Butterfly Enigma II

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Half (Teaser)

Mina blocked the door from oncoming students, turning them away with the assurance that he was ill and decided that the class would be better off taking a short break. Most of the teens cheered and turned away, their curiosity sated. Kallima, though, lingered until everyone but Shay and Mina had disappeared.

Kallima shooed the spirit fae, saying, “You can take off, Shay. I want to talk to Iggy.”

“I know. I wanna go with you.”


“I want to see what he looks like,” Shay whined.

Kallima glared at the boy.

“What does that mean?”

“Um, I, ah...,” Shay said, “I already know he’s not a fire fae?”

Kallima groaned, scratching around the gauze on her cheek. Then she approached Mina.

“Can we see Iggy?” the redhead asked.

“No, I’m sorry. He doesn’t feel well. How are you, Miss Satudotter?”

“I’m... I’m confused and scared,” Kallima said. “Mina, I need to see him! I need to… ask him some things.”

“I wanna see what he looks like,” Shay said.

“No,” said Mina. “Absolutely not.”

“But I already know what his is, and Kali saw him,” Shay whined. “Please? I wanna know what a half-.”

In an instant, Mina’s hand was over Shay’s mouth, pressing him to her chest and shushing him.

“Don’t say that!” she hissed. “Alright, okay, fine! I will take you to him. But he’s still very weak from the poppy. This way.”

She released Shay’s head, moved her hand to his shoulder, and waved Kallima to follow her. At first, Kallima thought they were going to the animal cages, but she turned before they reached them. She led them through a large lounge where a few dozen imps and a handful of humanoids loitered.

“You must be very quiet. We could all get in a lot of trouble for this,” she whispered harshly as she unlocked a door. “And don’t touch my things.”

She cracked the door so there was just barely enough room for the two teens to squeeze inside. Slipping gracefully in after them, she locked the door again.

Kallima gawked. The small room somehow held an air of light and elegance despite being located in the basement. A rocking chair in the corner had blankets draped over it, indicating to Kallima, at least, that Mina had slept there the night before. After all, there was certainly no room on her bed.

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