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Chapter 12

I slipped through the door I think that lead inside but it revealed stairs that lead downstairs. I sensed that the humans where down there. I ran down the stairs and immediately encountered 2 vampires. They were caught off guard but I was not. I sensed them before I saw them. I grabbed the back of first one’s head, smashed it on the wall and stabbing the second on the heart. I moved past them, they were clearly unconscious or probably dead.

Young vampires are no match for me. Wait, how did I know they were young?

I have no idea how I know this but I know that most of vampires here were young even the suit guy should only be near 200 years.

Oh man. I’m having serious doubts on my sanity.

That’s when the sudden rotten stench hit me and I moved as fast as I could. There was room at the end of the corridor. It was slightly open and the stench was coming from inside and vampire getting out it. Never slowing my pace I stabbed him in the side of neck, from where blood streamed out making a mess on the floor.

Funny I just killed someone and thinking was thinking about the mess on the floor.

Something about the stench was unnerving and it was vaguely familiar. Seeming to hear the sound the vampire inside the charged out. I sensed him before but preoccupied by mess the floor, I didn’t see the punch and it was one hell of a punch on my face. Pain filled the side of my face and I let out a yelp. The vampire took a boxing stance and looked at his dead friend on the floor.

Wrong move man, never take your eyes off the enemy during a fight.

I took a step closer to him and stabbed him in the gut.

“Lesson one buddy, never punch a girl in the face.”

I said stabbing him again. He slummed on the floor; unlike his friend he was barely alive but dying. I walked past them into the room. The first thing I saw in the room was dead blue eyes. The girl was clearly dead lying on the floor facing me. Her blue dress was torn and was stained in blood. There was numerous bite marks on her. There was more bodies scattered around and each one of them had numerous bite marks.

I need to find Ashley and get the hell out of here.

As on cue, I sensed someone coming here, a vampire. I cloaked myself and moved near the door. Travis was inspecting the dead vampires at the door. He was someone his shoulder which instantly recognised she was wearing. I instantly moved behind Travis and twisted his head with my both hand. He died instantly falling over his friends. I sat down and took Ashley in my lap. She had a bite mark on her neck, breast and several on her wrist. I frantically took her pulse. There was no heartbeat, no pulse, no anything. I checked again and again.
It’s shouldn’t have let you out of my sight. If had found you a little earlier.
Tears started welling in my eyes. As the last attempt I checked her energy signature and I perked up when I got a faint energy signature from her. It was vampire energy I sensed. I checked it again it was faint but it was vampire. Vampire virus must have entered her system but it was killing her.
I cut my wrist and blood into her mouth. I made sure it went all the way down and poured my blood over her wounds. I sensed that the energy was building up in her. I stood up and took her in my arms. For normal people it would look weird but I had vampire strength and speed. So to me she weighed close to nothing. I walked back slowly careful not to hurt her.

When I got back all the vampires looked at me as one but no-one made a move. Most of my wound was closed but Ashley was covered in blood. The vampires were clustered on one side and some werewolves with Nate and Claire stood on the other. Nate looked at me and started to come over but William grabbed his arm. William was standing near him.

“She’s the one who started this”
The suit guy exclaimed when he saw me. He was talking to another vampire. This vampire reeked of energy. I think he was more than 500 years old. He stared at me and I stared back. I calmly walked to Nate and said
“She needs a doctor”

“Tell why you attack us going against the treaty William”
The vampire asked clearly ignoring me and Ashley.

“I was forced to attack. William had no role in this”
Nate said now standing beside me. Dr.Charles appeared silently beside me and started inspecting Ashley.

“Perhaps you should keep your pups at bay, William”
William took a step getting in front of Nate and started to speak but I beat him to it.

“There is a room full of dead bodies downstairs, perhaps you should keep your minions at bay” I snapped getting angry that they are ignoring Ashley completely.
Gregory blurred and was in front of me in an instant. I was surprised but I stood my ground, Nate moved closer to me. The vampire was clearly more than 500 years, well trained and reeked of energy. He had a perfect face and long blonde hair. He was 6.2 or 3, lean but well built.

“And who are you?” He asked looking straight at me.

“I’m... I’m a witch’s niece”
He laughed at that.

A vampire moved into the door I came from and disappeared. He was also a vampire I didn’t see before.
Must be one the new vampire’s people.
He emerged from downstairs where I came from and he said
“She’s right. There are 12 human and 5 vampire dead bodies down there and 8 drugged humans”

“Now who’s breaking the treaty, Gregory”
William asked talking for the first time. Gregory’s face darkened and he asked turning to the suit guy.
“What am I hearing, Jacob?”

“That’s not true, Gregory. She’s the one. She made all the mess” suit guy or Jacob said pointing at me. Gregory blurred in front of Jacob and slashed his throat the sword that kind of looked like it materialised in his hand. Gregory sheathed the sword back on his back and said
“Never lie to you sire”

He the blurred and came in front of me. Dr.Charles cleared his throat and said nervously.
“She’s infected”

Gregory slashed the tip of his thumb with a small knife he produced from his pocket and dripped his blood into Ashley’s mouth. Someone sucked their breadth. Ignoring the nervous energy spread in the room Gregory said
“I know”

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