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Robin only wants a quiet life. Despite of being a powerful witch (her only guardian), aunt Lynn is leading a normal life. Everything goes fine until one day, one of her classmates become a werewolf and states that she's his mate. How will Robin keep her secrets when his pack comes to Lynn for help. On top of all this, Robin finds out her evil demon mother is looking for her.

Fantasy / Romance
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Portal magic is the most complicated and power draining magic. It was originated from some another world. On Earth, there are only a handful of witches(including my dad) who can do this and that is precisely why I’m doing this. If I master this I will be one of most powerful witches and dad will be proud.

Lynn thought while drawing the circle on the floor of her room.
It will be fine. I’ll open the portal from here and exit in dad’s office, directly in front of his worktable where he is working now. Ha! talk about surprise.

Even if she was thinking about the surprised face dad would make when he sees her appear in front of him, she was concentrated and chanting the spell of her on making. Concentration and a steady flow of energy is a must when drawing a circle.
After drawing the last glimpse and coordinates of the exit, she stood up admiring her handy work. Hmmm time to power it up.

With a crooked smile on her face, Lynn crouched down next to her work and touched the end her circle. The space inside the circle rippled and disappeared and turned entirely black.
That’s when everything became fast paced. Being lifted up and thrown was her only clue that something huge came through the portal. What the hell. Where did I open the damn portal. The energy readings are different. It’s dark. The thing that came through the portal was everything she imagined a monster. 8 feet high, with skin as dark as night, It had tentacles for hair, green lips, it had muscles everywhere and the most highlight was the mouth full of sharp teeth. Wide eyed Lynn just stared at big dark being infront of her. It roared and reached on it’s backed threw something that was clinging on it’s back. She could hear the thing crashing on the wall. Lynn couldn’t take her eyes of the monster that was looking at her with complete menace in it’s eyes.

It started towards her and stopped when the door to her room burst open and dad’s voice filled the room. He was chanting something, something foreign that she couldn’t place. Still she couldn’t take her eyes off the monster now it was roaring and backing away. The portal was still open, with the heart felt roar it fell into the dark hole. Dad came forward and started closing the portal. Completely stunned Lynn just looked at him. She felt her portal closing.
After closing the doorway dad crouched down and sat there on the floor. He looked exhausted or maybe ill. He swung around facing her and started “What in the world Lynn?! What the hell! HELL. YOU!!! YOU OPENED A PORTAL TO HELL. What in world where you thinking?!!"

Hell? That’s not where I opened the portal to. What in the world is he talking about?What was the thing that came out?. Dad kept on yelling. Too stunned Lynn couldn’t place what he was saying.
All her thoughts came to an abrupt stop when she heard the noise. Seeing that dad too stopped yelling meant he also heard the noise. It came from the side of her dresser. Judging from the position where dad’s standing in the middle of the room and the stunned expression on his face Lynn knew whatever was there, he saw it and is not good news but curiosity won her out. She slowly stood up and walked around the dresser and what she saw surprised her.
A little girl, maybe 5 or 6 year old stood there in a ready to attack position she was clutching some kind of stick as a weapon. She was filthy soaked in dirt and something else blood. The girl had jet black hair and most slivery eyes.
It was the moment Lynn had her first premonition. It was to protect the kid no matter what or who she’ll have to go against...

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