Delta's Deceit [ShadowPack #4]

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Chapter 10: The Attack

Right at 8 PM, someone was knocking on her door. Anika was smiling before she was putting on her earrings and took one last look at herself before went to get the door.

"Coming," she said as she opened the door before she was smiling at Damien who was looking handsome as he was wearing his button shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He was smirking charmingly at her before he pulled her close into his arms.

"Hello, my sweet," he said before he was kissing Anika's lips. She smiled before wounding her arms around his neck. She was kissing him back as Damien broke the kiss before he was looking at her outfit.

"You're ready?" he asked before Anika was looking at her clothes. She was wearing a blue blouse with a black skirt. She put her hair into a simple chignon and finished it with stud earrings on her ears.

"Is this okay? Or am I underdressed?" Anika said as she was spinning around in front of him. Damien smiled before he put his hands on her waist and pulled her close.

"It's perfect and we're just going to a restaurant. And you're perfect no matter what you wear, Anika," he said that made her heart fluttered even more. Anika blushed as she was smiling at Damien.

"Shall we?" he asked before Anika nodded as she took her handbag and went out of the room as Damien locked the door before giving the keys to her.

"Thank you. Now I know that you have been hinting at me that you want to date me," she said as they left the building. Damien smirked but he did not deny the fact that what she said was true.

"True but it's more than that, Anika," he said as he opened the passenger door for her to get in. He helped her to get inside the car before he closed the door. Then, Damien was getting behind the wheels and hit the road.

"Do you ever been to a comic set before?" he asked as his eyes were focused on the road. Anika shook her head as Damien turned to look at her briefly.

"No? Then how do you spend your night?" he asked before Anika smiled.

"Well, I usually work until 8 PM and got home. Take a shower before I slip under the cover and with a book in my hands," she said as she was looking around the empty streets.

"Are the restaurant far away from the inn?" she asked before turning her head to look at the man that was driving the car. Damien was smiling as he turned to look at her.

"It's on the outskirt of the town. And no, I am not leading you into a trap, Anika. You know you can trust me right?" he asked before Anika blushed. She knew that she was in trouble when she didn't even question if Damien has a good motive to bring her on a date to his comic set that she did not know about.

But, she knew deep down that she did believe him to be one of the good guys. The guy that would not lead a woman into a trap to do something untoward to her.

"Yes, I believe you and I trust you, Damien. Like a lot even when we're met yesterday," she said honestly before Damien took her hand and kissed her knuckles.

"And I will cherish that trust forever in my life, my sweet. Forever," he said before Damien parked his car into one spot as Anika was looking at the restaurant that they will be going to have their date. It's her first date ever but Anika did not tell Damien that.

Perhaps she was afraid that he will be doing something extreme for her. Not that she did not want that but it would draw attention to her. And Anika would love to be someone that she wasn't.

And that was as a normal person, not a rising supermodel.

"Here we are," Damien said as he unfastened his seatbelt and went out of the car. Anika unfastened her seatbelt as well before her door was opened by Damien. She smiled as she took his offered hand and got out of the car.

"Thank you," she said as she was looking at the man that made her vacation worth it.

"It's starting but I will introduce you to my friends and their wives first," he said as Damien put his hands on her lower back. They were walking toward the entrance before Damien opened the door for her. She thanked him and they went to greet the hostess. She was smiling at Damien before looking at Anika.

"Table for Andino," he said as the hostess nodded at him.

"Right this way, sir, ma'am," she said as she led them to a secluded table. Anika was taking all the sight of the restaurant as they walked. It has a dark, romantic ambiance to it and Anika loved that it was her first date's location. Damien can surprise her even without trying.

"Here you are," the hostess said before she nodded at the people that were sitting at the table. Anika noticed that there were four people there; two males and two females.

So these are Damien's friends. I must give a good first impression, Anika thought before Damien was pulling her chair for her to sit.

"Thank you," she said in English, knowing fully that she was a foreigner as Damien took his seat next to her.

"Everyone, I would like you to meet Anika, my...girlfriend," he said but Anika noticed that he hesitated to say that word. Perhaps, she was not worth enough to be introduced as such.

"Good evening, Anika. My name is Caleb and this is my wife, Marina," the man with brunette hair and amber eyes said in English as he introduced his wife who was a blondie and blue eyes.

"Hello," Marina replied with an accent to her voice. Scottish perhaps?

"And my name is Xavier. This is my wife, Stella," the man next to Caleb said as he had brunette hair and grey eyes. The woman next to him was a blondie with green eyes, smiling at Anika as she was gripping her hands.

"I'm Stella. I did not know that an Italian supermodel will be joining us tonight," she said before Anika was blinking her eyes.

"You know me?" she asked Stella before the blondie was laughing.

"Of course, I would since I am from Italy myself. I always love to watch you do runway in Milan Fashion Week. It's the best part of my year," she said as Anika was smiling as she slipped her gaze to Damien. He was expressionless for someone that did not know his date was a supermodel.

"Thank you. I'm honored. I don't think that everyone would watch me in a runaway," she said as Stella smiled.

"Of course. You look so ethereal and majestic when you're doing the catwalk. I love all the clothes that you posed," Stella said before Anika was looking at the others. They were talking with each other before Damien was looking at his wristwatch and turned to say that he will be doing his comic now.

"I see you later," he whispered to her before he kissed her on the lips. In front of his friends. Not that Anika was embarrassed or anything but she never thought that Damien would be so bold with his public display affection. He went away as Anika was looking at his retreating figure.

Then, she turned to look at the people that were sitting at the table. They were all smiling as the men were hiding them behind their glasses and the women were looking at her with knowing smiles. Anika blushed.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you our local comic, Damien Laskaris!" the majordomo said as he introduced Damien before he was on stage and smiling at his patrons.

"Hey, guys! How's everyone doing? So, tonight, I have a special guest in the midst and I dedicate this set to her for she brightened my world," Damien said as his grey eyes were staring at her. Anika blushed, trying to hide from his stare but a smile was plastered to her lips as she sipped on her champagne.


The set was nice and she loved hearing Damien telling stories about the legends that surrounded the locals as well as the island. But she had to go to the restroom and she asked the hostess where it was. She said that it located at the back of the room and without telling anyone, she slipped away and headed toward the restroom.

She went inside and relieved herself as she was sighing. Then, she flushed the toilet as she cleaned herself before getting out and washed her hands. Then, she was looking at the mirror as she was trying to make sure that her makeup was intact and everything was perfect. Anika slipped out of the restroom and suddenly, something bit her neck as she was looking at the forest before her eyes blinked into darkness.

Then, everything was dark.

She sensed that she was being dragged by someone as they were grunting. But she could not make out if it was a male or female. But from the roughness that they treated her body, she would guess it was a male. They were in the forest that was near the restaurant. Anika was trying to get her mind to work and took a look at her surroundings.

It was dark and her eyes were limited to what she can see in the dark. She was about to shout before something snapped in the dark. Anika turned to look in that direction before a big black wolf was coming out of the woods, snarling at the person that was handling her.

"Holy God, it's true!" he shouted and before her kidnapper can do anything, the black wolf attacked him. Anika screamed as she was held tight by a rope as she was trying to get away from the wolf. After he's done with the man, he turned to look at her, and the first thing she noticed about that wolf was his peculiar bright blue eyes that reminded her of someone.

Someone that she recently saw.

"What in the world—"

Before Anika can say anything, another wolf came from her behind, standing in front of her as if in a protective stand like he was protecting her. The new wolf was brown and it's bigger than the black wolf.

It snarled before the black wolf was growling at the brown wolf then disappeared into the forest. Anika was breathing hard before the brown wolf turned and she noticed the eyes of the wolf that were grey, just like Damien's.

Then, she waited for the wolf to attack her.

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