Delta's Deceit [ShadowPack #4]

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Chapter 9: The History

After they have spent some time at the café and making sure that Sam was okay, Anika and Damien left the café to go explore one of the local museums that Damien recommended for Anika. She agreed for she wanted Damien to show her his backyard.

"So, you have been here your whole life? Is that correct?" she asked him as they were walking toward the museum as he nodded.

"That is right. My father and mother were from Paphos and they gave birth to me here. I am born and raised in Paphos," he said as they were looking at the children that were running around in the playground. Anika smiled as she tucked her hair behind her ears.

"And where are your parents now?" she asked absent-mindedly before she noticed that Damien has stopped. She turned to look at him and there was sorrow in his eyes. She knew that she had made a mistake by asking that personal question.

"I am so sorry. I didn't mean to...I'm sorry. I should have just shut up and don't say anything," she blabbered as she did not want Damien to think that she was a woman that ran her mouth around. She bit her lower lips as she was looking at anything but his face. Then, he called her name.


It was soft, tender, and sweet. She did not know what will the future hold for them but when she turned to look at his face, his eyes were no longer filled with sorrow but something else. An emotion that she did not know what to make of it.

"They died when I was a young pu—boy. They were in a car accident and I was at my friend's house. When I heard the news, they took me in and be a part of their family," he said as Anika was staring into his eyes. They were grey, like a storm that will come and sweep her away at any moment.

And perhaps, she would like that very much.

"And who's this friend? Can I meet them later?" she asked, not knowing why she wanted to meet his friend. Judging by the concern that he was showing when Zack and Sam were arguing, she knew that Zack was one of his friends that he cared about. Damien smirked.

"And why would you like to meet them? It's not that we're dating or anything. You will be gone at the end of the week and you will not remember us by then," he said before she turned away. Anika knew that she will not be staying in Paphos but she wanted to.

Oh, how much she would love to spend some time with Damien and perhaps get to know his private life and friends, seeing where he grew up and—

"You're right. I shouldn't pry and I'm sorry for that. I would like to see this museum now," she said as she turned her back to Damien, not knowing that her eyes were burning as she blinked away the tears that threatened to slide down her cheeks. Damien did not think that she should be a part of his life. How can she be when she was only a client to him?

"Anika, wait!"

Damien called after her as she noticed that she was running now. She did not know where she was going but staying next to Damien was drowning her. Anika needed to get away and perhaps sort the feelings that she had for her tour guide.

It was nothing. This is just an infatuation that she developed for him when she had been lonely at night and hoping that someone would hug her and sleep beside her.

"Anika," Damien snatched her elbow before they stumbled into a dark, abandoned alley. They were breathing hard before she was sniffing, feeling the tears that were running down her cheeks. She was staring at his hard chest that was rising and falling before Anika closed her eyes.

"Look at me,"

Just those words. That command made her opened her eyes and looked at the stormy orbs that were looking at her face intensely. Anika sucked on her breaths before Damien was gripping her chin and held her close.

"I'm sorry. I don't mean that but the fact that you will be leaving me this weekend...hurts. I don't know I ever felt like this with any other woman but with you, Anika. Only you. I dread the day that you will this island and I will never see you again," he said before he was looking at her face.

"And I would very much like it if you stay by my side," he whispered as he was leaning closer.

"You want me to stay by your side?" her voice was meek but she knew that it stirred his inside as much as his voice did to her. Damien chuckled.

"Yes. A hundred percent yes. I want you by my side since I first bumped into you, my Anika," he said before their hot breaths mingled. Damien did not lean forward as his mouth was inches away from her. She needed to take that step with her and only on her terms.

"Even when you don't know who I am?" she asked him before Damien was looking into her eyes.

"I know you inside out, my Anika. And I will keep exploring you if you would let me. Will you let me do that, Anika? Taking this step forward with you?" he asked before she was breathing hard, thinking over his question.

And there's only one question to them all.


The moment her answer was out of her mouth, Damien pulled her close by her chin and claimed her mouth. She was surprised by his forwardness but she closed her eyes when she was moving against his mouth.

They kissed like two souls became one after finding each other. Damien groaned into their kiss as his hands moved to grip her waist and hit her back against the wall. She felt his tongue on the seam of her mouth before Anika allowed his entry.

The kiss was explosive as their tongues danced with each other. Anika was gripping his shirt before moving her fingers to his hair, gripping it tightly against the scalp. Then, Damien broke the kiss and moved to kiss her jaws and neck.

"You are perfection, Anika. My perfection. My Anika," Damien said as he was biting on her neck. Anika was gasping before she was leaning back as she gave more access to Damien as he was licking her neck.

"You taste good as well, like an apricot ripe for the picking," he said before Damien was leaning back as he was putting his forehead against hers.

"And it will be me to do the picking, Anika. Only me," he said as his eyes were staring at hers.

"Only you," she replied before Damien was smirking. Her heart was beating hard before Damien was pulling her out of the alley and made their way toward the museum.

"I think we're late for our sightseeing," he said as he turned to smile at Anika with his sinful mouth. The mouth that Anika just kissed.

"I think we can do more than sightseeing," she mumbled before Damien pulled her by his side as he laughed against her hair. She smiled as he inhaled her scent, showing that she was his and Anika liked that.

"Wait until the Folk Festival. You will like it," he whispered before they entered the museum as Damien held the door for her.


Anika was staring at the monument that was a depiction of a woman and something. She did not know much about sculpture even when she saw a lot of it when she was back in Milan. Damien was holding her hand as they were staring at it together.

"You know, the locals believe that this island was the birthplace of Aphrodite, The Goddess of Love in Ancient Greece. Do you know about her myth?" he said before Anika turned to see that Damien was staring at her.

"No, I don't. Care to tell me about it?" she said as she was smiling at him. Damien smirked before he was pulling her closer to his hard body.

"It was believed that Aphrodite landed on this island and blessed Paphos as one of the hot spots for love to blossom," he said before he smirked. "And I think it is true. The legend has proven to be true after all," Damien said before he tucked her hair behind her ear. Anika smiled as she was leaning into his touch and inhaled his masculine scent.

Pine and forest. Her favorite.

"Will you come to a show tonight?" he asked before Anika was blinking her eyes at him.

"Where? And what kind of show?" she asked before Damien held her hand and kissed her knuckles.

"I forgot that you're not from here. I'm not only a tour guide but a standup comic as well. And I want you to come to my set tonight," he said as Anika was arching her eyebrow.

"A comic? Well, I never thought you're a versatile man, Damien," she said as she was smiling at him. Damien smirked.

"There's more to me than meets the eyes, my sweet," he said before Anika laughed. It has been so long since she laughed with abandon. Damien had brought that out of him and she cannot wait to hear what he had in store for his set.

"So, where will this be, your comic set?" she asked before Damien smiled as he leaned forward.

"I pick you up at 8 tonight. Wear something nice since some of my friends will be there," he said before Anika bit his lower lips.

"I will and I want to meet your friends," she said before Damien gripped her waist, growling like an animal.

"I hope you're not seducing them with your body, Anika, or I swear you will not like the consequence of that," he growled before she laughed.

"Why would I seduce them when the one that I want already under my seduction?" she said before pulling Damien close to kiss him on the lips. Damien bit her lower lips before letting her go.

"Good. Now, let's get going. I hope you're hungry for we will be eating before I send you to your room to prepare for the date tonight," he said as he was pulling Anika to get out of the museum. She laughed.

"You're bossy,"

"And you like me anyway," Damien replied before she shook her head but followed him.

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