The Shadowy Ones

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Priestess Tabetha is kidnapped by a trio of otherworldly sorcerers who need her for an ancient sexual ritual in this fantasy set on a far-off world.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Tabetha had been walking the winding path through the forest while returning from the village. It was beginning to get dark, and there was a slight chill in the air, marking the turning of the seasons. She pulled her cloak a little more tightly around herself as she picked up the pace, wanting to make it home to the Temple Dormitories in the Glen before night fell completely. A few auburn curls spilled out from beneath her hood and were tossed by the wind. Suddenly, she heard a sound behind her like a dry twig snapping under a boot. She whirled around but there was nothing there. Trying not to let her imagination get the best of her, Tabetha hurried along, but she couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched. Her hand fluttered up to touch the sigil around her neck, the one that marked her as a priestess and healer of the Order of the Elements. Then, she heard it again and froze, listening. Tabetha's heart began to pound. She wasn't alone, that was certain, but she just prayed that it was some sort of forest creature. Her worst fears were confirmed, though, as she heard something strangely like laughter cut through the air. This was the last thing that she was aware of before she was grabbed roughly from behind and everything went dark.

When Tabetha awoke, she was surprisingly warm and comfortable. Mildly disoriented, certainly, but not in any pain. She blinked her eyes open, letting them adjust as she took in her surroundings. She found herself in a large, elegantly furnished room made of wood and stone. Torches burned along the walls and cast everything in a warm glow. Tabetha was lying on a large bed, draped with soft, luxurious linens in tones of burgundy and gold. She remembered the feeling of hands grabbing her as she walked through the wood, and her heart began to pound against her ribs. Who had taken her, and why? There was a light knock upon the large wooden door and then it opened to reveal a man wearing a long hooded cloak.

''My Lady,'' he said with a little bow, ''Your presence is requested by the Masters of the Estate.''

''Who?” she asked.

She saw him smile at her as he held out his arm.

''This way,'' the hooded man said, motioning for Tabetha to follow him. They were in what appeared to be an enormous subterranean palace.

''Where are we?'' she asked.

''All will be revealed in due time,'' he answered with another smile as he pushed open the door, making visible a grand room with a long table. Three men were seated there, engaged in conversation, glasses of wine in front of them. They looked up when Tabetha entered. The hooded escort bowed and then departed, leaving the priestess alone with the trio.

They were all very beautiful, she noticed, despite the fear that churned through her blood. There were certain similarities in their features, so striking that she wondered if perhaps they were brothers. They all had the same pale skin and angular cheekbones, with large, lovely eyes, though the color varied, as did the color and style of their hair. The man seated at the head of the table had blond hair and bright sapphire blue eyes, the other had brown hair with a slight wave to it, and eyes of green flecked and ringed with gold. Beside him sat a third man, whose hair was black as night. His eyes were a gorgeous violet that darkened to deep indigo. He had an enticing, smirking mouth and winked at Tabetha as she tentatively approached them.

''Come closer, my Lady, and have a seat,'' the blond said, gesturing to the empty chair beside him.

''Thank you,'' she said, sinking down. Tabetha opened her mouth to ask where she was and why she was there, but the man spoke first as if reading her mind and said,

''Lady Tabetha, doubtless you are quite confused and wondering why you've been brought to us.''

He reached for the decanter. ''Wine?'' he offered.

''No, thank you,'' she said, holding up her hand. ''I've been fasting in preparation for the upcoming holy days.''

''Ah, yes,'' the man smiled, looking down at the sigil around her neck, where it rested between her breasts. Acutely aware of his eyes on her, Tabetha adjusted her cloak.

''You are a 3rd Tier Priestess, and a talented healer as well. In fact, if I am not mistaken,'' he leaned forward slightly and his eyes seemed to shimmer. ''You are set to Receive the Bounty of the Elements on the next full moon. In...three days.''

Tabetha nodded. ''Yes.'' She had a very strange feeling about this line of questioning, where it might be headed.

''Tabetha, how long have you served the Order?''

She folded her hands in her lap. ''Since early childhood,'' the healer answered. ''My parents had died, so I was fostered in the Temple. I could have left when I came of age, but I found that I had received a calling to the Elements. The High Priests confirmed it and I became an acolyte.''

The three men shared a look between them that she wondered about, then turned back to her. ''Now, as I understand it, unlike the Lunar Order, priestesses and in particular healers of the Order of the Elements, are required to be celibate, is that correct?'' the man asked.

Tabetha nodded. ''Yes.''

''And you have...kept your vows?'' he asked. Tabetha flamed with indignation. How dare these men suggest that she was unfaithful! And after kidnapping her, no less!

''Of course,'' she replied stiffly, unable to keep the chill out of her words. The two men sitting across from her smiled.

''Now, what would happen if for some reason you were to break those vows?''

''I would be expelled from the Order. I would be stripped of my rank and my power would diminish.'' Tabetha had begun to panic a little, but the men across from her still looked amused, which the priestess found infuriating.

''I beg your pardon, my Lords,'' she said, trying to make her voice polite yet forceful, ''but as I have answered your questions, I believe you owe me a bit of an explanation. Why did you take me from the woods? Where am I, and for what purpose have I been brought here? And you seem to know who I am, but who are you?''

''Excellent questions, all,'' the blond said, taking a sip of wine. ''And they will be answered in due time. First, you need a bath. Melime!'' he called, and another hooded figure quickly appeared. ''Take the Lady Tabetha to get cleaned up.''

''No, wait!'' she protested. ''Won't you please let me go? The Order will be missing me. I have much important work to do, in preparation for the Rites.''

The man didn't say anything, just motioned to the attendant, Melime, who took hold of Tabetha's arm gently but firmly. For a small person, the grip was surprisingly iron-like. Tabetha made a move to protest again but something made her think better of it. A strange, warm calm was now fluttering over her mind, as if she'd been given a nerve tonic. Melime smiled, leading Tabetha away. The priestess took one last look over her shoulder at the three men as she was pulled around the corner and into the hallway.

Tabetha was led to a very beautiful, vast bathing chamber. Pools of hot water were set in the ground, steam rising softly from them. Incense wafted through the air. Melime began to remove Tabetha's garments and though the healer wanted to cry out in protest she did not, as she was filled with that eerie sensation of calm once again. Now she was stripped naked, all except for her sigil. Melime tried to remove it and Tabetha hesitated, pulling away slightly. Melime nodded kindly and touched the priestess' shoulder. She was once agains soothed and found herself relenting, allowing the attendant to remove the sigil. She set it aside with Tabetha's garments and then began to remove her own robe, letting it fall to the ground, revealing herself.

Melime's skin was a very light blue tinged with faint iridescent markings in soft violet like tattoos. She had large, wide indigo-colored eyes and long black hair woven into an intricate braid. Her alien beauty was astonishing to Tabetha, whose gaze fell lower. Slight and slender, the creature had soft round breasts that the priestess found herself staring at a little too long. But then she saw what was between the attendant’s legs. Her hips were soft and decidedly feminine but at the juncture of her thighs was a small but fully formed penis. ''You're--'' she said. Melime nodded. ''I'm a Del-Thayran.''

Tabetha had learned of the Del-Thayrans, but had never met one. They were one of the ancient races who first colonized Tel-Phaedra from a sister planet to Nibiru that had died. The Nibiruans took in as many Del-Thayrans as they could, granting them refugee status. The two races lived and worked together well, yet there was always the unspoken sentiment that the Nibiruans were better, more advanced than their sister-race, though they shared a common ancestry. Perhaps it was because the Del-Thayrans were hermaphroditic, in a sense. Their bodies were primarily female, and this is how they tended to identify, but in addition they also possessed functioning male genitalia.This quality made them both feared and revered. They also had long tails, and Tabetha could now see Melime's tail swishing around behind her. The Del-Thayran smiled.

''Time to bathe,'' she said, taking Tabetha by the arm and leading her down the stone steps and into the warm water. Despite the strange events of the day, the priestess felt herself relaxing. Melime reached over to a small shelf set into the stone of the wall. She picked up one of the bottles that was sitting there and poured some shimmering, fragrant liquid into her hands, which began to lather and foam. She then began to suds up Tabetha's body, starting at her shoulders and back and then moving around to her breasts. Tabetha bit her lip as a warm, lovely sensation went through her body at the touch.

''Who are those men?'' she asked Melime, trying to distract herself. ''Are they Nibiruan?''

''Half-Nibiruan,'' Melime answered, still washing the healer's breasts. Tabetha noticed that her eyes had gone a little darker. ''They are what is called the Kar-Elshe, The Others, the Shadow People. There are not many full-blooded Nibiruans left on Tel-Phaedra, most of them have gone back to the Colonies, waiting for the Return. Long ago, some found their way into the woods, back when there was still a great enchantment upon the ground. They mated with the People of the Forest and their offspring became Kar-Elshe. They are feared, because of their power, their skills in magic. That is why their kingdom exists here, below the ground, hidden always from sight.'' Tabetha noticed that her nipples were hardening beneath Melime's fingertips and there was now a curious heat blooming in the secret place between her legs.

When the bath was over she was led out of the pools and down the hallway to the same large room that she'd woken in. The priestess had been given a robe made of a thin, near-translucent shimmering material and she felt rather naked in it.

''Could I have my own clothes back?'' she asked Melime hopefully.

''I'll see what I can do, My Lady,'' the attendant responded. She turned down the bed covers and then walked over to the table, where a decanter and a goblet sat. Melime poured out a dark liquid and handed the goblet to Tabetha.

''Drink this.'' The healer sniffed at the drink experimentally. It had herbal, fruity notes but she couldn't recognize it.

''What is this?''

''A draught to help you sleep, My Lady. The Masters want you to dream comfortably while you are here.''

Though something in the back of her mind screamed to worry, the fog swirling throughout her spirit prevented her from heeding this warning and she drank it down. A deep, pleasant warmth flooded Tabetha's limbs and Melime took her hand and helped her into bed. She dreamed strange dreams as a vast sleep overtook her, pulled her under. She felt as if she had fallen out of time, off of every known map.

While Tabetha slept, unaware, the three men, who were not mere men,the Kar-Elshe, stood around her bed and watched her. ''Her spirit returns,'' spoke the dark-haired one, who was called Elyx, as he looked down at Tabetha with his burning violet eyes. ''Soon she will begin to crave us. It had already started.''

He gently pulled open her shimmering robe, revealing her naked body to them. Her nipples hardened at the touch of air. With a soft, light motion he reached down and let his hand skim along her body, over the swell of her breasts and down her belly. She shifted a little, arching into the touch. The second man, Vythrok, coughed and motioned Elyx away, though his green-gold eyes were also blazing bright with desire.

''Don't drive yourself mad with temptation. There is plenty of time. Soon, she will remember. The Hours are beginning to wax. It has already started within her. By the next nightfall, she will be ready.''

Tabetha dreamed that she was standing in a golden room, completely nude. Someone was standing behind her, his hand closed over one of her breasts, squeezing it. Seemingly out of nowhere, other hands appeared, reaching out and caressing her intimately. She wanted to pull away, to escape their clutches and yet not. Something about their embrace was familiar, and safe. Some rogue part of Tabetha welcomed it. When she woke, the priestess found that she was...different. Her body felt altered somehow. Her skin tingled warmly, especially, Tabetha noticed, her breasts and her womanhood. Looking down, she saw to her surprise that her breasts were larger than they had been when she'd arrived"they were swollen and incredibly sensitive to the touch. She raised her hands and squeezed at her globes experimentally, shuddering a little at the strange pangs that seemed to shoot right to her womb as she did so. Opening her legs, she looked down and saw that the pink nub of flesh there had also swelled excitedly. She desperately fought the urge to reach her hand down and play with it.

Tabetha knew that she needed to get her head straight, to figure out a way to convince her hosts, or perhaps 'captors' was a better word, to let her go. She wondered about the way that they had questioned her last night. What did they want from her? It didn't seem that they wished her any harm, she had been kept very comfortable so far. A little too comfortable now, she realized, not necessarily trusting the changes that had occurred in her body, but unable to deny that she liked them.

The door opened and Melime entered, greeting her with a light smile. ''Hello my Lady,'' she said. Tabetha noticed that she had a dress draped over one arm. She set it down on the bed.

''How do you fare?'' the blue-skinned woman asked, her eyes skimming over Tabetha's body, barely covered by the thin robe she'd been provided with the night before.

''I'm...well,'' Tabetha replied, not necessarily wanting to tell Melime about the new sensitivity that she was feeling. The healer hoped that it would soon go away on its own. A chiming sound reverberated throughout the room.

''Is that an Hour chime?'' Tabetha asked in surprise. ''You observe the Hours here?'' Melime nodded.

Tabetha knew of the Cycle of the Greater and Lesser Hours, which was central to certain of the older religious orders, particularly the Lunar Order. Though the Hours were acknowledged by the Order of the Elements, they were not observed. There was a kind of taboo surrounding the power of the Hours, it was considered a dangerous thing to embrace, like a drug. As the Hours waxed, sex drive as well as metaphysical energy increased rapidly and often there would be fertility rites and other sexual magics worked at that time by some of the Orders.

As the chimes continued to sound three more times and then finally died away, Tabetha felt a new tremor go through her body. She recognized the feeling distinctly as arousal, something that her Order had taught her to suppress. And yet despite all of her extensive training, she seemed to now have a difficult time doing that, the feeling was very seductive. It threaded through her blood, under her skin, and was hard to deny.

Years before, she had been caught by one of the High Priests while experimenting. This was before she had taken her vows, when she was about to be accepted as a novice. Her body was coming of age and she was experiencing the changes, which brought along urges, naturally. She'd only been given a perfunctory knowledge of such things in her studies, nobody had discussed the curious desires that she would be feeling. While running one of her errands for the High Priest, she stopped in one of the libraries to pick up some materials that he had requested. It was housed in a separate wing that she was not granted access to, and so she waited by the front desk as the Head Librarian went to fetch them.

There, she noticed some materials that had just been recently returned. One of them caught her eye and made her look more closely. Casting a surreptitious glance around to make certain that she was alone, Tabetha picked up the manuscript and opened it. The parchment featured many detailed illustrations of people engaged in sexual acts, their bodies positioned in ways that she'd never imagined. Tabetha's eyebrows went up and her skin flushed as she turned the pages, feeling a secret thrill at the drawings, a warm tingling, tugging feeling suddenly growing between her legs. She shifted a little as she stood, squeezing her legs together around the odd sensation, which only increased it. As Tabetha heard the Librarian's returning footsteps, she quickly closed with book, but the images still burned clear and bright in her mind.

After she had deposited the requested material's in the High Priest's office, she took a walk outdoors through the gardens and the courtyard in an attempt to clear her head and calm her body. Yet the heady, strange magic of late summer was at work and even the very air seemed to drape her in an aura of sensuality. Tabetha walked further, out to the more secluded gardens that were rarely frequented. The grass grew high, the vines and flowers wilder. Certain stone relics, remains of old temples long crumbled stood about like sentinels. Clouds began to cluster darkly in the sky above her as the threat of another storm approached. Tabetha ducked into one of the smaller ruins, there were stone benches inside and a most of a roof still intact, so she sank down onto one of them with a sigh.

Her mind still buzzed with what she had seen, it had most definitely affected her in some way, like the dreams that she had been having lately, dreams of hands caressing and rubbing her still-developing breasts. As if of its own accord, now Tabetha's own hand traveled upwards and slipped beneath the fabric of her gown, closing over one of her blooming globes. It fit neatly into the palm of her hand, and the sensation of fingers brushing over her nipple was very pleasant. Making sure that she was well-hidden among the vines and ruins, Tabetha pulled down her gown and exposed herself so that she could look at her own hand caressing herself. She admired the soft, growing roundness of her breast and it reminded her of the bare bodies of the women in the drawings that she'd glimpsed earlier.

That warm tingle returned between her legs at the thought and Tabetha watched as the small rosy bud of her nipple began to stiffen. Her lower body began to squirm a little on the bench and she squeezed her legs together the way she had in the library, this time she rocked while she squeezed and tempting sensations followed. With her other hand, she pressed her fingers experimentally against this newly awakened place between her legs. A little jolt went through her as she drew in a breath and began to rub the spot through the fabric of her gown. Sliding down on the bench, Tabetha kept rubbing, creating a delicious friction the likes of which she hadn't felt before.

As thunder boomed overhead she hitched up her skirt and pulled down her underclothes, spreading her legs to get a better look at what she had discovered. There was her sex, pink and soft, like a flower with a ripe little bud in the center. That bud was swollen, poking up. Tabetha touched it, and gasped at the feeling of her bare fingers. She started to rub at this erect little nub, which seemed to like it, because it swelled even more under her ministrations. A tight, sweet tension began to build deep inside of her, and as Tabetha explored herself she felt a wetness began to seep out and bathe her fingers as they moved back and forth. She bucked her hips up and down as her other hand resumed squeezing her breast, pinching the nipple. The young novice was so enthralled in what she was doing, so drugged with sensation that she hadn't noticed that she was no longer alone. The High Priest, Avaret, was standing by the ruins, quietly watching her.

Tabetha was quickly climbing towards something, her body was about to be pushed over the edge. She rubbed faster and faster, her hips jerking erratically. That was when her head raised and she saw Avaret. Their eyes met for a moment and it was then that Tabetha lost control. A ragged, gasping moan tore from her throat against her will at the velocity of feeling that caused her body to clench and spasm and shake. All the while, the High Priest simply watched her. As soon as it abated and she was able, with trembling hands Tabetha quickly covered herself and re-situated her gown, her face burning, tears of shame coming to her eyes. But rather than yelling, Avaret came over to sit beside her. He told her in his calm, firm voice that she must not do that again.

''It will deplete your power, to indulge in those baser impulses. We are more evolved than that. All of your energies must be reserved for serving the Order. We need you to be pure for us, in order for you to reach your full potential.''

''The Masters have requested your presence in the Great Room, my Lady,'' Melime said, moving closer and beginning to remove Tabetha's robe, pulling the priestess back to the present moment.

''What are you--'' she began, trying to cover herself a little, to hold onto what modesty she had left.

''I'm helping you to dress,'' Melime told her calmly, nodding at the garment on her bed.

''The Masters have provided you with attire. They request that you abide by their traditions for the time being, and thank you for your patience in this matter.''

So she wouldn't be getting her own clothes back, after all. Tabetha sighed and allowed Melime to pull off her robe. She stood naked. Melime paused for a moment and stared at her.

''You've changed, my Lady,'' she said softly, her eyes darkening as they fixed on the priestess' swollen breasts. Tabetha said nothing, her breath hitched in her throat a little as she realized that she liked the way the attendant was looking at her. Her gaze drifted lower, to the fitted leggings that hugged Melime's lower body, noticed that they bulged slightly in the front with the outline of her cock, which seemed to be growing as the Del-Thayran stared appraisingly at Tabetha. Then their eyes met again and Melime snapped out of her daze and began to help the priestess into her gown, which was made of a thin, glittering blue material. Then Tabetha was once again led into the large chamber, but this time, only Teveryn awaited her there.

''You have been brought here to be a Vessel,'' he told her plainly, once Melime had bowed and departed. ''A Vessel?'' Tabetha echoed.

He chuckled. ''You don't know anything about your own heritage. You don't know who you really are. You carry a special bloodline which supports your power.''

Teveryn moved closer to her, and Tabetha swallowed hard. His beautiful face was only a few inches from hers and she could see that his eyes had darkened considerably. ''But you still have not tapped into the full extent of that power. Certain parties have a vested interest in keeping it that way.''

Tabetha's eyes narrowed. ''What do you mean?''

''The High Priests of your Order lied to you,'' Teveryn said bluntly. ''They have been lying to you since the beginning, in order to use your power to further their agenda. They sought to control you through vows, keeping you in-check and obedient. They never revealed to you your true nature.''

Tabetha could not believe that this was possible. The Order had taken her in, cared for her, educated and elevated her. They were her mentors, her family. Yet still.. ''I don't understand...what...what is my true nature?'' she found herself asking.

Teveryn smiled at her. ''It is revealing itself to you with the passing of each Hour,'' he said, and something in his tone sent a shiver dancing through Tabetha.

Later, the Kar-Elshe stood together in the chambers, waiting as the Hours ascended. ''Is she ready?'' Elyx asked with eager impatience, rubbing a hand over the prominent bulge at the front of his pants. ''We cannot wait much longer, we must begin.''

''She still has doubts. We will simply have to help her past them,'' Teveryn said, a smile creeping around the corners of his mouth.

A strange, heady daze was starting to settle in around Tabetha, she found that her thoughts were becoming vaporous, she felt far-away. It was as if there were spirits dwelling within the walls and they called to her in whispers, trying to remind her of something. The next Hour chimed as she brought before all three of the Kar-Elshe again.

The two men, Elyx and Vythrok, helped her to lay down on the covered stone platform in the center of the room. They stood on either side of her as she wondered what was going to happen. She had a suspicion that she knew when they each gently took hold of her legs and eased them apart. ''Wait!'' she protested. ''What are you...''

''Sssh,'' Vythrok said soothingly, brushing back her hair, the motion remarkably tender. ''Just relax.''

Teveryn soon approached her. He was shirtless, like the other two, and in spite of her growing anxiety Tabetha couldn't help but be awed by his beauty. A ripple of desire churned low in her belly. He seemed to sense this, and smiled wolfishly. Teveryn inclined his head in a bow. Then he began to walk clockwise in a circle around the perimeter of the altar where she lay, held by the other two like an offering. While he walked he spoke words in the ancient tongue. They climbed the walls of the chamber, dark and musical to Tabetha's ears, though she could not understand them. The Ancient Tongue was rarely spoken, it carried with it a great power. The priestess could feel it, it kindled the fire that had been burning inside of her for the past several Hours.

She began to relax, but this was short-lived as Teveryn returned to the front of her. He bowed again and then took a few steps closer, before he knelt down. Tabetha drew in a breath at the close proximity. His face was only inches away from her exposed womanhood. She let out a gasp that echoed as he leaned his head forward and then brought his mouth down against her.

''No!'' she cried out as sense briefly returned to her addled mind and she tried to wriggle away. In response, Vythrok and Elyx tightened their grip on her legs and held her still as Teveryn gave her a long lick with his tongue, as punishment, she supposed.

''Ssh,'' Vythrok said again as his other hand closed over her breast, caressing it. Tabetha couldn't deny the pleasure that Teveryn's mouth was giving her and so she wanted to escape it. What he was doing to her was against all of her vows, but she liked it very much. A moan escaped from her mouth, betraying her. Tabetha could swear that she felt Teveryn chuckle a little against her, the vibrations made her flesh hum. Soon it became too much. The way he was licking and sucking at her caused a bright blooming of sensation that crested and made Tabetha's whole body tremble in a way that she had never known before.

After a moment, Teveryn rose and stood with a pleased smile on his face. Vythrok and Elyx, wearing similar smiles, came over and stood beside him. Once she was able, Tabetha sat up a little so that she could look at them. Her head swam with a mix of desire and shame. Perhaps they would let her go now. This...experience may have been all they wanted. However, something told the priestess that this was not the case. If she was set free now, it would hopefully still be alright"she could plead her case before the order and hopefully they would be merciful. After all, she had received sexual contact but she was still a virgin.

The men switched places: Teveryn moved to stand on her right, and Elyx to her left, while Vythrok now crouched in front of her. The two held her legs and the green-eyed Kar-Elshe dove eagerly between them, lapping at her. His technique was slightly different from Teveryn's but no less effective, and soon Tabetha was overwhelmed by another climax. All of her resolve was slowly slipping away. As she was recovering, they rotated again"they were taking turns, it seemed, and now Elyx was sinking down to his knees. There was a look of dark promise in his eyes and she allowed herself to watch as he set his tongue to her and began.

His lips were hot and silky and demanding, and her body was so sensitive now that not one, but two orgasms rolled through her before he was finished. Now that all three had tasted her, Tabetha hoped that it was over, though there was that other part of her, growing in strength, that wanted them to continue, wanted them to do more, see what else they might give her. Every forbidden desire that Tabetha had ever had was now bubbling to the surface and wreaking havoc all through her.

Tabetha watched as Vythrok and Elyx began to take off Teveryn's pants. She felt struck and all the breath went out of her lungs as they were pushed down and shucked off and he was naked before her. His cock was enormous and very erect, almost painfully so. She couldn't tear her eyes from it, it mesmerized her. She had only seen pictures, that day she'd glimpsed the book in the library. This was real. Now Teveryn leaned back on the altar slab, positioning his body, then...waiting.

Tabetha felt herself being lifted again by Vythrok and Elyx. As she was moved, she realized what was happening and began to struggle as they tried to position her over Teveryn's massive erection.

''No, no!'' she cried. ''Please!''

If she was no longer a virgin, she wouldn't be allowed back into the Order. She would be useless!

And yet...and yet...Tabetha wanted, craved, was suddenly more curious than she had ever been. She had no chance to fight back, so she did not see the sense in trying. She didn't want to fight back. Even so, she let out another weak sound of protest as she felt the head of his cock right at her virgin opening. Gently, Vythrok and Elyx pushed her down, so that she was slowly impaled upon Teveryn. Tabetha winced a bit at how he was stretching her, and she had hardly taken any of him yet. They moved her again, pushing her down a little harder.

''That's it,'' Elyx said, ''take it. Let your body take what it needs. Enjoy it as you want to, let it feel good.'' Beneath her, Teveryn shifted and rocked up with a moan. ''Oh priestess, you are so sweet. It is an honor to fill you.''

He eyed the other two as he pulled back and they lifted her up, then slammed her down hard as he thrust up again. Their bodies met with a swift bright pain inside of Tabetha as Teveryn tore through her maidenhead. She let out a loud wail but even as she did the pain began to abate and an extremely wonderful throbbing sensation of fullness took its place.

''Yes,'' Teveryn murmured. Tabetha felt him twitch deep inside of her. It was over. She was no longer a virgin, no longer a priestess of the Elements. And yet, this did not trouble her as sharply as she had anticipated that it would. She felt a sense of completeness in this strange place, her body forced atop Teveryn's cock. His sapphire eyes met hers with a warm, almost loving gaze.

''Welcome to your true nature,'' he said, and Vythrok and Elyx began to move her again, lifting her by the hips and rocking her up and down, up and down, while Teveryn rocked along with the motions. The pleasure was coming again, but it was more this time, deep and hot and primal as he stroked some secret place within her. There were tears on her face and she felt a hand brush them away, turn her slightly.

Vythrok's gentle eyes met Tabetha's and his lips pressed against hers. The kiss deepened and his tongue slipped into her mouth. She felt Elyx's eager hand come around and fondle her breast, pinching her nipple. Then it slid down further, until his fingers began to rub that swollen little button at the place where Tabetha's body joined Teveryn's. They moved her a little more quickly now and the heat continued to build. The priestess let out a wanton cry of pleasure despite the fact that tears were still pouring down her face, and then the release came hard and fast, taking her by surprise as Teveryn arched his back and thrust deep, letting out a gutteral cry. Elyx and Vythrok held her firmly down on his cock as he spurted inside of her; Tabetha could feel the warm heat of his seed flooding her womb. Dazed, she was pulled off of him and leaned back, her knees pushed up close to her chest as at strange angle as another repositioning of the Kar-Elshe occurred.

Now it was Vythrok's turn, she realized as the green-eyed man lay spread out in wait for her, his cock jutting upwards, no less impressive than Teveryn's. He gave her an almost reverent look as Elyx and Teveryn lifted her and pushed her down onto him. The onslaught was a welcome one, her body was sore and yet throbbing, aching desperately with a strange new hunger. Tabetha cried out as he filled her, and her voice reverberated throughout the chamber. His eyelids fluttered and his head rolled back in ecstasy, it made him look so beautiful that Tabetha felt a surge of pride, knowing that she had made him feel like that.

Soon the motions began again in earnest, and she started to join in enthusiastically, liking the way that she could cause certain sensations depending on how she moved. She began to enjoy the feeling of being surrounded, of the other two men manipulating her body, forcing her to ride his cock. They seemed to sense her enthusiasm and helped her to vary her motions, pushing her forward slightly, rocking her back and forth so that Vythrok touched new places within. ''Oooh,'' she said, and the man beneath her let out a low, pleased moan. He could feel the priestess' body awakening, beginning to accept and delight in its nature. He felt a flood of wetness around his tortured member, and it pushed him even closer to climax.

All thoughts of the Order were quickly fading from Tabetha's mind, eclipsed by something new. It seemed that a long-dormant power was waking and rising within her. She felt strong and complete. Tabetha, aided by the others, continued to move until both she and Vythrok were simultaneously overwhelmed by a powerful climax. The same pattern followed as she heard another chime, the priestess was laid down for a moment with her knees bent at an odd angle while the men switched places again. As a healer, she recognized the position that they were forcing her into, it was often used after lovemaking to promote conception. This should have filled her with worry, as she was obviously not protected against pregnancy, but something would not let her be upset by this, rather she felt...almost pleased.

Tabetha's body was sore but not yet spent, in fact, all of this activity was fuelling the growing fire within her, making her ravenous. She gave a little twitch of delight now as she was lifted by Teveryn and Vythrok and carried over to where Elyx lay waiting, his cock stiff with need. He looked up at her appraisingly, as her body hovered over his, winked one of his beautiful violet eyes. This time, when her body was pushed down onto his she revelled in it. She realized the excitement of being essentially at the mercy of the Kar-Elshe, held in place and used so deliciously. Elyx was extremely eager, too, as soon as Tabetha was on top of him he began to buck his hips rapidly, slamming up into her hard and deep, and she met his thrusts each time. Beside Tabetha, Teveryn chuckled in approval and grabbed hold of her hand, bringing it between his legs to wrap around his own member, which was completely hard again, she noticed.

It did not end with that single rotation, no: they were not to be sated until the cycle of the Hours was nearly completed. They rode the energy over and over again, all four of them, and when they were finally done, Tabetha had undergone a kind of metamorphosis. She was now a creature of raw spiritual sexuality, her skin practically crackling with power. She could hear the echo of the Hours chiming in her head, could hear the ancient sounds of the earth and even the Spheres so much more clearly than she ever could before. It was now the Eve of the Feast of the Elements and Tabetha was vaguely aware that the Order was probably looking for her. They would never find her where she was. Her former self, their priestess, was all but lost for good. Now, she was a Vessel.

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