Delta's Deceit [ShadowPack #4]

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Chapter 5: The Brunch

Damien was trying to control the lashes and the roaring of his wolf as he was leaving the room. Anika looked so vulnerable and the growling of her stomach made his wolf snarled at him for leaving her alone in the room.

'You should have taken care of her needs. Why are you neglecting our mate?' his wolf asked him as Damien was trying to find out about this article that could expose his tight community to the world.

'Oh shut up. She will come later and I will feed her. But for now, I have to tell the Alpha and the others about that article and take action about it,' he said before he was pulling his mind link to connect with the top three of Shadow Pack.

'Damien, you call?' Caleb said before Damien heard that Xavier and Arthur were there as well.

'What do you want, Damien? It's damn too early for you to call out for a meeting,' Xavier said as Damien rolled his eyes.

'And why would you be yawning still? Did you don't have enough sleep last night, Xavier?' Arthur's voice asked the Beta before Xavier was cursing at the Gamma. Arthur just laughed at his attempt.

'Stop. I know there is some emergency if Damien decided to call us. So, what is it, Delta?' Caleb's commanding voice filled their mind links before Xavier and Arthur went silent. Damien cleared his throat before he told about the article that would be a potential threat to expose their pack to the world. Caleb swore before Xavier was asking for more details about it and Arthur was trying to figure out how the information was leaked.

'I don't know how but it's on Wikipedia. A lot of people went there to write about their own history and no one should care about it. It's a total hoax and you guys know it. If anything went out of control, we can sue them,' Damien said before the top three were listening to his input. Caleb sighed before he spoke.

'Well, we are not taking that risk, Damien. You know it's a risk for the outside world to know about us and—'

'My mate told me about it,' he stunned them all as if the news about finding his mate was a shock.

'Your mate?' Caleb asked before Xavier whistled.

'Well, that's explained it. No wonder you don't want to shut that article down. Is that article the reason for her to be found by you?' Beta asked before Damien was rubbing his temple.

'Yes, and I think most of the unmated males of our pack might have a chance to find a mate that was not from the island. I is a sign for the world to come and check out Paphos. Who knows, perhaps there will be more potential mates coming to town?' Damien was making his case as Caleb was thinking about it.

Imagine if there was still hope for the unmated males to find their better halves that have been presented by the Moon Goddess. They only have to make an effort to allow the women to come to their tight community. The Alpha sighed.

'Very well. We will allow this article to stay up on that website and see where this is going,' Caleb said before the others agreed.

'Also, my mate mentioned that it might not be up for too long since not everyone believed in that crap,' Damien scoffed before he was nodding at the receptionist.

'They would not believe it until they experience themselves. I think this will be a good free promotion for our community, Caleb,' Xavier said before Arthur was nodding in their mind links.

'Well then, it's fun and all, but,' Damien was looking at the hallway where Anika emerged in clean, nice clothes as she was smiling at him, 'I have to go. My mate is here and we're off to a date,' he said before Xavier bellowed and Arthur chuckled. Caleb only shook his head.

'Oh well, you work fast. No wonder you don't want to have any responsibility in the community,' the Beta said before Caleb sighed.

'Alright. It's time to go. Report to me if you have anything else,' Caleb said before he cut off their mind links as Anika stepped in front of him.

"Are you ready?" Damien asked before Anika was nodding at him. Without another word, he pulled her hand into his and moved out of the inn.

"Let's go then," he smiled before they were making their way to the café that Damien mentioned.


His hand is so big, Anika thought as she was walking side by side with Damien. The streets were busy as they have to weave around the crowd before Damien was showing her the café that he was proud about.

"After you," he said as he held the door for Anika before she went inside. The café was not crowded since most of the townspeople were buying produce in the Farmer's market. She noticed that there was someone behind the counter with brunette hair as her head was staring down at the book that she read in front of her.

"Sam!" Damien called before the waitress named Sam looked up and her face lighted up when she saw Damien. Her tour guide pulled her hand and they were making their way to the counter as the young woman was putting her book away before greeting Damien in Greek. He replied to her before clearing his throat and switched to English to include her in the crowd.

"Sam, I would like you to meet my...client, Anika Regio. Anika, this is Sam, little sister of my best friend," Damien said as Anika was smiling at Sam. Sam was scowling when Damien called her little.

"I am not little anymore," she protested as Damien laughed. Anika found out that she loved it when Damien laughed. Her stomach tingled from the sound.

"Well, I think Sebastian will disagree with that," he said before Sam rolled her eyes at him.

"My recluse of a brother hardly knows anything that happened in my life. And frankly, I don't mind since he was busy being the doctor and official, among other things," Sam said before she was rubbing her temple. Damien chuckled softly before he leaned against the counter and turned to look at Anika. She felt his intense stare before she cleared her throat.

"So, Anika, what will you be having?" he asked her before Anika was looking at the menu on the sign. She frowned for everything was in Greek and she did not know Greek.

"You know I can't read the menu. They're all in Greek," she said before Damien chuckled as she turned to frown at him. Her tour guide turned to look at Sam as she was waiting for their orders.

"We will take the special meal on the brunch section. Two please," he said before Sam was putting in their orders.

"Drinks?" she asked before Damien turned to look at her.

"What do you fancy having?" he asked before Anika was looking around. She did not know what would be a good combination to drink with this special brunch meal that he ordered. So, Anika went with the simplest answer.

"I will have coffee then. All black," she said before Damien added, "Make that two,"

Sam nodded before she was typing on the order machine before she asked for payment. Anika was ready to pull her card when Damien paid for them both. She wanted to pay for her own meal but clearly, her tour guide had another idea.

"You could just let me pay for my meal," she said as they went to take a seat which was a table in front of the window that overlooked the streets. Damien shrugged before he pulled the chair to let her sit.

"You don't have to act like a gentleman," Anika said before he smiled at her.

"I want to. I love it when you're letting me do these gestures for you," he said before Anika felt a stab in her heart. His girlfriend would be so lucky.

"Are you practicing your charm for your future girlfriend?" she teased before Damien was locking his eyes with her. His grey orbs were glinting under the sunlight before he blinked and it was nothing. He smiled at her.

"Well, I don't do girlfriend, Anika. If I like a woman, I would marry her right away," he said before taking his seat across from her at the table. Anika arched her eyebrow at him.

"And how do you know that the marriage will last forever?" she asked before Damien smirked and leaned on the table as he was looking at her with his intense grey eyes.

Such beautiful eyes.

"I just knew and that woman will be the luckiest person in the world to have me as her husband," he said huskily as Anika bit her lower lips, wishing her heart not to beat so fast when Damien stated that when she knew she would never stand a chance to be one of his potential choices.


The sensation was hitting Sam like a bullet to her heart. She knew that he was looking at her, staring while she was working from a distance. Sam was getting annoyed when all she wanted to do was to live her life as freely as possible but it would not be like what she wished for when she knew he was watching.

He's always watching her.

She sighed before taking the special brunch meals that Damien ordered for himself and the lady that he fancied. He told her through their mind link that it was his mate, who flew all the way from Italy to have her vacation in Paphos.

Sam smiled at the thought of him having a mate after 25 years of waiting for it. She had the same problem as well when she hit her 18th birthday but no one was calling her.

Until that rogue attack and led Zack Adamos into Shadow Pack.

Sam shook her head before her mind wanted to imagine the Omega with his black hair and blue eyes, which was uncommon when the shifters of Shadow Pack had brunette hair and grey eyes as common traits.

Perhaps I am lucky enough, she mused before crushing that thought away. The thought told her that Zack was her mate when she knew that she was lost to the cause and no one, not even Zack, will be her mate.

Whether he knew or not.

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