighed.

“Don’t you think I should take a break? It has been nonstop for the last 3 years since I was in this career now. I thought I would be taking some vacation by now,” I said to Sasha before she sighed.

“You know we can’t do that, honey. We have to keep up with the game and be seen in public as often as you could,” she said as I was pouting at her. She sighed.

“The Boss will not like it for you to take off to somewhere when you were on the top of your game,” she explained.

“I know but I was only 23. I cannot let other people dictate my life even from this day and age. I wanted to be independent and I think I have enough money to go on a break—”

“Tut, tut. Enough of this break talk,” she sighed before she took my hands. “Look I will try to talk to Pierre about this and I will inform you if you have a pass for that vacation that you wanted,” she said before I squirmed.

“But I cannot promise you if I can get a pass or not. You have to prepare for any situation,” Sasha said as I nodded at her.

“Even with your effort to ask, I will be contented but if I got the break, I will the luckiest girl then,” I said before Sasha posted in front of me.

“I know, darling, I know,” Sasha said as we went out to the party with Christina and Tony being in the spotlight of the event.

I smiled when they were happy to share their success with the world and with the runaway that will be held in a few days. I think it will be the best moment of their lives as I know that they were happy right now.

“I want to thank you for the people that involved with this and without you guys, I cannot have done it. I love you guys, Salute!” Christina said as she was toasting before her husband kissed her and we all clapped. My heart fell that gesture before I was smiling and cheered with Sasha before taking some drinks.

“To our success!” We cheered and it was the best night of my life for 23 years of my existence.

Damien Laskaris’ POV

I was looking at the people around the shop that I was sitting at right now. The tourists were busy exploring the little town of Paphos, Cyprus. It was going to be Fall soon and the dark time will rule once again.

I sipped on the coffee as I was looking at the chicks that were giggling when I was staring at them. I held out my mug at them before they went to the other side of town as I was looking at the other direction.

“Oh shit,” I mumbled as I was looking the former Beta that I thought was out of town. How come Xavier was here right now and he was walking with Arthur, the Gamma of the pack. In any case, I am doomed right now. I was about to leave before they were taking their seats at the table that I occupied.

“Fellas. I guess you were not here for the coffee?” I asked them as I was mentioning to my coffee mug. They looked at it before their orbs were focusing on mine. Xavier has the same color as mine, grey, but Arthur has green eyes.

“We would like to ask some questions about Zack if you don’t mind,” Xavier asked as I was looking at Arthur before I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Should you be answering this question?” I asked Arthur before he sighed.

“I heard that you last saw him before he went missing. Do you have any idea where he might be?” Arthur asked as I shook my head.

“I indeed saw him but that was last month. When he was making his rounds and make sure that tourists will not go overboard with the Folk Festival. I think I saw him talking with Samantha. They were not happy when Sam was glaring at him,” I said as I was rubbing my jaws.

“Anyway, I think that was the impression that I get from looking at them as a bystander. If you wanted to know about Zack and what they were talking about, I suggest you ask Sam,” I said as Arthur and Xavier exchanged glances. Something was going through them.

“What is it? I know that look. Something’s bad happened, was it?” I asked them before Arthur sighed as Xavier was rubbing his temple.

“Sam also disappeared when Xavier was coming onto the island. I don’t know if they wanted to avoid being interrogated or they just wanted to be left alone,” Arthur said before I snickered at him.

“On this island, no one was safe to hide anyway,” I said before I was looking at the time. It was time to get to work.

“Well, I love to sit and chat but I got to run. This business will not run by themselves you know,” I said as I left the coffee shop with troubled Beta and Gamma. Not that I care anyway.

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