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(Takes place a few months after the events of Dekkan Academy) Dakota was just having a normal day at school when he suddenly discovers that Alex... is in heat!

Fantasy / Romance
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Sighing in boredom, Dakota Lynn Hemming, resident bad-boy of the school, stuck his hands in his pockets as he walked through the crowded halls. He watched as both humans and animals, though all of them were students, roamed the halls; chatting, walking in silence, or arguing with other animals.

His ears twitched as he heard some of the conversations as he walked by the others and he picked up bits and pieces of them; mostly, strangely, hearing the words ‘heat’ and ‘wolf’, which didn’t make any sense to Dakota since there were no female wolves at the school and the word heat couldn’t have been situated with Dakota’s relationship with Alex, since they’d become lovers and don’t fight all that much anymore... and it couldn’t have related to the weather either.

He ignored it though and continued walking down the hallway until he rounded one of the corners and he froze; eyes wide as a new scent crossed through the air. Something he hadn’t smelled before at the school.

Tilting his head up, he sniffed the air once, then twice until he finally decided to move, following the scent. It was starting to drive him insane, and he wanted to find out what it was.

After a minute of walking, he came across a familiar sight of Alex chatting with Hailey and Skylar. His eyes narrowed a little and he felt a small growl come up from his throat as the smell grew stronger.

Skylar was the first to spot Dakota, her brown eyes widening and her fox ears twitching. She turned to Alex and whispered something to him, causing both him and the cat to look up.

Pale blue eyes widened, showing new panic and something else, but Dakota wasn’t really paying enough attention to find out what it was.

“Shit,” Hailey cursed, grabbing Alex’s bag and her tail flicked about, “run Alex!”

And he did just that, ears lowered to his head as he started to run in the other direction, the black dog giving chase and following closely behind the wolf.

Somehow though, this wasn’t just a normal chase for the two. Dakota had his mind set on identifying the scent and Alex seemed way too panicky and frightened for reasons people couldn’t figure out.

Finally though, the chase ended when Alex darted into an empty storage room and he became more panicked as he turned around, eyes wide and breath heavy when he saw Dakota blocking the door. Somehow Alex managed to notice how Dakota didn’t have his usual smirk on his face and instead seemed to be in a trance.

“D-Dakota...!” Alex stuttered, backing away slowly when Dakota stalked towards him, having locked the door behind him.

Dakota sniffed the air and another growl forced its way out of his throat, not going unnoticed by the frightened wolf. The scent was definitely coming from Alex, the dog could tell, and it was getting stronger with each step he took towards him. Alex continued to back away until his back touched the wall behind him and he gulped, ears fully lowered to his head now and Dakota almost smirked, noticing that he had the wolf trapped and he grabbed the other’s arms, pinning them to the wall.

“D-Dakota... W-what are y-you doing...?” Alex trembled slightly as he spoke and Dakota took notice of this, though only for a second as he breathed in the scent again, his senses going wild and he growled again, leaning down and nuzzling Alex’s neck. Alex stiffened and he closed his eyes tightly as he tried to hold back a weak moan, his skin burning with each brush from Dakota. “S-stop... D-don’t do that...” Alex whimpered but Dakota ignored him.

“Alex...” he growled out, the smell of the wolf intoxicating to the dog. “Is there something that you... perhaps... have neglected to...” Dakota trailed off for a moment, licking his lips as a few thoughts crossed his mind.

For the past three days, Alex had been avoiding Dakota like the plague, and now perhaps the dog finally has his answer as to why. But Alex whimpered and shook his head sharply, trying to get out of the dog’s tight hold. “N-no...!”

Dakota once again ignored him and focused on what he was going to do, flicking out his tongue and lapping at the wolf’s warm, soft, delectable skin. “Mmn,” Dakota hummed in delight at the wolf’s taste, shivering as he heard Alex’s moans.

Moving both of Alex’s wrists to one hand, Dakota trailed the other down to the bottom of Alex’s shirt and he dipped his hand under, brushing his fingers against the soft skin and Alex whimpered, gasping at the feeling of the other’s cold hands against his stomach.

Dakota nipped and bit at the wolf’s neck, trailing up and he licked Alex’s cheek gently before moving over and he claimed his lips, kissing him hard and long.

The dog was quickly getting addicted to both the wolf’s scent and his taste.

Dakota pulled back, only a little, in order to get rid of Alex’s shirt and he continued to lick, suck, and bite at the skin in front of him. He relished in the moans, whimpers, and pants from the wolf as he played with his nipples.

“D-Dakota...” Alex whimpered the dog’s name, panting heavily and he looked at Dakota through half-lidded, darkened blue eyes. It was hard to believe only a few well placed touches, kisses, and licks could bring the wolf to this. And really, Dakota had barely even started.

“So willing...” Dakota hummed, nipping at the skin once more and Alex whimpered again. “I never would’ve guessed... you’d give in so easily... to your ‘enemy’.” He teased, and if Dakota were a cat, he would’ve purred; instead however, all he did was growl, moving back up to kiss Alex and not surprisingly, the wolf didn’t hesitate to kiss him back, eager.

When Dakota had let go of both his wrists, Alex immediately wrapped his arms around the others neck, and he grinded against Dakota. Both teens moaned at the feeling, and Dakota pushed him back against the wall, grinding back against him, closing his eyes tightly at the feeling and his ears lowered slightly.

“Fuck...!” He cursed when he felt Alex wrap his legs around him, and he felt himself growing even harder when he saw the sight of the other. Flushed, panting, eyes darkened with lust, desire, and want... and fucking hell, he looked way too damn sexy right now. Dakota almost lost it when Alex gave a needy whimper.

“P-please... D-Dakota...!” Alex whined, burying his face in the crook of Dakota’s neck and he nuzzled him, licking and nipping at the skin before barking in displeasure when Dakota roughly pushed him off, before getting rid of his pants and his boxers. “A-ah!” Alex threw his head back when Dakota gripped his dick tightly, giving a few rough tugs and he bit his lower lip to keep in the moans that wanted to escape.

Dakota grinned devilishly, his senses still driven mad by the scent of the wolf in heat, and he continued jerking the wolf off. He would be making sure that Alex was well worn out by the time he was finished with him; most definitely.

Alex scrunched up his face, closing his eyes tightly and he let out a strangled moan before coming hard, his seed getting all over his bare chest and Dakota’s shirt.

Dakota didn’t even bother to bark at Alex for the mess he made, instead leaning down and lapping at the wolf’s chest, cleaning him up, even though there would be no point since he would make a no doubt even bigger mess when this was finished.

And, true to Dakota’s thoughts, Alex was already hard again after that. Oh the delights of both being a teen and being in heat when it comes to sex.

The dog stroked Alex again, causing the wolf to whimper and he smirked, truly addicted to the wolf’s taste and he wanted more. He slowly got to his knees, holding the naked wolf against the wall and he gave an experimental lick to the wolf’s head, causing Alex to both gasp and moan.

Though Dakota knew he wouldn’t be able to last long, continuing like this, he wanted to know what he could to do bring the wolf to the edge like this, so he licked and nipped at the sides of Alex’s dick, drawing out more moans and whimpers and gasps.

Alex buried his hands into the raven’s hair and he tugged, whining for more and Dakota gladly gave it to him, taking in his full member and he bobbed his head, swirling his tongue around the enlarged organ and Dakota moaned, the vibrations sending sparks through Alex and pushing him closer to the edge again.

“N-nhg...! D-Dakota!” Alex shouted as he came once again, into Dakota’s mouth, and the dog eagerly drank it all, milking the wolf for all he was worth. Feeling harder than he was before and closer to snapping out of control, Dakota released Alex from his mouth and he stood up.

Dakota panted slightly as he brought one hand to Alex’s mouth and he narrowed his eyes a little, “Suck.” He rasped and Alex did so without a second thought or even a question as to why. He took the dog’s fingers in his mouth and covered them with his saliva, looking so focused on his task and Dakota groaned at the sight.

When Dakota took his fingers from Alex’s mouth, with the thoughts that next time Alex would be using that mouth of his for something else, said wolf wrapped his legs around Dakota again, whimpering and wanted to feel something on him or in him.

Dakota barely managed a smirk as he trailed his fingers down to Alex’s entrance and he poked and prodded at it before pushing in one finger, not missing a single whimper or moan that fell from the wolf’s mouth.

It wasn’t the first time they’d had sex, but it had definitely been a while since the last time they did...

Being a bit rougher than he needed to with prepping Alex, he felt as if he was on the brink of insanity and he felt as if he needed to be inside Alex now. Alex whimpered when he felt all three fingers stretching him, though he pushed down against them needy and eager, wanting more.

“K-Koda...” Alex panted, closing his eyes tightly as he nipped at Dakota’s neck. “I-I want you... p-please... I-I need you so... bad...” he whimpered, trying to push back against Dakota’s fingers and rub himself against Dakota’s clothed member.

Dakota growled out, low and dangerous, and he pulled out his fingers, not missing the disappointed whimper from the wolf and he quickly undid his own pants and he pushed down his pants as best as he could with Alex still wrapped around him. He lowered his head and nipped at Alex’s ears. “You better watch it... or I’ll end up losing control... and I don’t think you w-want th-that~ Fuck!” Dakota cursed when Alex hastily pushed himself down on Dakota’s dick, nuzzling into his neck and he whimpered at the feeling of Dakota’s cock inside him.

“Ah-hah...” Alex panted, moaning and whimpering, “S-so... so b-big...” he whined a little and Dakota braced a hand against the wall, trying to hold up his own weight, along with Alex’s. It was when Alex clenched around him that he lost his control and he went solely with his animal instinct, pulling almost all the way out before thrusting back in, hard and fast.

Alex cried out at this and Dakota smirked maliciously, driving in hard and fast, not relenting as he pounded into Alex.

“M-more...! H-harder~ F-faster! P-please...!” Alex begged, moaning against Dakota’s neck, not even caring if anyone was hearing this. At the moment, all he could feel was Dakota, and the heat... and the pleasure. “D-Dakota!” Alex came for the third time, clenching down on Dakota’s dick, but the dog was no where near finishing and he growled out as he continued to thrust into the poor wolf.

Alex could feel his back start to sting from being scraped up against the wall, but he didn’t care, not in the slightest. He started to nip and lick at Dakota’s neck again before having his eyes go wide as blinding hot pleasure shot through him and he bit down, marking Dakota, and making the dog cry out in pain.

Alex could feel tears streaming down his cheeks as Dakota abused his prostate and he licked at the blood that ran down Dakota’s neck, trying to silently apologize the best he could in the state he was in. All he could think about was the pleasure, though.

The wolf’s ears twitched as he heard the quiet muttering of curse words from Dakota’s mouth and he knew that the dog was close, so he did the only thing he could. He clenched down on Dakota again, hearing a louder ‘fuck’ and a violent growl as he pushed Dakota closer to the edge.

“I-I’m going to... to...” Alex scrunched his face up once more and he whimpered when he felt Dakota grip his member tightly once more, stroking it in time with his thrusts.

“F-fuck... m-me too...” Dakota trembled and it was only a few seconds later when Alex came, howling out Dakota’s name as he did so and Dakota barked Alex’s name in return when he came, not seconds after the wolf.

Panting heavily, Dakota stood shakily and he lowered his head, nuzzling Alex’s neck. He didn’t even bother pulling out as he inhaled Alex’s scent again, his ears lowering as he licked his lips once more.

Alex whimpered, and he leaned his forehead against Dakota’s shoulder.

“N-not again... p-please...” Alex whined tiredly and Dakota smirked against his skin, “I-I don’t think... I c-can handle another r-round...”

“Sorry pup,” Dakota growled out, still smirking, and Alex’s eyes widened when he felt Dakota thrust into him again. He let out a tired shout of pleasure and he wrapped his arms tighter around Dakota, shaking as Dakota continued to ram into him.


Alex whimpered, leaning against Dakota and he gripped the others arm tightly, afraid he was going to fall if he let go. “G-god... I-I can’t believe... y-you fucked me three times... l-last night.” He muttered and Dakota smirked once again, wrapping an arm around Alex’s waist, his other arm carrying Alex’s bag for him.

It was no surprise that, in addition to the sex in the closet and the sex in their dorm last night, Alex was more than sore and more than just a little tired.

“Mhm, well... how can anyone resist such an enticing little wolf such as you...?” Dakota said, and once again, he would’ve purred if he had been a cat.

“Remind me to try harder to keep away from you when I’m in heat next time...” Alex said bitterly and Dakota barked out a laugh.

“Oh come on, you loved it. Admit it.” Dakota smirked devilishly before turning his attention straight ahead, to where another teen stood and he glared at the other dog, growling dangerously when he saw the way he was staring at Alex. “Fuck off, fleabag!” Dakota barked loudly and he noticed with pleasure how the others ears lowered. “Alex is mine!” He circled his arms around Alex possessively and he hugged the bewildered wolf to him, still glaring at the wide-eyed mutt. He smirked triumphantly, though, when the dog ran away, whining with his tail between his legs.

Alex sighed and shook his head, though he smiled. “That was completely unnecessary, Dakota.” He murmured, though he wasn’t complaining.

“I’m not going to let anyone lay a paw on you, do you understand?” Dakota growled playfully, nipping at Alex’s ears and Alex couldn’t hold back a giggle at that. “You’re mine, and I don’t ever want you to forget that.”

Alex rolled his eyes, but he smiled up at Dakota, blue eyes sparkling. “Just as long as you don’t forget who you belong to, Koda.”

Dakota beamed and his ears perked up, and he nuzzled Alex’s cheek before he kissed him. “I love you, Alex.”

“I love you, too, Dakota.” Alex murmured, kissing the dog back.

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