Delta's Deceit [ShadowPack #4]

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Chapter 2: The Discussion

"So, do you think you will ever find your mate, Damien?" Zack asked when Damien turned to look at him. They were standing outside the bar where Damien had performed and they were taking some fresh air when the bar was too crowded. He sighed.

"I don't know. I mean, the top three of our Pack had found their mates so perhaps there is a chance for us to find even when it has been a couple of years since our 18th birthday," Damien said as they were looking at the moon.

It was a full moon tonight.

"Hmm," Zack replied as they were lost in their own thoughts.

"Why do you ask? Have you find the one?" Damien teased the Omega before Zack grunted. He laughed before Zack shook his head and heading out to get to their tight community back. Damien watched him go before shaking his head and followed his friend.

"Wait for me," he said as he jogged to walk side by side with Zack as they were walking past the café where Samantha Lykos was working there. Damien saw that she was finishing up and waving at her manager. Damien was about to call after her before Zack stopped him.

"Don't," he growled before Damien turned to look at him. Zack was looking at Sam with an expression that Damien cannot tell if he was feeling angry or lust toward the Ultima's sister.

Interesting, Damien said before he smirked as he was calling after Sam.

"Hey, Sam—"

Zack nudged him in the ribs with his elbows before Damien grunted. Sam did not hear his call before she moved on and walked away from the café into the trail that she used to get to the tight community in the woods.

"Dude, what was that for?" Damien asked before he turned to look at Zack. He stopped his rant when Damien saw that Zack's eyes were glowing in the dark. The blue orbs were shining under the moonlight before Zack closed his eyes and shook his head.

"I think...I need to go for a run," he said, grunting before he left Damien alone in the middle of the streets as he took off toward the forest. Damien was scrapping his scalp before he shrugged and went on toward his home alone.


Anika was sighing when she was looking at the backpack that she will be bringing to the island for her vacation. She cannot believe that Sasha could secure her break with the brooding boss, Pierre Vouivre. Perhaps she was a miracle agent after all.

Anika smiled before she was slipping into the bathroom to remove the makeup and the dress that she wore for the party that Christina and Antonio threw after their shooting. Anika was happy for the rising designer as she announced to the models that she worked with she was expecting for their first child.

Anika wanted that future as well.

She sighed before the clothes were off her body as she was closing the faucet that she opened to fill the bathtub. Then, she put some essential oil to help her sleep later before Anika immersed herself into the bathtub.

"This is nice," she sighed before she was leaning against the bathtub. She rubbed the body wash onto her skin as she was cleaning herself from the sweat and dirt. She was humming the old lullaby that her mother taught her and Timothy when she was alive.

After Anika was finished with the body wash, she immersed herself completely into the water before emerging to wipe the water from her face. She was breathing heavily before she was looking at the ceiling as she leaned back and sighed.

"It will be a brand new day. No more work. No more crazy schedule. Just relaxation and happiness. Yeah, I think I can do that," she said before she was smiling as she was sinking herself into the water again before she stood and drained the water.

Anika took the towel and dried herself before she was walking out of the bathtub and looked at herself in the mirror. She was drying her hair as she was looking at her figure. Everyone said that she was the epitome of beauty. But Anika thought that not everyone will have a body like her and it was okay.

She was looking at her red hair that she inherited from her mother and the violet eyes that were staring at her own reflection. It was a rare color that made Sasha seek her out at first and Pierre has taken a look at her photo and agreed to sponsor her as his model.

And Sasha was her agent.

Anika was grateful that she got her dream job but for the last 3 years, she was exhausted and hoping to break from her job for a while. It hasn't occurred to her that she should ask it sooner rather than later since it would be a good investment for her future endeavor as well.

"And now, I can enjoy my overdue vacation without any guilt," she whispered as she was nodding at herself before she dumped the towel into the laundry basket before making her way toward the bed. She slept naked for she did not like the friction of her nightclothes with her skin.

So, she went nude when she retired at night. Not that everyone knew about it. It was her dirty little secret.

Anika slipped under the cover as she was closing the night light before she was looking at the ceiling. She closed her eyes and dreamt of a stranger with brunette hair and grey, glowing eyes.


The alarm went off as Anika hit the stop button. She did not sleep well last night when she had a dream.

An erotic dream at that. With a stranger who had brunette hair and grey eyes.

"Oh God," she mumbled before she was sinking her face against the pillow again. It has been a long time since she slept with a dream. It's not like Anika has a boyfriend or anything but she dreamed of meeting a guy later on and they fell in love at first sight.

Yeah, she was a romantic at heart.

Anika slipped out of the covers before she made her way toward the bathroom and showered. Her flight was at 10 AM and right now, it was 5 AM. She had to be at the airport in one hour and plenty of stuff to be done. Anika did not wash her hair for last night she did it already. She dried her body with a towel before wearing leggings and a tank top.

The island's temperature was hot and sunny all year long so it would be reasonable for her to wear a tank top while she traveled there. Anika smiled as she was putting on her bra and tank top before she was shouldering the backpack. She put on her sunscreen on the exposed skin as well as on her face.

"Better be safe than sorry," she said to herself before taking her phone, purse, and sunglasses as she put on her sneakers and went out of the apartment for her one-week vacation to Cyprus. Anika did ask Sasha to drive her to the airport and as she opened the door, her agent was outside the door.

"Well, right on time then," Sasha said with a smile. Anika smiled before her agent gave her a cup of coffee and a grilled cheese sandwich.

"Did you make this?" Anika asked while she was biting on the sandwich. Sasha was arching her eyebrow before they went out of the building to her awaiting car in front of the lobby.

"Do you think there will be an opening coffee shop at 5 AM?" Sasha asked before Anika shrugged.

"You never know. People like to get their business early," she said before her agent shook her head and unlocked her car. Anika got in as Sasha slipped behind the wheel before ignited the engine.

"Airport here we come," she said before Anika was smiling as she bit the last piece of her sandwich as Sasha sped away from her apartment building.


"Welcome aboard," the flight attendant said as Anika smiled at her. She went into her business class seat since she has been saving for 3 years to get this break. She had to go all out for this one-week vacation.

"Thank you," she said as Anika slipped into her seat while the flight attendant helped her to put her backpack on the overhead compartment. She was looking around before she was breathing deeply.

This is it, this is my chance to be absolutely myself, she mused before she was settling herself onto the seat as the other passengers were walking to their seats. They were chattering with each other as one group of youngsters in Italian as Anika smiled.

I miss you, brother, she thought before the flight attendant was announcing that they will be going over their safety evacuation and all the stuff before their departure. Anika smiled before she was smiling as the plane was getting ready for its final destination.

Kato International Airport in Cyprus, Anika's first stop before making her way to Paphos to meet with her tour guide.

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