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I thought moving across the country would let me get a fresh start. But no. Shit just keeps falling on top of me again and again. Supernaturals are real, and I'm one of the most powerful one of them. Someone from my past is trying to kill me. After all they say that your past will always haunt you to teach you a lesson or to just be a bitch. A war is brewing between all supernaturals and it's up to me to stop it. Most of all, I need to protect the ones I love.

Fantasy / Romance
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My Torturer

**Hey guys! This is a short chapter because its the first one. I hope you like it!**

Light seeps into the cold, dark room indicating it was time for my daily ritual. It's been three weeks since I've been held captive in this hellhole, maybe more. It's funny, how my birthday party ended with me getting kidnapped. But today was going to be different; I had a plan that needed to be put into action.

"Here for my everyday torture, boys?" I asked cruelly, spitting blood on the blackened concrete floor next to me. I was still banged up from yesterday, but that didn't mean I got the day off, it never did.

"Get up, Ranger doesn't like to be kept waiting." one of the guards say roughly, still standing in the doorway. I looked up from my corner and smirked. I knew that it was dangerous to be pissing off Ranger's men, but as time passes, it's been the only way of amusement. Not liking my attitude, both men come forward and grab my arms, as I hiss with pain. That had been the exact spot Ranger had butchered yesterday with a dagger, when I wouldn't give him the time of day.

The guards dragged me out of my little prison cell and to The Room. My knees hanging heavily, I looked out the long tinted window as I get hauled away. There wasn't much too see because we were hidden away deep into the forest. I longed to feel the heat on my skin, the rain on my face; it's been too long. I knew my mom was dead, there was no hope left in me. Weeks pass and I'm still stuck here, supposedly waiting for my knight in shining armor.

The Room was an area with shelves mounted around, filled with all kinds of weapons you could imagine, all for torture. There was a single wooden chair in the middle, ropes on the floor waiting to be tied around their victim. The ruthless men dumped me face-first onto the floor, right in front of Ranger. Trying to salvage my dignity, I try to push myself up to stand, as something heavy falls on my back, shoving me back to the floor.

"Thank you for delivering," he said to the guards, who nodded in acknowledgment and left. His foot left my back as he walked over to lock the door.

"How did the floor taste, bitch?" he asked mockingly. I couldn't believe that I had once called this man my father. I opened my mouth to throw back a nasty comment but didn't get the chance when he snatched me by the shirt and threw me onto the wooden chair. Refusing to give him the satisfaction of seeing me in pain, I barely winced as the hardwood hit my bruised back. He worked the ropes around me, securing everything before starting to interrogate me.

He ran a finger through my once beautiful golden hair. "Not so pretty now are you?" he jeered as I shuddered at his touch.

"Prettier than you dimwit." I rasped, through my clenched jaw. He punched my left cheek hard, definitely leaving a mark.

"Now let's get some answers, shall we?" he said ignoring my pain. "What are you?" he asked, turning away from me, and walking to the filled shelves to find today's weapon. Strange things happen to me that can only be described as supernatural. Sometimes I heal within minutes, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I elevate things, or I explode things. Sometimes I even get unusual bursts of energy. But I have no idea how to make this work in my favor.

"My answer is the same as it was yesterday and the weeks before. I. Don't. Know." I fumed. He turned to face me again, holding a small knife. He walked toward me slowly, as I eyed the knife. The sick bastard twisted the blade into an open wound, knowing it could do way worse damage than opening another wound. It hurt like a bitch, but I've had worse. I simply threw back an insult; Ranger hated when somebody dared to break his self-pride.

"Dude, you're face looks like something I drew with my left hand!" I said forcing laughter. The knife went in deeper, threatening slowly. I stared right back into his arctic blue eyes, which held so much more pain than he showed. This broken soul was shredded to pieces, and I could only wonder what had caused this. That didn't mean I felt sorry for him.

"Shut up! Answer me. WHAT ARE YOU?" he roared, a sick smile plastered on his face; something I wanted to punch off. I struggled in my ropes, ablaze with anger. He laughed, laughed like I was some pathetic little child.

" There's nothing I can tell you asshole! There is no point in keeping me here!" I yelled furiously. Its been three weeks held captive, and it looked like there was nothing I could do about it. All because Ranger wants my power.

"Look, I don't know shit about how this happens to me, so you're just wasting your time trying to get answers from me. There's nothing I can tell you." I tried again; I didn't know how much longer my body could take the damage.

"And I'm supposed to believe you? After all the times you tried to escape, you want me to believe you?" he yelled, digging the knife back into my wound. I didn't want it to end like this. I didn't want to give up on my future. I needed to win this war, and I could only rely on my instincts, and my instincts were telling me to do this. I needed Ranger to leave.

"Maybe we can make a deal. You want my abilities? Fine. I'll help you find out more about it. In exchange, you let me go. Do we have an agreement?" I offered, keeping my attitude in check. He pondered on this for a while, his sick face turning into a thoughtful grin. He watched my features, trying to find any sign of lying. I kept on a blank expression, hoping nothing would be revealed. I was so close. And... the shithead fell right into my trap.

"And even if decided to consent with you, how would you assist me?" he asked. I would rather die than give you more ability.

"I'm guessing that it would probably be genetic, so I must have some journals back home. Also, I could show you something if you untie these ropes." I said innocently. Please work. Please be dumb. A greedy expression washed over Ranger, as he untied the ropes around me quickly. The binds fell off, and I stood up slowly. Watching him closely in front of me, I didn't take my eyes off him. In one swift movement, my foot connected with his head, sending him barreling down. He raised his left arm to aim a punch at my gut, but I already knew it was coming. Too predictable. I leaped out of the way and punched him square on the nose, the small knife clattering on the concrete ground. I quickly grabbed and stabbed him in the stomach. I didn't want to kill; just injure him past the point that he could get up. Nice.

"You'll never get out of here. Even if you do I'll come for you dearie. After all, I am your Godfather." he said chuckling. I kicked him again, for good measure.

If there was any way I was going to get out of here alive, I needed a weapon. I bolted towards the stocked shelves and grabbed a gun. Locked and loaded. Now I just needed to fire the bullet without falling backward like a noob.

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