Butterfly Enigma II

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Dominant (Teaser)

Kallima rolled her eyes and rejoined Sable and Amelia, who were cheering for Shay as he dueled Jasmine Colson, Kallima and Sable’s lycan ex-roommate.

And she was clearly not holding back.

Her skin was coated in thick, honey-colored fur, her ears were longer than usual, and her face had a slight muzzle to it. A muzzle filled with long, sharp teeth. She lunged at Shay with her ax, striking repeatedly and growling. Shay used his twin short-swords to block her swings.

Kallima shrieked, “Why is she-?”

“He brought it on himself,” Amelia told her. “He called her a poser.

“And a bitch,’” Sable said.

“What?” Kallima gasped.

“He’s smart, Kali. He knows, like, what he’s doing.”

“So what’s he doing?”

Sable shrugged.

Kallima watched breathlessly as Shay blocked every blow, dodged every lunge. Jasmine growled and swung at the spirit fae again, letting one hand slide off to increase the momentum of the strike. Shay side-stepped the attack, pinned the ax to the ground with his swords, and kicked the werewolf in the chest. He forced the weapon out of the ring and stood triumphantly over her. The referee blew his whistle, calling the match in Shay’s favor. Kallima shivered at the sudden aroma of fear.


Jasmine lunged at the boy again, jaws snapping at his face. Shay screamed. Sable shrieked in response and, without hesitation, threw herself at the attacker.

The two girls landed on the ground with a heavy thud. Instantly, Coach Drummer and the assistant watching the fight were at their side, pulling the stone girl off of the half-conscious werewolf. A long gash bled down her arm, but she complained more about her leg.

“Shay, your face!”

Shay reached up to touch his cheek as the students across the ring from Kallima stared at him with wide, fearful eyes. The tan boy winced and stared at his fingers. Amelia gasped at the sight of blood on them, and Shay began to tremble. Drummer helped Jasmine to her feet and demanded to know if she bit him or scratched him.

“Um… I… scratched? I think,” she said. “I dunno…”

“You bit me… You fucking bit me…”

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