Butterfly Enigma II

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Instruction (Teaser)

“Please, Kali, let’s go somewhere more private! I’d hate to ruin his reputation if someone overhears us…”

Kallima nodded and reluctantly followed Acacia back out of the lobby and through the castle until they reached the observation balcony. The green-haired girl leaned against the railing and glanced down before turning skyward. She hummed at the warmth of the vanishing sun, her yellow eyes glittering in the last light.

“Isn’t it gorgeous?” she asked.

Kallima’s face scrunched together in confusion. The last bit of the day’s sunlight faded over the water, the scattered rays reaching out towards the dock in parting. The reds and oranges blurred and darkened into violet and black, and a speckling of silver stars slowly worked westward, a perfect sunset.

“It’s… Yes,” Kallima said skeptically. “It’s lovely. What’s the trouble with Shay?”

“I love coming up here to look at the stars.”


“He’s going to hurt her.”

Kallima gaped at her informant. Acacia turned around, glancing at the earth again. Then she turned back to her old friend and relayed her secret.

“Shay’s nice, for the most part. He just… He gets a little handsy. And Sable… she’s got her head on backwards, Kali! She won’t tell him to stop like I did. He’ll take advantage of her! Then he’ll dump her. Just like he dumped me.”

“He dumped you because you dropped me down a hole and started acting weird!”

“Don’t turn this back on me, Kali. He’s a lord’s boy. You know how they treat girls.”

“You dragged me all the way out here to tell me this?” Kallima gawked. “Instead of just telling me in the hall, so I could go stop him, you brought me way up here?”

“Kali, you can’t stop him.”

“I stopped Gabe! Well, Iggy stopped Ga-. It’s not important! If she refuses him-.”

“But she won’t, Kali. He’ll use her, and she’ll just go along with it. And when he dumps her, she’ll blame herself.”

“Okay, really, why did you bring me here? We really could have discussed this inside!”

Acacia smiled painfully.

“Yes, but, inside, I couldn’t do this,” she breathed.

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