Delta's Deceit [ShadowPack #4]

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Chapter 8: The Stroll

After patrolling the area with a douche bag of a Gamma, Arthur let Damien to be away from his duty. He was still in his wolf form as he was stalking around the forest that was near the inn where Anika was staying. His wolf was happy to be near his mate and right now, Damien was looking at the bright room that he knew it was Anika's.

'Where is she?' his wolf asked Damien as he was looking around. He went closer before he was trying to get a better look into the room. The bed was made and her clothes were lying around.

'Perhaps in the bathroom?' his wolf stated before Damien was moving away to get a better vantage point into the bathroom. Then, there she was.

His breaths were knocked away from his lungs as Damien was looking at her naked form that was sleeping in the bathtub. He must exhaust her today with the walking and talking. He felt guilty as he was walking toward the inn stealthily and hopping into the balcony that was near her room.

Damien shifted as he was naked. He slipped inside the room as the window was unlocked as he cursed for her carelessness. But it's alright for Damien was there to protect her and right now, he needed to get his mate into the bed for more comfort.

His nose was hit with that apricot scent that he loved so much, coming from the bathtub that Anika was sleeping in right now. She looked peaceful before Damien was scanning the bathroom to get the towels for her body.

He found one and took it as he went back to look at his mate's sleeping form. She was angelic and her face was without wrinkles. Damien smiled before he moved to drain the water from the bathtub. He noticed that her shapely legs were closed and her private was bare as a baby. His wolf howled as if he liked the fact that Anika was taking care of her personal hygiene.

'Take her,'

'Claim her,'

'Make her ours,' his wolf whispered as Damien was trying to control his urge to let it lose and claimed Anika right now. But he refused to give in as he knew that she would be cursing and went back to Italy as soon as possible if she discovered that Damien has come into her room at night.

'No, we have to be patient. If she can accept us both, then I think it will be worth our while,' he reassured his wolf before he can sense that he was rolling his eyes at Damien.

'You better make that happen sooner than later. Or I will take this matter in my hands,' he said before Damien shook his head.

'You're bossy,' he said before his wolf smirked.

'Who's talking? I took that after you,' he said before Damien shut their links and he was collecting Anika into his arms. He wiped her body dried before he was cradling her close to his chest. Anika sighed before she was snuggling against his hard chest. Damien smiled before he was moving across the bathroom and went toward the bed.

He deposited his mate onto the mattress gently as he pulled the covers away. Anika slipped into the covers as easily as she knew that someone has put her into bed. She sighed again before she was snuggling against the pillows.

"Damien," she mumbled but he heard it alright. Damien smiled before he put the covers over her naked body, noting that she had curves even when her body was lean like a stick.

"I'll see you tomorrow, my sweet," he whispered as Damien kissed her forehead. Anika smiled before she was snuggling against the covers as Damien moved around the room. Still, there was no hidden cameras and the peaches that she bought was on the table. He smiled before he took one and slipped away through the opened window, closing it as Damien finished the peach. Then, he shifted again and ran into the thick forest to cover his tracks that showed him came to this room.


The sunlight was hitting Anika on the face as she was blinking her eyes. She was looking around and noticed that she was in her bed. She sat up and gripped the covers before she rubbed her eyes.

"How did I get here?" she asked herself as she was looking at any discrepancy that might give her a clue about the event that might transpire when she was out. Nothing, there was nothing out of order.

Her dirty clothes were on the floor, her backpack at the corner of the room and her peaches were on the table. She sighed as Anika sunk her head against the pillow again before someone knocked on the door.

She sat up abruptly before she turned to grab her phone. She looked at the screen and cursed softly as it has been a few hours since her designated time to meet with Damien. It must be him at the door, knocking.

"Just a minute," she shouted as she was pulling a shorts and a tank top to go and put it on. Her hair was a mess as she ran her fingers to tame it before braiding it and let it flowed down her back. She took a deep breath before she went to open the door and smiled as Damien was looking at her, arching his eyebrow.

"Did you just wake up?" he asked before Damien was looking into her room. Her dirty clothes were still on the floor and Anika was embarrassed to let him see that.

"Sorry. I think it's the jet lag and I overslept. Did you wait long?" she asked before Damien was looking at her again. He was asking to get into her room and Anika sighed before opening the door for him.

"Thank you," he said before Anika moved to get the clothes and deposited it someone inside the bathroom.

"Just hold on a minute, I need to wash my face and brush my teeth," she said before Damien was smirking at her.

"So, you did just wake up," he said before Anika slipped into the bathroom and went to do her task. She was washing her face and brushed her teeth, making sure that she freshened up and put minimal makeup to cover her dark circles and redness. When she walked out, Damien was looking at the forest.

"Ready?" he asked when he turned to smile at Anika. She nodded as her heart was beating fast in her heart before taking her purse, phone and keys.

"Do you have everything that we might need for the hiking?" she asked before Damien smirked.

"Anika, it's almost noon. So, there will be no hiking for today," he said before she blinked.

"Oh. I was looking forward for it," she said before Damien was opening the door of her room as he smiled at her.

"Don't worry. We can go tomorrow. It's not like the forest will not be there tomorrow," he said, reassuring her that they will go hiking even when it was Anika's fault for missing their time for the hike that day.

"Thank you," she said as she went out of the room, waiting for Damien before she can lock it. After doing that, they headed out from the inn toward the café when she noticed that there was a couple that was arguing in front of the café. When she looked closely, it was Sam and the person that exited the carpentry yesterday.

They were shouting in rapid Greek that Anika did not know what they were saying to each other. Sam just rolled her eyes at something that the guy told her and then told him off. As if Anika read their body language, the guy was not finished with Sam when he noticed that Damien and her were approaching them. He grimaced before Sam turned to look at Damien and her.

"Anika! Damien!" she said in English before coming toward them, hugging Anika.

"Is everything okay?" Damien asked in English before Sam was glaring at the guy. Then, she was talking in Greek that Anika was lost before Damien turned to look at the guy.

"Zack," was the only word that came out of his rapid Greek that Anika understood. So his name is Zack, Anika noted before the guy named Zack was holding his hands in surrender before he went away. Damien turned to look at Sam as she was sighing in relief, even when her eyes followed that man.

"So, shall we get something to eat? Perhaps another special brunch?" Damien asked Anika before she shook her head, smiling at his tease.

"I think I might want something else today. Perhaps Sam can recommend it for us," she said before Sam laughed.

"Well, in that case, Anika, let me introduce you to today's special," she said as they ushered into the café, knowing fully well that Anika was curious about the thing that transpired between Sam and that guy Zack.


As Anika was busy talking with Sam, Damien reached out to the Omega that just left them. He knew that Zack would not be here if he had something to do in town. He was a shy person but apparently, he was not shy with Sam.

Is something going between them? He thought to himself before his mind link was answered by the Omega.

'Zack, what was that about?' he asked. Noting that he was a Delta, he was a superior to him as Zack was an Omega. Usually, an Omega was calm and collective but noting that he was shouting and screaming with Sam, maybe Zack was not actually Omega.

Or Sam provoked him. That could be a case as well for an Omega to react out of their place.

'Nothing,' he replied but Damien was not convinced.

'Do you need—'

'I don't need anything and I can handle it myself. Thank you very much,' Zack said before he cut off their mind links and left Damien in the dark. But the Delta knew something was up and he was determined to take care of it for he was the glue that keep the superior 6 of Shadow Pack together.

And if Zack was acting up, Arthur would like to know about it as well.

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