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Chapter 9

Lynn instructed me to place the board she gave me on the border of the pack, in equal distance. The board contained a set of spell and she would power it up after I placed it. Now that’s what we are doing. I’m placing the third board and she’s still powering up the first. Anyone could place but only a witch could power it up. I’m the only one placing it because the only witch we have is Lynn and it would take hell of a time to power it up. So I’m taking all the time I wanted.

When I said the word wentigos the reactions was mostly funny. William gauged. Luca looked like he was going to constipate. Olivia and George looked excited. Nate didn’t know what wentigos is but knew it was bad and maintained a serious face. It was kinda cute.

Luca’s guarding me now when I worked. He stood far away from me. I think he thinks I won’t hear or see him. I sensed another energy signature approaching us or maybe him and I knew who it is without looking.

“I’ll take over from here, Luca”
Nate said.

“You sure you don’t have any training, boy”

“Nah, William and George mostly don’t know what to do with me.”

“Good thing for you”
Luca left saying that and Nate came near me. I croach down and placed the board in the correct position and sat there watching Nate coming. He was wearing t-shirt and jeans. He grinned when he saw me watching. I smiled at him. His messy brown hair somehow looked beautiful. His blue eyes were focused on me. It looked paler in the sun

“Someone’s checking me out”

“Not keeping distance?”

“Nah, Luca’s overdramatic and I can’t ignore my admirers” he said sitting down next to me.

“I’m not into brunettes”

He gave me a fast peck on the lips and said
“Let’s test that”

You are a demon spawn. Half demon.

“Eat up my little demon”

He tried to kiss me again but I looked away.
“Robin, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I have to finish my work”
I got up and he followed suit
“Now, you are giving me an attitude”
Giving him a weak smile I started to walk to my next location. He came to walk beside me.

“So, William and George mostly don’t know what to do with me. What’s that about?” I asked trying to sound like him.

“Don’t you dare change the subject, Robin Bingsley. Tell me what’s bothering you.”

“It’s nothing, I’ll tell you later”

He said with an unsatisfied tone but continued anyway
“So when a someone is turned, their first change is important. I never meant turning is simple if werewolf virus adapt with you, it heals you. If it doesn’t, it kills you. Back to the point, when someone is turned he cannot change at will and he or she is compelled to change at the nearest full moon. That would be their first change and it will be painful. Not just painful it will be like a trainwreck kind of painful. So the new werewolf is trained for his first change.”

“You changed.”

“Yeah I changed and I was not supposed to. I should have died in the process. I barely lived through the change but I was dying when you saw me. Dr. Charles says that your blood helped me heal and it somehow my blood adapted yours.”

We were interrupted by a female voice. I sensed her approaching before but made no move to acknowledge it.
“Hey, Nate.”
She said ignoring me completely. She was the beautiful girl at the cafeteria before. Looking at her this close. I noted that she looked more beautiful. She had blonde hair and light green eyes. Her fair skin and perfect figure made her look like a model.
I got to work ignoring her myself.

“Can we talk?” She asked completely focused on Nate.

“No. I’m busy right now.”

“Ohh. It’ll just take some minutes” she grabbed his arm ans started to pull but he stood his ground.

“Claire, I said I’m busy”

Placing the board at correct position I stood up
“Nate, we need move to the next location”

Seeming to notice me for the first time she said
“We are having a conversation, witch”

I just ignored her and continued looking at him. He looked at lose, unable to make a decision.

“I’ll hear this out, Robin”
Nate said without looking at me. I just stood there looking at him feeling betrayed. Claire smirked at me and started pulling Nate again. Nate walked with her until they were out of sight within moments.
I moved fast and handed Lynn the remaining boards. George was guarding Lynn and he looked startled by the sudden movement.
“I’ll be back. Call me if anything happened.”
I said and started moving, before she could formulate the answer.

Tracking down Nate was simple. I could somehow pinpoint him from anywhere. It was like I’m unconsciously aware of where he is. They were in a house I was not familiar with. Nate sat on the couch in the common hall and Claire was placing food on the kitchen table while humming. I just stood beside the window. No-one saw me. Even if I stood right in front of the they wouldn’t notice me.

“Come eat. I made all your favourites Nate”
Claire said from the kitchen. Nate made no move. So she stepped out of kitchen and sat down near him.
“What happened, honey? Why are you ignoring me?”
She asked intertwining her hands with his.
Honey? What the hell is happening here?

“Let’s stop this, Claire. I have a mate now”

“What are you talking about? I can’t stop this.”
She leaned in kissed his cheeks. He stiffened but stood still. Claire started to turn his face and I was already moving. I smashed the window glass and moved through it.
I hissed and grabbed Claire by the throat lifting her up off her the ground. She struggled from my hand. She then tried to change but it went in vein because I was rapidly draining her energy.

“Robin, stop” Nate said recovering from his initial surprise. I ignored him

Claire was turning white and struggling to breath I smirked at her
“STOP, ROBIN!!!” Nate yelled.
I threw her with less force but she smashed into the wall.
Nate pushed me back and ran towards her. It felt like my heart shattered into pieces.
He looked at me angrily. A tear fell from my eyes and I did what I always do. I ran.

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