Butterfly Enigma II

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Showcase (Teaser)

“Should I do the demo or not?” Kallima asked.

“Hm… Tucker might be there. With his brat,” Ignatius said.

“Is that a benefit or-?”

“Definitely a plus. It’d be nice to show him that you can defend yourself now.”

“But there will other lords, too,” Shay said.

“And royal emissaries and generals looking for fresh recruits.”

“That’s bad,” Kallima said.

“Yeah. Is Drummer giving you extra credit for it, or is it just to show off?”

“I don’t need extra credit in gymnasium.”

“Don’t do it,” Ignatius said. “The risk outweighs the reward. As nice as it’d be to scare the piss out of Tucker, I’d save it for a dire situation. How did you guys do in cryptoscience?”

“Awesome,” Kallima and Shay said simultaneously.

“We each got a different question and had to write an essay,” Shay said, “but he picked really easy questions! I got, ‘Describe the difficulties of raising and training a phoenix from an egg. How do you plan to care for it?’ I actually learned stuff as I wrote.”

“What did you get, Kali?” Amelia asked.

“He asked me compare a drake and a dragon.”

Amelia and Sable blinked in shock. Ignatius pouted.

“Is that what that was? I thought I ate lead,” he muttered.

“It’s a depressing question. I tried to focus on aesthetic differences, but ended up writing an additional page about dragon culture and how they’re more like fae than drakes.”

“Did I tell you that I got my dad’s other ear in the mail last week?”

“Well, he’s not going to report me. He knew what I’d write,” Kallima said. “Besides, if anything was going to get me in trouble, it would be my spirit magic final.”

Ignatius’ eyes went wide as Shay and Amelia started laughing.

“What did you do?”

“Well, I got an A, for one.”

Amelia burst out, “She came into class late and just sat there, white as a sheet, wouldn’t say a word. Just waved Mr. Jerome off when he asked what she planned to do. Then, right at the end of class, the door swings open, and you won’t believe who walks in!”

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