Delta's Deceit [ShadowPack #4]

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Chapter 13: The Claim

Damien opened the door of his home as Anika was looking at the darkened house. It was chilly in the air before she noticed that no one was around the courtyard. They have stumbled down the small trail that Damien knew would lead to his home.

"After you, my sweet," he said as he held the door for her. Anika should be afraid but right now, she just wanted to explore the entire house that will eventually be her new home. She took a step across the house before Damien was scooping her up in bridal style and stepped through the threshold.

"You don't have to do that. It's not we're married by the law," Anika said before Damien put her down as he was gripping her shoulders. His smoldering grey eyes were burning hot for her as Anika was breathing heavily, knowing what was to come for both of them.

"I want to and to answer the question of our marriage being legal, it is. We're officially married but Sebastian will send the documents to the city hall next morning," he said as he was smirking.

"You don't think I would ever let you in without a marriage in hand, would you?" he said as he was stepping forward. Anika stepped back until her back hit the walls before Damien was trapping her inside his arms.

"Are you ready to be my wife, my mate in all sense, my sweet?" he whispered huskily before Anika was looking at his eyes. She nodded before she was biting her lower lips. Damien groaned before he kissed her on the lips, biting her lower lips into his mouth as his tongue was playing against it.

"I have been wanting to do that," he said as he broke the kiss and went to roam his hands on her body. Anika was breathing hard as her nipples were tight and aching for his mouth.


One word and her new husband understood. He removed her blouse before he unhooked the bra as well. Then, he was taunting her as he was pulling her hard nipples against his thumbs and forefingers. She moaned as she arched her back, showing that she wanted something else other than his hands on her breasts. Damien chuckled softly.

"You're a tease, my sweet. But only for me," he said before he dipped his head against her chest. Anika cradled his head close to her chest before she was breathing heavily. She moaned and arched her back even more as Damien swept his tongue against one nipple and massaged the other.

"Damien, I want you. The bed. Now," she begged as Anika knew she was inexperienced in this. But it would seem that Damien was following her instruction when he released her right nipple with a pop but sucked on the left nipple as he scooped her in his arms.

Anika wrapped her legs around his torso as he was moving toward the bedroom. She was caressing his head as they were locking their eyes against each other before Damien released her left nipple with a pop as he laid her on the bed.

"Strip for me,"

Anika obliged as she removed her skirt as well as her panties. She was wet and moist and felt empty. But she was afraid for she never had anyone in her bed. And Damien will be the first man to ever share her bed.

"Damien, there is something you should know," she said as she was standing naked in front of him. Damien put his hands on her waist before pulling her closer.

"What is that, my sweet?" he asked, making circles against her hot skin with his hands. Anika gulped before she licked her dry lips.

"I...I...I never had anyone in my bed. Like intimately," she whispered as Anika put her hands on his broad shoulders. Damien stilled before he turned his grey orbs to look at her face.

"My sweet, you don't know how much I love to hear that. You have given me the greatest give in my life," Damien said as he kissed her stomach while gazing at her eyes.

"And I will make you feel good, my sweet, for you will be taken care of by me," he whispered as he nudged her forward, straddling his laps as she was feeling his erection against his belly. She turned to look at it as the head was thick and big before Anika was licking her lips. She turned to look at Damien and as if reading her mind, he pushed her to kneel before him and let her explore his cock.

It was well-endowed and thick. She never saw anything like this but it would be a nice experience for her to explore and taste his manhood in her mouth. Anika was gripping the cock as Damien threw his head back.

"That's it, my sweet. Grip me like your tight sheath," he said before Anika was pulling up and down of his cock. Damien shivered as he moaned. Then, felt encouraged by his sound, Anika dipped her head as she took him in her wet, inviting mouth. Damien was gripping her hair before he moaned louder.

"Oh, Moon Goddess. Yes, that's it, my love. Take me into your mouth," he said before he was guiding Anika to take him deeper. She obliged before she was tasting his pre-cum on its tip. She licked and licked, playing with his balls as she was squeezing them in her hands. Damien was breathing heavily before he pulled her by the hair as she released his cock with a pop as her saliva was sticking to the thick pole.

"My turn," he said as Damien leaned her against the mattress. He was kneeling in front of her legs as she was breathing hard. Then, he spread her knees wide as her core was hit by the cold air. She shivered before his grey orbs were holding her in place.

"Look at me when I take you to heaven for the first time, my love," he said as Damien was inhaling her sweet scent. He was licking his lips before he was touching and playing with her inner thighs. She shivered and he dove to taste her nectar with his tongue.

Anika cried out as she was gripping his hair when his tongue swept against her core. It was rough and hard, like him, as Damien was sucking and licking her deep. She was staring at the ceiling before she was gripping his head closer to her core. Her hips were moving on their own accord as she was grinding against his mouth.

'That's it, my love. Give all of your nectar to me. This pussy belonged to me,' he said in their mind link as Anika was shivering with anticipation. She can sense that the sensation was building as he was plunging his tongue deep into her and right now, she was right over the edge. Then, Damien bit her clit as Anika screamed his name when her orgasm hit her.


The wave of pleasure was hitting her like a wave. Damien was there to lap at her wholeheartedly before she was coming down from her cloud nine. Her husband leaned back as he was nudging his legs between her thighs before she was pushing against it.

"You want me inside you, my love? Do you want my cock?" Damien asked her as she was looking at the erected cock in his hands. She was nodding at him before Damien was positioning his tip at her entrance. She was gripping his shoulders as she was looking into his eyes.

"Look at me, Anika. Everything will be okay. You will feel pain at first but later, it will be pleasurable, trust me," he whispered as he was leaning closer to her face. She nodded before Damien was putting an inch into her. She tensed before he shushed her with his velvet voice.

"Relax, Anika. Remember, it's me. You want me inside you, you're empty without me and my cock," he said before Anika relaxed her unused muscles as Damien pushed an inch before moving out of her canal. He did so slowly until he was near the thin barrier that told him that Anika was a virgin.

"I love you," he said as Anika smiled at him.

"And I love you," she replied as Damien thrust into her as she was gasping for air. It was hurtful at first but then she relaxed her muscles as she was feeling him for the first time in her sheath. Damien was big and strong inside her. She can sense that she was full and her tight canal was stretching to accommodate him.

"I love it when you're so tight, my love. So tight that I know I am the only one ever been inside you," he whispered huskily as Anika was shifting underneath him. He chuckled at her restlessness before he was moving in and out slowly in her core. Anika moaned before she was gripping her legs around his torso.

"More, I want more, Damien. Give me more." She said before she was pulling his face to hers. She kissed him as Damien was picking up the pace. It was something that they shared on their first night as bonded mates.

Damien can feel it in his bones that she was giving all of her to him. And he would treasure it as long as he lived. His wolf was howling happily as Damien can sense that his canine elongated, wanting to claim her as his.

"I will claim you, Anika. Say you want to stay with me," he whispered before Anika was looking at his face and gave access to her neck.

"I'm yours. All yours. Take me as yours, Damien. Claim me," she said as Damien punched his canine into her skin as they were hitting their orgasms together. Both of them were moaning as Damien tasted her blood for the first time. It was compelling as her scent and she was biting on his neck, feeling the skin tore apart and his blood was inside her mouth.

He licked the wound on her neck before he turned to look at his mate. Anika was smiling as she was licking her mouth that has his blood. She kissed him then, mixing their blood to ensure that their bond will never be broken and it cannot be undone.

"I love you, Damien Laskaris," Anika said as he was nuzzling her neck, inhaling her apricot scent.

"And I love you, Anika. I know it's not a wedding that you expect but I will make up for it later now that you are forever mine," he growled before Anika's laughter was filling his empty bedroom. Damien smiled before he turned to look at his mate.

"I think I have a couple of things that can be done for you to make up," she said as her violet eyes were shining under the moonlight. He kissed her nose.

"Anything for my mate," he said before someone was calling for Damien in the morning.
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