Cirque de Lucioles

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Riding the Wildfire

It’s been a year since Archer had decided to take his position as Circus Guard/Fae Entertainer. He’d gotten a lot better at using his fire magick, he was on better terms with the Ringmaster, and he was on more or less equal grounds with Madame Moonstone. He made friends with every Fae that had come and gone and he’d spent time with Heathersbane and Evice, learning everything he could about them and becoming great friends with both.

He didn’t miss his home, but he did have to admit, he missed Diantha, Zeria, and Lori, despite all that had happened. He and Diantha had left on good, but teary goodbyes, Lori and him had... well, he had to admit there were better parts of their rocky relationship and Zeria, well... after accepting his mask back from Evice, he hadn’t seen hide nor hair of her and found out she had left, before the others.

But that was all in the past now, and after everything that had happened, he honestly couldn’t be happier.

So that was why he was so surprised to be incredibly ecstatic when Madame Moonstone gave him the task of greeting and helping the newest recruits for this year's circus.

Grinning, Archer hung his mask around his neck as he made his way to the room that he hadn’t stepped foot in for over a year. Going towards the hall, he was glad to see that three kids were already poking their heads out, all girls and he couldn’t help but chuckle as he saw their looks of confusion and loss on their faces. Clearing his throat, he caught each of their attentions and directed them to the main room with a gentle smile, “Before I explain anything to you, I’d like to show you some things.” He said and was pleased when they, though reluctantly, followed after him.

Coming upon the old box of masks, he presented them to the girls, explaining to each of them what they were for. And his eyes widened when he noted how each of them seemed to choose the very same masks that his friends had. Knife-thrower... Fluter... and the Mouse-tamer... Diantha... Lori... Zeria... he thought sadly and finally asked them their names.

Smiling when he received them, he winked and told them all to meet at the main tent in the area and he left, preparing to do what he needed to show them why they were here and what they were to do.

When the three girls, with their masks around their necks or tied to their belts, met at the main tent, where the main event was held, Archer grinned to himself before finally showing himself, appearing in a blaze of fire with a new trick that Heathersbane had taught him. Noting that he had the girls’ attentions, he grinned wide and held out his hands, fire flickering within both as the Fae surrounding them cheered at the spectacle. “Welcome...” he started, speaking in a powerful, but alluring voice, and he raised his hands, in turn creating a wall of fire that spun around him before it fanned out, lighting the unlit torches that circled the ring and casting a glow upon the entire inside of the tent, “to the circus!”

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